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It’s been six months since Eirene and I debuted our linkup, My Favorite Things. I’m personally having a ton of fun and benefiting greatly from all the submissions. I can’t count how many times I’ve discovered something awesome from a blogger who shared their favorites. I’m also happy to report that we have since gained a couple of regulars and a good amount of spectator comments.

I like to call our linkup a success just because of all the fun everyone seems to be having. Of course, we couldn’t have done it without all of you. So thank you as always! <3 In this post, I'd like to share a few tips on how to host a linkup and get it off the ground. These pointers are very simple and have helped our linkup gain traction. If you're planning on starting one yourself, I hope you find them useful! How-to-Host-a-Successful-Linkup

Make It Easy

If your end goal is a linkup with a lot of submissions, its theme should be relatable to most people. Draw from your everyday life and come up with a theme that everyone can contribute to easily. Everyone’s got something they like and would love to share, so a favorites linkup sounded perfect to us. Actually, I give Eirene all the credit on this one. Writing monthly faves was her idea. XD

However, if you’re targeting a more niche group (like a specific hobby circle), you can also create a theme dedicated to that audience. Don’t be limited by broad topics, but don’t be too niche either. You still want a theme that will reach the optimal audience.

Confused? Don’t be! It’s all about knowing your goals and target audience. Simply create a linkup theme that will align with those two points.

Be Consistent with Dates

Our linkup always opens up on the same day, the first Tuesday of the month. This is important because it keeps collection dates predictable. There’s no guessing on our participants’ part, and they can plan their entries ahead of time and know exactly when to post without having to check with us. It also ensures that we don’t forget when our linkup starts. How awkward is a party without its host? A concrete schedule for collecting submissions makes it easy for both the host and the participant!

Promote on Social Media

Don’t be afraid to hustle for submissions! Let everyone know about your linkup on social media. After all, they can’t take part when they don’t know it’s there. Focus on websites you know your target audience uses. For example, a good number of bloggers I know are on Twitter, so I always promote there. A handful of them are also on Blog Matter and I utilize that as well. If you’d like to cast your net even wider, you can seek out audiences at Pinterest and even Facebook.

I normally tweet about the linkup the weekend before it begins to remind participants about it, and then one more time after my favorites post is up. I also plug it to Blog Matter and sometimes to Cup MB to get more people to join. The more the merrier!

Do promote wisely. Nobody likes a spammer! Check out the best times to post on social media to make the most of your promotions.

Comment on Every Submission

Be a gracious host and leave a comment for everyone who joined. It’s a simple way to thank them and ensure that they’ll be back next time! It’s also fun to see what other people have to offer. :D Participants are the lifeblood of your linkup. Make them feel welcome.

Be Patient

If you’re just starting out, don’t be discouraged with slow conversions. Linkups, much like everything else, do not happen overnight. Highs and lows are also bound to happen as the months go by, but if you stay consistent and keep up with your promotion, you will see growth in time. :)

Keep It Fun!

Linkups are meant to be enjoyable. They should be something you and your participants look forward to, not something you dread. Pick a fun theme that you know you’ll enjoy discussing for the months to come. While these tips are meant to help your linkup (and consequently your blog) grow, you shouldn’t forget that everyone’s enjoyment is top priority. So relax a little bit and don’t always take yourself seriously.

My Favorite Things: A Blog Linkup

Don’t forget to join us this coming Tuesday for our next round of My Favorite Things! I’ll be hosting again this time around, and I’m excited to see what you’ve all been loving this month!

Do you have a linkup? Are you planning to start one? Feel free to plug yourself in the comments! :D


  1. Great tips! :) (Thanks for that reference link on the best times to post on social media) I won’t be making my own link-up anytime soon, but I’m very happy to be part of yours. It’s just a great way to discover and to share new things. :D
    Kaela recently posted…Rainbow Punk PromMy Profile

    1. No problem! I’m trying to understand social media more these days. It used to intimidate me. :’D

      I’m so glad you’re enjoying our linkup! <3 It's a lot of fun hosting it too.

  2. Nice tips! The first two are why I like participating in your link-up :D I can start on my entry ahead of time since there’s a consistent date, and the theme is easy to write about since it’s broad. Plus, it’s nice to start the month off with a positive entry! I’m already thinking about what I’ll write for Tuesday!
    Cat recently posted…Project 52, part 5My Profile

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