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“Find your niche.”

That is the first piece of advice any professional blogger will tell you. Yet you’re not a professional blogger, and you have little reason to become one. You simply enjoy writing about your interests and meeting other like-minded bloggers. You don’t want to stick to a niche because you want to talk about all the things, and they’re not always related to each other.

Blogging to you is a creative outlet. You want to provide a good read, but it’s not about making money or going viral. It’s a labor of love.

Does this sound like you? Then you are a nicheless blogger. The good news is you’re not alone. There are plenty of bloggers writing for the fun of it. They have well-designed themes, carefully written pieces, and great photographs — all for that sweet rush of self-publishing. Their blogs are just as good as those filled with surprise overlaid popups and adverts, and yours can be one of them.

Ready to rock nicheless blogging? Awesome! Here are a few tips to help you.


Balance Personal Posts with Helpful Content

Readers love blogs with a takeaway. Make it a point to provide your readers with actionable items or links. My previous entry about moving to a new apartment is a personal post, but I linked to several things that people can check out. They’re things I genuinely like too, so they don’t feel out of place.

Writing tutorials in between personal posts is also another way to balance personal blogging with more audience-oriented content. As an example, while Cat of Silent White primarily blogs about her interests and day-to-day activities, she has also written tutorials on cake decorating and more recently, onigirazu. Since baking is one of her hobbies, these tutorials fit seamlessly with the rest of her blog.

Create tutorials that align with your interests. You don’t have to be a certified expert to write one if you’re passionate about your hobbies.

Build a Relationship with your Readers

The one thing all your interests have in common is you. Getting your readers invested in who you are is a surefire way to keep them coming back, but you have to reach out first. If they have a blog, leave a meaningful comment. Follow them on social media. Have a fun conversation. You need that special connection with your readers. It’ll make blogging so much more fulfilling for everyone.

Whenever Alice of Milkboxed tweets about gaming, I noticed that she would mention another user. That gesture is a simple but effective way to make your friends and/or readers feel included and to open up a discussion.

Don’t afraid to reach out to new bloggers too! It never hurts to leave a nice comment on a blog you’ve never encountered before. You can even publish a link round-up every so often like Manda’s Link Love weekly posts. The worst that can happen is you leaving someone a compliment. And of course, the best case scenario is gaining a new blog buddy.

Share Relateable Stories

A story that resonates with your readers leaves a lasting impression. They also encourage them to share their own which builds a connection between you. Shayne of Shayne Blogs often writes entries that I find myself nodding in agreement with. Even simple pieces such as her nostalgic post has me agreeing, and that keeps me coming back to her blog.

Allow yourself to be vulnerable every now and then. You may be surprised at how kind your audience is and how there will always be someone who understands.

Start a Feature

Features are a great addition to any blog. Not only do they provide a constant stream of entries to publish, they serve as something for your audience to look forward to. They don’t have to be anything overly fancy or unique, just topics that you’d enjoy writing about on a regular basis.

Tara of Aigoo Chamna has several features on her blog such as Photo Potpourri and Symphonic Selections. They intersect well with her interests while adding quality to her blog. Her music posts in particular provide her readers a chance to discover good music as well.

Other ideas for a blog feature are interviewing other bloggers and writers, allowing guest posts, and starting a linkup. There are plenty of possibilities. Just be sure that it would be a feature you’d enjoy writing to avoid mental burnout.

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Always Take Good Quality Photos

Good pictures make a world of difference for a blog. They break up long posts to manageable sections, add to the point you’re trying to convey, and are all-around pleasing to look at. You don’t need an expensive DSLR to produce good pictures either. These days, a smartphone or a cheap camera will more than suffice. Take pictures in natural light and a clean background to improve your images’ quality.


This picture, for example, was taken with my very cheap potato camera before I upgraded to my Sony RX100. I simply set my subject next to an open window and laid down a piece of printer paper for the background. Looks good, right? And it took me very little effort.

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How to Rock Nicheless Blogging - Pinnable Graphic
Here’s a pinnable graphic! :D

Own Your Interests

Don’t be ashamed of who you are! There is no mold to how you should be or what you should like, despite what other people might tell you. I like to dress up all pretty, but I can also churn out crazy DPS in a 25-man raid. I can talk Android models all day while jotting down an outline for my next story. I am a multi-faceted person, and so are you. Tell us everything about you. We’d love to hear it!

