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The last few days were tough, but finally I can sit down and write an entry! It was only three years late, but earlier this week I got around to playing Mass Effect 3: Citadel. I’ve had this DLC since the beginning, but um… I was mad at how ME3 ended, so I couldn’t look at it for a long time and drowned myself in fangirl tears and fix-it fanfic.

The Extended Cut DLC did address some issues and it left me feeling more hopeful about the ending, but I was still quite bitter from the first time I finished it. I won’t give away the initial ending (please get the extended cut if you do play ME3), but it was pretty bad.

I guess I was also in denial about Shepard’s story being over. :( I can honestly say Mass Effect is my favorite Bioware game series, and a lot of fans were saying that Citadel was a great send-off for the last game. Nooooo. It’s really over. I DO NOT ACCEPT.

However, Michael did a replay of all three games during his spring break, and that reminded me that I still have the one DLC left to play. I do miss the Normandy, and I’ve been itching for some space action! So I loaded up Mass Effect after three years.


Citadel begins with the Normandy crew going on shore leave. Admiral Anderson bequeaths his totally rad condo to Shepard on their off-time, but an identity theft case cuts their relaxation time short as they must uncover a plot to get them killed.

The quest chain involves the whole squad, and it even lampshades the fact that you only bring two other people at a time despite your large crew (sorry Javik, I’d boot you back to your cycle if I could). In fact, a lot of quirks in the game get lampshaded, and it was hilarious. The silliness borders on Saints Row level. It was nice to see everyone’s fun side.

After you finish the quest, you have a chance to spend some one-on-one time with each squad member. Some were incredibly hilarious, and some were heartbreaking. I felt really sad during Thane’s scene. T_T My favorite though was definitely Javik’s!

And of course, I can’t forget about my space boyfriend Garrus.

shakarian dance

ALL ABOARD THE SS SHAKARIAN. ヽ(・∀・)ノ The payoff was amazing for this romance. The writers definitely knew what’s up. I’m so happy to have a healthy Bioware romance that spans multiple games~ I think that’s one of the reasons I enjoy Mass Effect. The squad members stay consistent for most of the trilogy, and it’s a lot more cohesive than Dragon Age since you play the same character through all three. Plus, I love space operas.


After spending time with your squadmates, it’s time to throw a party! You can have a quiet, intimate gathering, or get everyone smashed and watch the hilarity. XD This DLC took a really long time to finish because there was so much to do with your crew. Definitely worth it though after years of emotional investment.

Citadel closes with Shepard looking over the Normandy, shortly before everyone leaves shore leave. Ugh, tugging all my heartstrings there. The fans were right. What a way to close off the trilogy. The ending left me so wistful and a bit sad that it was truly over. I’ll never forget the Normandy crew. :’)

Mass Effect Opening

But hey, the awesome thing about games is you can always begin again. :D Citadel inspired me to replay the whole thing! I’ve already started a new game plus with my Paragon Shepard. The opening cutscene still gives me the chills. <3 Best game ever! Along with Fallout. /cough

If any of you are looking to try a new game, I definitely recommend Mass Effect! I hope you do try it. I’d love to have you along for the ride. I already got my friend playing it. Mwahaha good, good.

Here are some more screenshots from Citadel. Enjoy! :)

MassEffect3-2015-03-30-18-50-47-97 MassEffect3-2015-03-30-21-01-41-20 shakarian-2

Bonus Shakarian! This one’s from the base game.


  1. Ahhhh. So many people recommends Mass Effect, but the battle system is not something I can hack, so that prevents me from playing it. I guess what I can do is read about its story and characters, because I heard so many good praises in those aspects :)

    Anyway, your screenshots are gorgeous :D It’s great that your reunion with Mass Effect’s been a good one! ^^
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    1. Third-person shooters can take a while to get used to if you’ve never tried it before. I’m not really that good at it, but I get by. XD I use the tactics screen a lot so I can aim while it’s paused. :’D

      I’d say give it a try anyway. Otherwise, there are plenty of Let’s Play videos on Youtube. :D

  2. Mass Effect 3 Citadel DLC was so so funny. I howled with laughter about Grunt and his adventures escaping the hospital or wherever he was. He especially became my favorite! Everyone else was just too great ^^

    That was just too great. And the party at Commander Shepard’s place? Genius! I had a great time with everyone. I think honestly, that’s the best DLC that was made for Mass Effect except the Shadow Broker one. Shadow Broker threw me off a loop and man, it was fun, too. Still the Citadel DLC was fun and made me sad at the same time. I couldn’t believe I was saying goodbye to everyone and this beloved franchise that I loved. I refuse to believe it is over, and it isn’t, just Commander Shepard’s story is over, but a new one is beginning.
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    1. I feel the same way. It was just great. :D Although my favorite DLC would have to be Arrival.

      Are you gonna get Mass Effect 4? I wanna see what it’s about first.

  3. You have a great talent for making these game screenshots look awesomeeeee.. Or maybe I don’t pay enough attention to the graphics when I actually do play the game ;o. It sounds like you really liked Mass Effect ;). And the graphics….!!!! Would Mass Effect be anything similar to WarFrame? I tried out the game, but it’s one of those pay to win games so it really draws me off. But the characters here reminds me of the gameplay. Hope you will have fun replaying the game if you choose to ;).

    1. Haha, it’s all thanks to my gaming rig. XD I just spam print screen to get the right moment.

      I’ve never played WarFrame, but you’d never have to pay anything extra on Mass Effect. Just the base game and DLCs.

      I’m replaying it now (albeit very slowly :’D) and it’s been awesome!

  4. Aaahh, I love Mass Effect! I was the same as you. The initial endings disappointed me, and I was also sad that the journey was over. I still haven’t gone back to see the new ending or to do the Citadel DLC yet. I’ve heard good things about it though, and this makes me look forward to it! I play maleShep, and I really want to see what they have for the Shepard x Tali romance.

    I was planning on waiting for all ME3 DLCs to come out, and then replay the whole trilogy from the very first game. I still want to do that, but I need to fit it in somewhere since I’m also playing other games!
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    1. It’s definitely worth the replay now! :D The Citadel DLC was just so great.

      I was gonna try to make different choices this time around, but I’m still a Paragon Garrusmancer ooooop.


    i’m still not over mass effect 3 ending and i don’t think i ever will. i’m stalking the internet for every bit of mass effect 4 update so yeah, it’s gonna feel weird without shepard in it but we’ll see.. it’s bioware after all. i kinda believe in their story writing, even though EA is as shitty as ubisoft sometimes :P

    garrus is so freakin handsome it’s not even normal. i mean, dude is a prawn alien goddamn it but HIS VOICE IS JUST SO GOOD. UGH. plus his little gestures is just screaming ALL AROUND TURIAN BADBOY. ugh, stupid archangel. the sad thing about ME3 is how james vega cannot be romanced :P a lot of fans are annoyed by this too haha

    i hope ME4 is as vast as DA Inquisiton tbh even though Inquisition is too wide that i haven’t even finished the game. i’m so tired lol

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