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This week, I’m joining the Friday’s 10 Happy Things linkup hosted by Helga! I’ll be submitting every now and then to remind myself that life’s not all that bad and there are always things to smile about. :) So here’s ten things that made me smile this week and in general!

1. Kerbals in Space!
I started playing Kerbal Space Program. I have become so attached to Jebediah Kerman?? His space adventures have been all I tweeted about this week. Look how happy and excited he is to be in space, compared to kerbonaut losers of my heart Bill and Bob Kerman lol. Seriously, this game is so adorable. Also SPACE!

Check out Pewdiepie’s episode on KSP if you’re curious! This was basically the game for me the first few hours. My first set of rockets failed so hard.

2. Friends Who Let Me Spam Them About Gaming
S/O to Tumblr angel maraisabella for offering me love and support as I boldly go where no Kerbal has gone before. XD

3. Cat Cuddles at Work
Our office has two cats. This is my actual boss Tim coming in for his noontime cuddle. <3 I can't get work done whenever he wants attention. I MUST SQUEEZE HIM AND PET HIM. The other cat, Una, constantly rejects my love but I'm still #blessed to be in her presence.

Screenshot_2015-05-15-01-16-19 Screenshot_2015-05-17-17-09-55 Screenshot_2015-05-18-01-46-22

4. Widget Cat
I went on a purchase spree on Line Deco and got this battery level widget cat! The lower the battery, the more tangled she gets. I must keep my tablet full at all times.

5. Finding Out Carmilla’s Season 2 Date
June 2nd!! I can’t wait! XD Check out Season 1 if you haven’t yet. :)

6. Receiving Emails from Interns
I received an email earlier this week from an incoming intern for my previous agency. She found me on LinkedIn and asked me for advice. I was surprised that someone would come to me for advice on the webdev industry! I still feel like I have a lot to learn myself. I reassured her that she’s in good hands, she’s gonna have a great time, and I gave her tips on how to rock her internship. I’m planning on visiting sometime soon, so I hope I get to meet her!

7. Killing It at the Gym
Okay, not really at the gym because I work out at home, but it sounded better? Anyway totally killing it! I feel great.

8. Finding Cash in My Coat Pocket
Weather dropped back down to chilly yesterday so I wore my coat after not touching it for weeks. I found a few dollars in my coat pocket that I completely forgot about. Woot, laundry money!

9. Trying New Recipes
I usually stick to Filipino recipes, but this week, I tried making chorizos! Err… it came out average but I will keep at it.

10. Snuggling in My Bed After Work
Nothing like a power nap after work to re-energize me for an evening of chores and gaming straight after! Mmm sleep.

Click the banner below if you’d like to join this linkup! :D I’d love to see what made you happy this week. <3

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  1. Jebediah’s expressions are so funny :) I don’t play KSP, but my husband is addicted to it. He’s been playing for a long time and has racked up over 400 hours, haha.

    That’s so cool that your office allows animals! We’ve been asking for that, but sadly, our building management says no. Is Tim an exotic shorthair? My friend has one, and they have such nice personalities. The widget cat is so cute too!

    Aw, that’s great that an intern asked you for advice :) I hope she does well at her internship! Also, yay for killing it at the gym and finding random money you forgot about! This was a fun list to read :D
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    1. KSP is so addicting! XD How far did you husband get? Mine is planning for Duna. I’m still messing around Kerbin biomes. I don’t know how to drive planes. :’D

      I believe Tim is part-Himalayan. I’ll have to ask my boss. It’s funny, one of the interview questions he had for me at the time was if I liked cats. I love them! XD

  2. Surprise laundry money is best money!

    And I’m so jealous you have cats at work. :( Wish they’d allow pets in our building but I doubt I’d get any work done with a furry cutiepie roaming around. There’s a mini JRT K9 unit that’s at the entrance sometimes and a bunch of us tend to go and visit her downstairs when she’s there HAHA.
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    1. It’s so hard to get work done when the cats want your attention! If I’m not sitting on my chair, Una sleeps on it. :V Had to train her to sleep on the empty chair next to me.

    1. Pollen and grass gives me terrible hives, so I’m lucky that I can be around animals! I love cats. <3 And also horses and dogs. And rodents. Gah, I love animals lol.

  3. You are so lucky that you get to have pets/animals in the office! I would love to bring Haylie or my guinea pigs along in ours but we’re not allowed to do so. Besides, she would cause a lot of trouble. Lol!

    It feels really good to be asked for advice by a newcomer but sometimes it can be hard to believe that just a few years back, you used to be the one asking! :)

  4. I’ve heard of you Tweeting about the space program XD. The whole idea looks cute!! Your office cat is adorable!!!!! I wish my work would have an office cat too. Cats are amazingnggngngng. I would totally take Tim home if I can ;).

    I wish the iPhone can have these kinds of cool addons like the Widget cat. :D. Hopefully the interns will appreciate your advice too! :)

    Keep it up with the homemade workouts :D

  5. Ooo thanks for linking Pewdiepie! I have so many games to play I’m trying to separate them into MUST PLAY and NOT A MUST PLAY = Youtube instead. Can’t buy every game in existence!

    You can spam me about gaming too! I know I’ve been a bit out of the loop recently. Maybe we all should make a gaming spam blog together? You me Alice?

    How do you get any work done when there are cats to cuddle?

    It’s nice to be able to give advice to the younger ones! I hope we get an intern sooner or later and specifically under me. I feel like I’m always the one who’s learning from everybody else and just want to pass that haha.

    Maybe I should take a nap after my daily obligations. Usually I’m too tired to blog or do anything fun. Hmm!
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    1. I’m down for a gaming spam blog! XD I usually liveblog my playthroughs on Tumblr or Twitter.

      Aha, I watch some games on Youtube too. XD I sometimes use it as a gauge if I wanna play something or not. But if I had to play every game ever, I wouldn’t have time for anything else. Also I’d be very broke. :’D

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