Are you a nicheless blogger? Do you have any tips on nicheless blogging? Let me know in the comments!


    1. Yeah, my interests change a lot. I guess if I really had to pick one, it’d be gaming but I don’t have a lot of free time for that nowadays. I can play a few hours a week if I’m lucky. :’D

  1. Thanks again for featuring me! :D I think these are awesome tips, and I can’t think of anything else I’d add. I love running a nicheless blog and following other nicheless ones because of the variety they bring. I really like it when people mix up personal entries about their life with other types of content like you mentioned. Niche blogs are fun to read too, but sometimes I get tired of seeing the same things over and over.

    I definitely like the last tip, “Own Your Interests”. For a while, I was afraid of blogging about video games because I know it doesn’t interest everyone. I had a separate video game blog for several years and only started merging it into Silent White last year. It’s part of who I am, so I should just include it along with everything else :)
    Cat recently posted…Game recommends – E3 response, #2My Profile

    1. I worry sometimes that I alienate people when I talk about games, but I love blogging about it. And I found other women who play games by writing about it, so I’m not gonna stop now. :D

  2. You’re right, blogging for me is a labor of love. I started doing it for myself and I want to keep doing that. The people I’ve come across along the way also make it that much more fun for me. I tried to find a niche once, and all I could think about was content and how to make more of it. I don’t like that. That’s the kind of thing I would rather save for my freelance work. If something doesn’t feel natural for me to share, I won’t put it on my personal blog. I think real personal blogging is dying and the blog community is slowly losing people with transparency.

    I loved this post! Thank you for featuring me and liking my blog! :)
    Shayne recently posted…Life Lately: SummeringMy Profile

    1. It’s been interesting to see how blogging has evolved over the years. I’m enjoying the rise in visual quality, but I definitely miss the authenticity. I can’t hate on bloggers who do it for a living because it’s a lot of work, but the lack of transparency I see in a lot of blogs isn’t impressive either.

      It doesn’t help that some brands encourage it. I’ve had brands approach me to write for them, but say that I found them instead of coming to me. -.-

  3. I know I have my blog going already and I have organized categories and stuff but I think I’m a nicheless blogger! Haha. Reading your points were really helpful Raisa. It’s so hard for me to write on just one topic, or just be a fashion/beauty blogger, or just be a personal kind of blog. I’m divergent! CHOS! Haha. And yes, good photos and a good theme makes a blog worth checking out, at least for me. I enjoy reading *eyecandy* so I can really appreciate a blogger who knows how to make his/her blog LOOK good.
    Corinth recently posted…#TBT: Skinny Love (Cover)My Profile

    1. Haha someday we’ll find who we really are. XD And it’s so hard for me to be a fashion blogger because I’m not rich enough to have a brand new wardrobe each season. I am but a lowly wage earner huhuhu.

  4. first of all, waaah! that’s my name there! LOL

    second, i like that you’re writing this post as a mean to say to all bloggers, new or existing, that it’s always okay to write about anything and everything. blogging is not a duty, but more of a hobby – that i want to preserve. i’ve seen some people who see blogs as a way to find profit and though it’s not entirely wrong (because everyone’s entitled to their own opinion), i feel like sometimes people abandon / forgot the fun in blogging and take it too seriously. i know i don’t want to think like that though; i started blogging to write about whatever clicks my interest and to meet people of the same interest – ahem, gaming especially – and thanks to that, blogging for me is a fun extra activity i can do anytime with no restriction of any kind, you know? it’s fun like that.

    in the past, i’ve had people visited my blog only to wrote a comment like, “hey check my blog out” or “nice post. come check my blog out!” and that is something i really, really hate. what’s with them plugging their URLs in my comment box? i mean, i don’t need people to entirely read my long post but it’s disrespectful when you comment to a post a blogger has composed so nicely by spamming and plugging your link. i still know one person who does that and i’m glad she stopped visiting my page, to be honest…not to sound arrogant or anything.

