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A few weeks ago, Tara wrote a post about Ardium, a stationery company based in South Korea. I remember seeing that post and falling in love with all the cute notebooks in the store website. I used to collect notebooks like crazy in high school and used them a scrapbook/planner hybrid. I believe it’s called filofaxing now. I was thinking of getting back into it recently, and I thought of Ardium having really cute items for that purpose.

So imagine my surprise when Tara asked for my address to send me some Ardium stuff! <3 I received it a couple of weeks later after a slight hiccup with the postal service here. I'm so happy and very grateful to her for these things! Thank you so much, Tara. You're a great friend and an awesome client! XD


This notebook is called Nature Note. It comes with a plastic sleeve for business cards and waterproofing! I actually asked Tara if plastic wrapping books was a thing in Korea. XD It’s a requirement for most schools in the Philippines for the rainy season. Now that I think about it, it’s definitely a quirky practice albeit very practical. I don’t think I’ve heard of other countries do it. Let me know if yours does!

The paper quality of the notebook is smooth and crisp. The individuals sheets aren’t flimsy at all. It’s a very well-made notebook. I haven’t written on it yet, because it’s so cute and I didn’t want to write just anything. It has to be special! That’s what I thought when I received it anyway. Now, I think I will make it a scrapbook planner.


Here’s a Pattern Pouch! Great for little knick knacks in your purse that you might lose otherwise. I’m using this to hold all my chapsticks. XD I’m trying not to lose any more. I don’t think I’ve ever finished a whole tube because I always misplace them first. Well, not anymore!

Both the notebook and the pouch come in other patterns. Check out their pages to see them!


Last but not least, the Pastel Pens! These write very well and they handle nicely as well. And they’re so light! Plus, how cute are the patterns? I love that the Yellow Duck pattern closely matches my notebook.


Here’s a close-up of the pens. The Ardium logo is printed on the side. :D

Super excited about my Ardium swag! Thank you again, Tara, for this lovely package! I’ll be sure to send you a little something back after our big summer move. <3 For those of you interested, visit the Ardium website and take a look at all their cute merchandise!


  1. Yayyyyy! I’m so glad you like them! It’s my pleasure sending you the goodies.

    Ardium stuff are really nice, and I’m so hooked on them. The only thing is I must not go too crazy with what I buy. Otherwise I’ll have a ton of stuff and never get around to using them. Right now, I’m loving their accessories like pouches and whatnot. They are so nice and convenient. I actually do have one of their notebook, but I haven’t got around to using them yet. Meep!
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    1. THANK YOU AGAIN! <3

      I'm going through the slippery slope of "now that I have the perfect notebook, I must have the perfect scrapbooking mats" and my wallet doesn't need this right now. :'D

  2. Those are some cute stationery! Ahhh, now I wish I could get some, but right now, I have to concentrate on moving. Oh well! Maybe after for me =)

    I’m glad Tara sent you some. She’s a real awesome gal!
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    1. I know what you mean! I used to collect notebooks, and it was terrible because they’d just sit on my bookshelf and I wouldn’t even touch them. I try to stick to my phone calendar now so I don’t fall back on that habit.

  3. That was nice of Tara to send you some things from Ardium! I love the pattern on the Nature Note and on the pens. They are so cute, and I like the pastel colors! The Pattern Pouch looks handy too, and I like its vibrant color. I really like having little pouches to hold smaller things. I use ones like that to hold extra batteries or memory cards for my cameras :)
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