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Here’s an overdue What I Wore post! It’s at least a week late but better than never, right?


Sported a comfortable outfit a couple of weeks ago for a movie outing with some friends. I’m so happy to bust out these white jeans again. I’m really feeling light-colored bottoms lately. Of course, I have to be extra careful not to stain them when I’m eating. I’m a bit of a klutz. ._. Okay not a bit, more like a lot. I’m a full-grown adult, and I still can’t eat soup properly.


Cotton On chambray shirt and tank top, Aeropostale jeans (similar), Aldo watch, Refresh booties

We saw Age of Ultron! It was a lot of fun. I don’t give superhero movies much scrutiny, otherwise that’ll spoil my enjoyment, so I will just say that I enjoyed it a lot. I’m excited for the next Captain America movie! I know it’s still a long way away, but I’m always here for Steve/Natasha friendships. :3


American Apparel shirt (similar), American Eagle jeans, Diva Lounge boots (similar), Pierre Cardin watch (similar)

C-c-c-combo breaker from my light outfit streak! Here’s something I wore during my stay in Sugar Land. Naturally, I had to wear black for my grandfather’s service, so I figured I should just pack all-black pieces to keep things simple while I was away.

I packed three shirts, one dress, one set of lounge wear plus the shirt, jeans, and shoes I had on me when I flew. It was still more than enough for my four-day stay. I guess I cheated a little bit because my aunt lent me some pajamas, but nonetheless I packed pretty light. I didn’t have to check-in any luggage so I was able to leave the airport as soon as I got off the plane. :D Saved so much time and hassle for me.

I can’t say enough how awesome my black patent boots are. I wear them through the rain, through my long walk to work, through traveling, and they’re still holding up well. They’re super comfortable and don’t hurt my feet at all. And they were less than $40! Totally worth it. I’ve had them for a few years, and I hope they last me a long time.

Question: does anyone find the links to my clothes helpful? I try to post a direct link to buy them (or at least to something similar when they’re out of stock) because I know when I see something I like on a fashion post, I wanna know where it’s from. But to be honest, it takes a lot of time to dig around for links especially when I can’t find anything remotely similar. Any feedback would be appreciated!


  1. I find the links helpful! Especially it leads me to a brand I’d never heard of, which then leads me to browse the website!

    And white slacks, eeeeek! I’m a total klutz, too, with food, so I’d never wear them because I know I’ll make a mess. X___X; But on you, it looks great! I also like the black boots you wore in the second outfit! That’s good the boot is comfortable through long walks, and it was reasonably priced! That’s a win-win situation right there!
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    1. Light colors and ramen never have a happy ending with me. I always get a stain somewhere. :’D

      Yes, I like stumbling upon brands I’ve never heard of too. :D

  2. I have the same fear when wearing white. I get stuff on my clothing too often! I like the look of the white jeans with those boots though :)

    I also like your top in the second outfit! I definitely find the links to your clothing helpful. I had considered buying one of your jackets before and was glad you posted a link to it!
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    1. Double denim’s been a trend for a while. I’m not crazy about it myself, so I try to mix it up with different denim colors. Denim blue both at the top and bottom is a bit too 90s for me. XD

  3. I feel like we have the same closet! Haha, I don’t do outfit posts but these are definitely something I could pull from my own hangers. I love your hair in the second photo, by the way!
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  4. I like how you can put together great outfits :D. White jeans are awesome, but the only thing I don’t like about it is that have to be super careful of where you sit. I’m excited for the next Captain America movie!!!! I think that’s the last one that RDJ will be in. I think that’ll come out next year or 2017? Whichever it is, it’s much sooner than The Avengers 4 in 2018.

    I think the links to the clothing piece would be helpful for anyone who is interested in it. If I had a fashion taste similar to yours or want to be similar to yours (inspiration = 1337), it would be really useful ;)

    1. I’m interested in the new Avengers lineup too. :D I’m super excited for the next Thor movie too. Not quite ready to let go of the first roster just yet. XD

    1. Definitely! I’m not ashamed to admit some stuff I bought is from stores that other people have linked. What’s the point of posting about outfits if you’re not gonna share, right?

  5. C-c-combo breaker =D You are too cute and also I love not only your outfit but your hair! Red hair for the win, seriously!

    I can’t wait for the other Marvel movies, but have you seen the new Mad Max? If you loved The Avengers 2, you’ll love Mad Max Fury Road. I almost guarantee it!

    Fortunately, I’m in the process of losing weight and getting back in shape, so I’m just only buying dresses and keeping what I have, which isn’t a lot. I hope by September or the end of summer,that I’ll drop 40-60 lbs, which would do wonders for me.
    Unfortunately, I have to try on clothes always, but I wouldn’t mind seeing a link. I love a good accessory here and there :P
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    1. Haha I both love and hate red hair. Stains everywhere! T_T

      I plan on watching Mad Max this weekend! I’ve heard so many good things about it and I’m so excited.

      Good luck with your weight loss goals! If you don’t mind me asking, what’s your fitness routine?

      1. I think at this point, I’m going to focus on cardio more as I walk my dog a lot for at least an hour and possibly do a little weight lifting for my arms. Also, watching what I eat and cooking more at home. I’ll continue doing cardio until I can start running. I already can walk long distance, and I’m proud of that.
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