    i agree with all your tips, actually. and no, it’s not because we’re friends. i think that even if blogging becomes someone’s online journal to rant or something, it’s still a risky place, considering how it’s published in the cyberspace for people to see. point #1 is definitely something i always suggest to others too; you can go personal and write about your life but don’t go in too deep or it’s gonna come back biting at ya. i used to write personal posts and they didn’t go so well because people judge too easily and they think they know who you are. hence i avoid writing personal life posts now and talk only about specific categories that are unlimited – you can see me talk about photography and 5 minutes later i can talk to you about how socks are probably manufactured.

    but of course, i’m not saying i’m an expert or anything. in fact, i don’t think my blog’s interesting :P it’s still funny how i receive comments every now and then…comments make me happy! last but not least, i agree with good quality photos. i’m not saying everyone should have a cool backdrop or anything to take pictures and stuff but at least keep it in good resolution and not blurry or dark. i’m sorry but i find it discomforting when i see blogs with blurry pictures.

    i’m not sure if these are good tips but when my real life friends asked how i blog or what makes a blog good, i tend to say:

    1. avoid mouthful words. witty remarks or sass and dark humor are alright but don’t go beyond the boundary by turning into a piece of shit …if you know what i mean. i’ve seen entries with nothing but texts in complex mouthful words, like…when i read them, i feel like i have to own hamster cheeks in order to digest whatever information’s written there. i don’t mean one cannot write long post – long posts are okay but don’t make readers think they’re reading something from the government, yeah?

    2. formatting. i’m not saying my blog has the best looking layout whatsoever but i’ve seen worse. i’ve seen people use illegibly ridiculous fonts and really narrow line height that i get headache when trying to read their posts. or maybe i’m just blind in one eye.

    ah, i’m starting to think maybe i should write my own version of blogging tips but i’m not a pro myself and i feel like i’m not one to write about this! LOL

    anyway, really really nice post ;)
    Alice recently posted…E3 2015: RECAP [1/2]My Profile

    1. Yeah, it’s not a good look when someone’s just like “Nice blog!” -.- It’s an unspoken rule to write a meaningful comment, but I guess not everyone knows that.

      I think a lot of people, especially those who just started in recent years, don’t acknowledge that blogging started out as a hobby for us who started many, many years ago. A lot of posts I read about blogging tips put on this air of “If you’re not pulling in 100k views a month, you’re failing.” I guess they’re writing it for a certain audience, but the pressure is definitely there.

      I have a sailor’s mouth in real life! XD I tone it way, waaay down on my blog. I have to or every word’s gonna have to be bleeped out lol.

  5. Thanks for the mention :D

    I’m so glad you wrote this. I always feel like I’m an oddball without a particular niche. My own blogging posts bounce around with what I’m currently interested in, so I could never settle on a niche. Of course, technically, my blog falls under the “personal” category, but I still bounce all over!

    My own blogging philosophy is to write what you know and love. After all, why write about something you don’t know or love? To me, blogging is a hobby, a creative outlet, and it’s been that way since 2001 for me, and it will stay that way!
    Tara recently posted…Symphonic Selections: Final Fantasy VI ~ Terra’s ThemeMy Profile

    1. I know how you feel! It doesn’t help that I tend to pick up a new interest all the time. I can never settle on a niche because I always take breaks on certain hobbies and focus on new ones or any of my other interests.

  6. *** laughing at Alice’s forever long comment / but real points taken! (it’s so true) ***

    Agreeing with your points, and to say, me too, I’m a nicheless blogger— blogs about anything that comes to mind! And I enjoy doing it; even though I always feel like killing myself when I haven’t blogged for too long (for example now). But I think not all my contents are actually helpful *woops* probably more like sharing an experience I guess;
    And earning anything from blogging is just a little helpful bonus!
    Carol recently posted…A brief meetingMy Profile

    1. Nothing wrong with sharing your experiences! :D I know I’ve been inspired to try new things because someone shared it on their blog.

