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Cotton On pullover sweater, Riders by Lee button-down shirt (similar), Guess jeans (similar), Payless saddle shoes, Pierre Cardin watch (similar), purse from Taiwan (similar)

How preppy do I look? We’re moving out of the city in the summer to a smaller town north, so we’ve been hunting for apartments. We drove up the other weekend to see one of the places we were interested in, and I wanted to make a good impression. Apparently, that meant looking like a suburban mom. The search is going well so far. :)

The saddle shoes are a great deal. They’re comfortable but still very cute. XD I bought my pair maybe two years ago, and they’re still for sale at the Payless site. I don’t do the sweater over button-down combo too often, but I’m liking it a lot these days. This outfit doesn’t follow my usual “uniform,” but I’ve been thinking of trying out other silhouettes now that it’s warmer. I’ve gotten way too comfortable with how I dress.

Here’s a closeup of my necklace! It’s another one of those cheap accessories I just picked up randomly. I’m not one for dainty jewelry these days, so that’s another personal mold I’ve been trying to break.


Syndrome Store batwing hoodie (similar), Merona tunic, Aeropostale jeans (similar), Skechers walking shoes, Aldo watch, Guess sunglasses

Wore this yesterday for our usual Saturday lunch out! The oversized sweater is serving me some 90s realness and it feels good. I’m trying to stick to this light palette theme for spring, although I’ve already cheated a few times on work days. But I’m not gonna count those because I barely try on work days anyway.


It’s been chilly the last few days, so I was able to get away with a bit of knitwear, just when I thought I could start packing away our winter items. Ah well. I’ll take this weather over the scorching heat that I know for sure is coming in Vegas.

Spring has also inspired me to wear braids! I did a rope lace braid with a side ponytail. I haven’t done braiding in a long time, so I was quite rusty, but I managed to figure it out again. XD I love it so much. I’m gonna attempt a crown braid one of these days. <3


    1. Braids are awesome for disguising roots and faded hair. XD

      I definitely couldn’t dye my hair this bright at my old job! I’m thankful I can do it now. I bought some wigs back then, but they were hard to keep on.

    1. Thanks! I had a hard time looking for a similar looking purse that was reasonably priced. :( I found one that was like a hundred dollars.

  1. All those colors appeal to me!

    I tried doing a fishtail braid yesterday but some of my layers were too short. I need to get all Pinterest and shit on my hair! My usual ponytail and bun are so boring.
    Helga recently posted…The Sunday Currently // 17My Profile

    1. Dampening my hair helped with the layers but that was before I dyed my hair. Now I’m super paranoid when it gets a little wet. T_T

  2. haha, I think the first outfit is cute and not too suburban-mom-ish. I like the sweater over button-down look! I also like the look of knitwear. I think it just reminds me of when my mom used to knit me sweaters and such :) Good luck on the apartment search, by the way!

    Nice braid! I haven’t worn my hair in a braid in a long time, since I try to keep my hair shorter now. I used to love braiding hair though :)
    Cat recently posted…Project 52, part 4My Profile

    1. Thanks! We got the place, so that’s been settled.

      I honestly forget about braids because I’m not particularly good at them, but I’m trying to do more with my hair nowadays. :D I wish I was skilled enough to to Skyrim hairstyles. :’D

  3. Everything about this post is really inspirational! Your first look is what I adore the most. Although I’d like to sport that one, the weather gets pretty hot during the day so I might just save it for the upcoming rainy days. That necklace looks cool, too! I’ve been looking for cheap finds but usually they’re hard to find here. And lastly, I love your hair, especially when it’s braided! You’ve got one of the coolest hairstyles I’d seen. :)
    Mimi Gonzales recently posted…April Favorites + May Fever!My Profile

    1. You should totally try the look out when it’s cooler. :D Saving it for the rainy season is a good idea.

      I used to buy a lot of my accessories at the tiangge. XD I miss shopping in Manila.

    1. I’ve been practicing crown braiding but I always mess up towards the end. It’s very challenging! I have so much admiration for people who can do it all the time. *_*

  4. Hi Raisa! I think I used to comment on your blog way back when. Nice to see you’re still in the blogosphere!

    Love the outfit, especially those shoes. I’m trying to invest in more comfortable but cute looking pairs like that. I want to invest in a good pair of loafers but shoes cost money, etc. O_O Also, I’m diggin’ the red hair and braids.

    By the way, how’d you make those moving photos?
    AnneMarie recently posted…Senior Secrets: Spring Quarter TidbitsMy Profile

    1. Hi AnneMarie, good to see you again! :D

      Ahh justifying a splurge is always difficult, but if you know for sure that you’ll be wearing a pair of shoes all the time, it’s worth the investment! Having to replace it every year or so can add up.

      I used the Phhhoto app to make the GIFs! It’s super fun, but I can only use it on my iPod Touch so I don’t post as much as I’d like.

  5. I love both of your outfits and your hair, oh my gosh. First of all your colour and secondly your cut and thirdly you braided it so pretty. I can’t even do a normal side braid, let alone this awesomeness o_o I totally adore your pretty saddle shoes. I think they are the shoes I never knew I was missing all this time! ^^”

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