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I’m taking a break from the insanity that was this week to draft another edition of Friday’s 10 Happy Things! This week has been a great ball of activity as we’ve moved out of Philly to Lehigh Valley. :D We still have to unpack all of our belongings over the weekend. On the bright side, our new furniture is arriving tomorrow. Can’t wait!

For now, here are ten things that kept me sane and happy while I juggled packing, loading/unloading cargo, and multiple trips between two cities. They’re still moving-related. :P

  1. Having an extra pair of hands
    I’m used to moving by myself and handling the logistics without help. I’m so grateful that I have my husband this time around!
  2. Having internet on the first day
    We didn’t have internet for two weeks when we arrived in Philly last year, but this time we called ahead to make sure we’ll be connected the day we move.
  3. Using NFC to wirelessly transfer my photos
    I took the picture above before we got connected, so I was still on mobile data. I used my camera then enabled NFC to transfer it to my phone for editing without having to pull out any cords or my Macbook. Woot technology!
  4. Staying on top of everything with Pushbullet
    I love this app so much! Had to work today while Michael drove back to Philly for one last trip, and I was able to communicate with him without taking my eyes off the computer. Yay for streamlined workflows!
  5. Assembling furniture together
    We bought our furniture in IKEA. Assembling them was challenging but a lot of fun, and it was a new experience for us as a couple.
  6. Friendly neighbors
    Everyone’s been so nice! Even the pizza delivery guy welcomed us to the neighborhood when he didn’t recognize us straight away.
  7. Pizza party!
    Celebrated our first night here with pizza, breadsticks, and lava cake. MMMM.
  8. Loving our new place
    I can’t wait to decorate! I still need something for our walls. Any suggestions?
  9. Orange is the New Black Season 3
    It came out a day early! YASS MATT MCGORRY MY FUTURE SECOND HUSBAND. <3
  10. Having a full night’s sleep after a long day
    I don’t get many of those nowadays.

Regularly scheduled blogging will resume next week. Have a great weekend!

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  1. OITNB is on my list of happy things!

    Glad to hear that your move went well. I can’t wait to move and set up/decorate my own apartment again. It’s always fun to be able to put furniture together, too.

    Speaking of MATT McGorry… Him dancing? OMGGGG..!
    Kristine recently posted…End of Week 2My Profile

  2. Yay! Glad your move wasn’t as stressful as it could be :D Huzzah for having Internet really fast! I’d go nuts if I didn’t have Internet for even a day, haha :)

    Pushbullet sounds very interesting. Will look into that more!

    I hope you share photos of your new furnitures! I’m quite curious to see what you have :3
    Tara recently posted…Photo Potpourri: Enticing EatsMy Profile

    1. Yes, I will post pictures when our furnishing is complete! It might take a while because we’re spacing out expenses. :’D

  3. I’m glad your move went well, and good luck with all of the unpacking! I was definitely happy to have my husband around when we moved into our current house. The extra help really makes a difference! That’s also smart to call ahead on getting the internet connected. We did the same because it’d be painful without it :)

    Yay for friendly neighbors and pizza! I’ve been decorating my walls with my own photos printed on canvas, and I really love how they look. I’ve been using CanvasPop for mine. I also really like the mini art blocks that are on Eyes On Walls!
    Cat recently posted…New obsession: OnigirazuMy Profile

  4. Oooh! I’m really excited to see the new place! What I usually stick on my walls are my instax photos and some framed ones that were printed from Instagram! :) Christmas lights too because I do not like dark rooms and it’s really cute!

    I’m glad your move was smooth! Having a husband really makes life so much easier!
    Corinth Suarez recently posted…How I Style: Short DressesMy Profile

    1. Thanks for the tips! I’ll keep them in mind. :D We’re not yet done unpacking and assembling furniture so wall decors will have to wait huhu.

  5. Hurray for your new awesome layout and new furniture! Hope you’re enjoying the move somehow~

    It’s always nice to have an extra pair of hands to help you move stuff. I already have problems carrying my heavy things a foot or two but having to carry it down the stairs? Forget about it! Having internet on the first day is always helpful! You can even watch a movie or two off of NetFlix while unpacking ;).

    I love how easy it is to assemble furniture from Ikea! I feel like it’s some sort of ice breaker fora couple XD.

    Enjoy the new place!

    1. Yes, I’m thinking of doing a tour when we’re done! :D It’s not a very big place though.

      Enjoy OITNB! I just finished it last night. Ruby Rose, my wife~ <3 <3 <3

  6. Sounds like you had a lot of fun while moving! You’re the first person I know to do so haha. Everyone I know seems to regard it as a chore.
    I have yet to watch an episode of the new season because I’m afraid I’ll end up watching them in one sitting haha
    Pushbullet seems like a nice app, thanks for sharing it :)
    Gillan recently posted…Half a yearMy Profile

  7. I just can’t get into popular shows like Orange Is The New Black or Breaking Bad. I rather like Period pieces like Wolf Hall, Reign, or even The Tudors.

    Glad you had a good time moving, as I have to do the soon in another week. Should be fun :/
    Michelle recently posted…The Outsider Is HomeMy Profile

  8. hm, I’ve never tried using NFC to transfer data before. maybe i should, because using cables is too much work (see, look how lazy i am).

    yay for pizza! i enjoy solitary and alone time but i do enjoy having pizza with friends and by friends i mean a very very minimum number of friends – like 2 at the maximum, lol (because if i don’t like the friends / am not comfortable getting close to them, i definitely won’t invite them to my house, let alone my room). but yea, speaking of pizza, my friends and i ordered a customized parsley-only pizza from dominos and yes, it’s definitely parsley only – no cheese whatsoever lol. it was disgusting but it was hilarious. we were inspired by this one tumblr post after all :P it was a stupidly funny moment.
    Alice recently posted…E3 2015: RECAP [1/2]My Profile

  9. I can’t wait to put my Favorites post up soon! “Using NFC to wirelessly transfer my photos” will definitely be on my list as well. It’s life changing! I get to do it on the go. :)

    I watched OITNB when it first came out but I stopped. I’m running out of series to watch because everyone’s on break so I guess I’ll start watching it again.
    Tricia recently posted…5 Things to do before your first day at your new jobMy Profile

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