  7. Hello there and Happy “Stop the Summer Slump”!
    As many other bloggers who just enjoy writing, blogging and sharing theyr favorite stuff I can say I find myself in your words…I like writing about different subjects and also designing, taking photos and sharing with my readers digital free goodies…and I also think the most important thing is enjoy and put passion in your work…:).
    Sinziana recently posted…5 All Black Summer Outfits, Fancy Friday #1My Profile

    1. Hi Sinziana, thank you for dropping by!

      It’s definitely important to enjoy yourself when blogging. Digital goodies sound like a lot of fun to put together. :D

  8. It’s ironic that I consider myself a lifestyle blogger, but I mostly blog about life alone. Hahaha! I think I still fall under the nicheless blogging category. :D
    Jae recently posted…T.G.I.F.My Profile

    1. Lifestyle blogging is still a pretty broad area, I think! There are plenty of ways people live their lives.

      I’m a huge introvert so I don’t mind being alone most days. As long as I have games and Netflix. XD

  9. Thanks Raisa, for posting this! Everyone says to find your niche, blah, blah. And from the comments I have read, most of us are blogging for fun. My niche is leisure! A nice BIG, broad subject. And fun to talk about as well.
    Terri Webster Schrandt recently posted…Cylindrical RainbowsMy Profile

    1. Thank you for visiting, Terri! Leisure sounds like a good topic for your blog. It definitely has tons of possibilities to write about. There are plenty of things to do for fun. :D

  10. I have been in and out of the blogging world since I started and I still couldn’t find my niche every time I decide to come back. One time, someone said s/he don’t get what my blog is all about– probably because once you’re a blogger, you’re categorized under fashion blogging. Haha! Everything here is so on point! Never for the fame.

  11. Thank you for the thoughtful post. Right now I am mainly focusing on 3 topics, but even that seems like too many to really fit into a niche.I’ll find a blog that has 1/3 of my topic in common but not the rest! And I keep thinking of other topics I’d like to write a post about here or there, but I’m just not ready yet, I guess. At the moment I’m doing my 3 topics on set days so sort of following the feature model, and I had thought about doing a few shorter term topics as series. Good to hear how others are doing with their multitopic blogs and thanks for the reminder to own our interests. That’s what blogging is about!
    Karen recently posted…Beautiful West LakeMy Profile

    1. I think three topics is fair. There shouldn’t be a pressure to write about certain things, especially if blogging is just a hobby. :D

  12. Thank you for this lovely post. They’re really helpful and relatable. I’ve found myself stuck in a (blogging) rut for the past year because I tried to focus on only one thing for my blog (book reviews) and it didn’t turn out so well because it became a chore.
    Nicheless blogging is really the way to go for bloggers who don’t seek anything but sharing their thoughts with their readers. It doesn’t imprison the blog into a restrictive box and thus gives more room for both the blogger and the reader to grow by exploring different subject matters of interest :)
    Gillan recently posted…Half a yearMy Profile

    1. I had a book blog a long time ago, but sadly I don’t read as much these days. :( I think that was the only niche blog I managed to pull off, even for a little while.

      I hear you on getting to explore other interests because of bloggers! I’d have never discovered a lot of cool things if someone decided their interests didn’t fit their blog’s niche.

  13. I’ve never been a blogger-in-a-box because my mind wanders to the outstretched corners of the world and I can’t focus on one single thing… such is my blog ^_^ Sometimes I feel like other ‘big’ bloggers always know exactly what they’re doing and how to do it, and then I’m here, just typing my heart out once in a while. It’s nice to know I’m not the only one! Thank you for the tips too, I’m going to put them to use c:

    1. Yay, I hope you find the tips helpful! For me, I have to plan out my future posts so I won’t run out of ideas. Takes a fair bit of work though!

  14. I am currently at the slump where I need to get my mojo back.

    The latest post on my blog was from late last year and it was when my ex-boyfriend and I were still together. It’s a pain to see it sometimes but I’m getting over it. A friend has suggested that I just delete the posts related to him but it just feels like if I delete them then it would be like I’m pretending that we never happened. We may have not worked out but we were both happy when we were together and it was actually a decent break up.

    So what I wanted to do to “cover up” the posts was to actually post something new but I get overwhelmed by the blank page/screen staring at me whenever I try to write something new. Hopefully I’ll get over this soon, especially since I have moved to a new host and moved the content to run on WordPress and I actually am planning to learn how to create a WordPress theme.

    This post was really insightful. I’m glad you shared it! :)
    Trisha recently posted…DumbfoundedMy Profile

    1. Aww, I’m sorry it didn’t work out. I deleted posts about my ex on my LJ, but ours wasn’t a clean break. Those memories aren’t anything I feel nostalgic about. I can totally understand when othe rpeople keep them around though.

      I hope you find inspiration soon! Staying motivated about blogging is hard.

      1. Well, I finally gave it a go. I felt like I needed to explain myself a bit on where I’ve been the past few months and I didn’t want people wondering why one moment I was so in love and the next thing they see is that I’m acting all unattached.

        I’m not sure if this will be the last time that I will write about it or us but at least I finally got rid of the writer’s block. I actually have a couple of topics or ideas for my next posts which I’ve already jotted down on my planner. Hopefully I’ll get back to the rhythm. :)
        Trisha recently posted…I Fell Down the Rabbit HoleMy Profile

  15. I love this post and agree with all of your points. You always seem so thoughtful and the way you incorporated friendly links as examples here is evidence of that. :)

    I barely blog as it is, but I can’t imagine myself sticking with a niche. Still, I want to post more and I also don’t want people to feel alienated if I write about an assortment of things because I love so much different stuff. Your post gives me hope.
    Chantelle recently posted…Hello (Again) World!My Profile

  16. What a nice post! In these days when the norm of blogging has become to blog for money, many people don’t even know that there is such a thing as blogging for fun, and I think that’s so sad.
    I’ve tried to write a niched blog (about music) but I just can’t do it for any length of time. I love writing about music, but I also love writing about other interests and sharing photos, and I don’t like having more than one blog, so I’ve decided to stay niche-less.
    Personally I think nicheless blogs are the more interesting blogs to read, because I like variety, and I like to read about people’s lives, and blogs with a personal twist. If I’m looking for information about something, I go to whatever website on that particular topic, and not to a blog. Blogs SHOULD have a personal twist in my opinion. I don’t think they’re blogs otherwise… the entire blog world will hate me now.. :)
    Susanne recently posted…Fiddle tunes and a garden with no slugsMy Profile

  17. I love how creative people can be when it comes to blogging. Sticking to several themes gives an open range for all sorts of possibilities! I still haven’t really stick to certain categories besides food, but I’m getting there (slowly). Blogging is about having fun and enjoying what you do. When people make it sound like there’s one way to blog, I just think “^@# is wrong with you?” ;6.

    A lot of these tips will definitely help with nicheless blogging! A lot of these bloggers have their own of expressing themselves through blogging in their style of writing. And yes, good quality pictures will take you a long way! A camera other than my iPhone is too much to carry sometimes, but I try to do with what I have.

    The main thing I talk about on my blog are things happening in my life. I try to cut it down to the interesting things as much as I can. But for sure, you girls rock the nicheless blogging better ;).

  18. Nicheless blogs aka personal blogs are my faaaaaaaave. Fashion and beauty blogs bore me because why should I care about what you’re wearing and I only seek beauty reviews when it’s time to buy new makeup. Personal blogs are just way more interesting!

    I also like reading business blogs.
    Helga Weber recently posted…The Sunday Currently // 22My Profile

    1. Mine too! I love fashion posts but I honestly prefer seeing it on “real” people (aka someone not shilling for brands). I’m generally more interested in what people do/wear/eat/etc if they’re more open about themselves.

  19. This is a great post! When I started blogging, it was always just for fun and I love to write, but as I grew older I felt like everyone was telling me I had to have a niche. I just wanted to talk about my life! I think I’ve gotten better over time at integrating takeaways for my readers.

    These are some really great tips – and I cannot emphasize the pictures part any more! I don’t always include pictures in posts, but they really make posts so much better and breaks up all the text.

    1. Thanks for visiting! I hope you find this post helpful. :D I started blogging some 13 years ago. It’s definitely different now.

  20. This is really helpful! I’ve been blogging for the longest time but never found my ~niche~ as it’s very hard to narrow down the things that I’d like to have for my blog.

    I also like nicheless blog / personal blogs since it’s way more interesting, plus it gives you a chance to get ~closer~ to the blogger that you’re interacting with! :)
    Jhanz recently posted…Explore: Kawasan Falls (Badian, Cebu)My Profile

  21. This is my first time to visit your blog and after reading this post, I am hooked. <3

    I wish I know how to write personal posts without oversharing or something… I used to write about my personal life, back when I was still 16 and blogging at Xanga, but I got trouble with my parents for being so open online. Blogging wasn't so popular back then and they wanted me to filter my thoughts, to consider what other people will think about me, etc. My life wasn't so great back then and blogging was my form of escape.

    After a series of being scolded, I stopped writing about my life. And I had a hard time going back without that fear of getting in trouble, of getting judged and all.

    P.S. I feel like my comment has drifted away from the topic. Sorry about that!
    Kisty recently posted…The Real Price of Blogging: 5 Things You Need To Build A Badass Blog and Its CostMy Profile

    1. Hi Kisty, thank you so much for visiting! My mom is on FB and she loves to police my statuses because she’s concerned about what other people will think. I stopped using it so I don’t have to deal with it anymore. Thankfully, she hasn’t found this blog yet, but I try not to overshare here.

      I used to overshare though! I had a livejournal, and I was pretty shameless there haha. I think as I get older, I realize that privacy is super important (especially my loved ones’) so I’m careful when I mention them here now.

  22. I just blog about my life and I really do it for myself mostly, because most paths are blocked for me in life. Also, I wanna educate people on mental illness, too while chronicling the effects it has on me and the difficulties I have, you know?

    It’s a chance for me to connect with other people and I don’t think I could do features, because I’m lazy, and I get busy :P I’m soooo baaad lol but regardless, this is good advice you are telling us here. I just wish I could follow it better. :(
    Michelle recently posted…In Cosplay’s DefenseMy Profile

  23. I am so glad that I came across this article. It is comforting to know that being nicheless is okay. I write about life. Things that I go through as well as others. I enjoy writing what comes to mind and sharing my voice with others. There can be a lot of pressure to blog a certain way and I just want to be myself. Personally I am interested in everything and have a ton of interests to share. I learned a lot from this article and want to find ways to incorporate different content and more graphics to make my site come alive. Thanks again for sharing this and everyone has posted amazing comments.

  24. i am a nicheless blogger in fact i write because its a creative outlet and I wanted to help other bloggers nd work from home fanatics like me… This is a nice post.. Thank you for sharing

  25. Thank you for this post! It is so true that everyone says you will fail if you don’t have a niche. I am trying to straddle the line between two niches because I don’t want to run two different blogs, WTF… I blog about meditation/mindfulness & scrapbooking/memory keeping. I actually think the two relate rather well because in order to document you meant a moment you had to be present in it in the first place. Anyways, I worry that I will turn off some readers because I’m not completely focused on one or the other. Your tips have really helped me feel more at ease. Thank you!!!
    Marina recently posted…Take a MomentMy Profile

  26. I love this post! I have been back and forth about my blog. While fitness is what I originally sought to blog about, I have realized that fitness isn’t the only thing I enjoy writing about. I find myself reading blogs more often that are kind of niche less. I enjoy a variety of things and writing about all of it! This post made me feel better about what I thought was me just being indecisive. :)

  27. Thank you for such a helpful post. I’ve been searching for my niche for months and here you go and define my blogging style in your first paragraph! Groundbreaking stuff, well for me anyways.
    The comments are also very insightful, thanks guys.

    P. S love that you take the time to craft great responses to comments. Much respect :-)

  28. thank you for this! I am a rising singer songwriter and am using a blog through Kalatu system to help with blog prompts and ideas and such. I like programs like this with active entry templates so it feels like I’m ‘working through’ something….lol. I also like I could get residuals from others who use the system as well. But, I was feeling like my blog really didn’t have a focus, or that i need to hone in on one type of topic other just my personal stories and fun stuff, like Prince, I like to share. Your write up here has given me hope that my blog is JUST AS IT SHOULD BE!

  29. Absolutely love this post! I personally think I have a few firm subjects that I focus on, but I don’t consider a niche as important as other people. Sure, having a specific subject helps when narrowing down subjects to write about, but as a blog, you probably bring in more by being nicheless than you do anything else. Super great post Raisa, thanks for sharing.
    Amanda @ Nellie and Co. recently posted…How I Create My Blog Graphics | Part One: PicmonkeyMy Profile

  30. I just found this on Pinterest and it really made me feel better! I only started my blog about a month ago! I’m just struggling to get people to read my stuff because I’m scared to post it on my social media! But this helped me feel better about not having a niche!

  31. Thank goodness I clicked through to this post. I want to enjoy my blog and if I don’t want to be ‘niched’ I know I am ok!!! What a refreshing post. I dont mind you gaming, if that is how you roll, tou go girl!

  32. Thank you for sharing this! I hate when I read that I need to have a niche to get readers. I just don’t have one interest that I want to write about. It helps to have others feel the same way.

  33. I’m so happy I found this post! I recently decided I wanted to write about the random things I am interested in as a hobby, which is why I started my blog that is actually named “Nicheless” (lol). I have a ton to learn about the blogging community and being a blogger, but now don’t feel crazy for wanting to talk about several things and be nicheless. I am definitely going to use your tips to help make my blog better :) Thanks for posting!

  34. I’m just getting started, and my site isn’t even up yet! I’ve been looking for my niche, and it’s so good to see this message, that we don’t have to fit a mold to be valuable voices on the internet! The best I could come up with for my niche is “quirky,” but I’m hoping to cover a lot of interests that revolve around unique creative-types who are also into video games and fandoms. I’m super pumped! Thank you for your insight on the niche-less approach!

  35. Hi! This post is nice (and your lovely website as well! Yoooo!) It’s okay to have a nicheless blogging venture, however, if you’re planning to make a serious blogging with your current blog now and you want to earn a passive income out of it, you need to funnel your niche down to the most specific audience you want to target. The more specific your niche is, the more “right” people will get in touch with you and will buy services from you (if you’re planning to have one.) I blog about this right now and I’m crafting a free course for this one.

  36. I love nicheless blogging but, i also want to make money it’s a catch 22. i like the idea of writing about everything and anything, but the possibilities of niche specific blogging really out weigh it for me sucks though, i guess it comes down to i really want that extra income and ill try to get it from blogging.
    Austeyr recently posted…Tell her You Love herMy Profile

  37. My blog is multi-niche, or nicheless, and I’m happy to hear some positive words about that, since all of the advice I have seen up to this point is that I MUST have a niche. I was ignoring that edit anyway, but good to hear confirmation that I’m not totally out of my mind. Thanks!

  38. Wow. I stumbled across this post via Pinterest, but I think you wrote it for me. I recently relaunched my blog, and I’m definitely a nicheless blogger. I’m not in for the money. In fact, I still can’t quite wrap my head around how people make money by blogging. I write about libraries (my job) and scrapbooking (one of my hobbies. Thank you so much for this post. It really struck a chord.

  39. Thank you for this post! It was so encouraging! Everything I’ve read up till now scream you much have a niche. I’ve wanted to start a blog for awhile, but didn’t have a clear niche, so I didn’t see the point. It’s good to know that I won’t be alone in the world of nicheless blogging!

  40. Love this post and wanted to stand up and shout, “Yes! Yes!” …. wanted to, but didn’t. :D I’m not a writer, so I don’t blog to write, but to have a place to share some of the interesting things I do. So I’ve really struggled with “the purpose of this blog”. Now after reading your post I feel sooo much better. You’ve
    really helped to take the pressure off. Thanks!!

  41. Awesome entry! I’m a level one grammar nazi. Under “Build a Relationship with your Readers” you wrote “Don’t afraid to reach…”, sorry to have been that A-hole to say so. Again, awesome entry!

  42. I stumbled upon your blog through Google. And thank you for this post! I’ve been to a lot of “help build a blog” sites and every single one “find your niche.” I honestly just want to blog about anything and everything. This has really helped me and made me feel better.

  43. This is unbelievably helpful to me you have no idea. As a blogger that has just little over a year of experience, I was starting to worry about not having a niche. It’s nice to know that I don’t have to stick to one thing and can talk about all the things :)

    1. 👍👍I was looking for a like button like FB has. I’m at less than a month and my attempt at a “niche” was PTSD or dealing with PTSD so it basically became a personal “this is what I like doing” blog. I’m glad I found this post though. I look forward to reading what everyone in the comments has to say on gaming.

  44. I have a question. I’m just starting a niche-less blog (my first one), and I’m struggling to decide what my second post will be. The first one was just an introductory “Hi, I’m starting this blog, so excited!” post. How do you pick a topic, when you don’t even have an audience yet?

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