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Hey guys, it’s Senior’s Day! It’s also time for My Favorite Things, the monthly blog linkup for all things wonderful. We’re open for collection for one week, so please join us and share your favorite things!

Eirene is taking a breather from hosting this month to kick butt and take names in academia Bad Blood-style, so I shall be your host in the meantime. XD Follow the rules (more like guidelines) below and get posting! I’ve also written some clarifications for people who had questions. :)

With that said, here are my favorites for the past month!


Fairy Tail

When I was in Texas, my cousin shyly asked me if I liked anime. “I’M SO GLAD YOU ASKED,” I said as I spilled all my weeaboo trash feels for the next hour. He introduced me to Fairy Tail that night, and I liked it a lot. One of my friends have seen it before too, so I’ve been sending her running commentary and we’re having a blast.

I really love this anime! Everyone is a glorious loser and nothing hurts. :’D So far anyway! I’m still pretty early into it but I hope to catch up this week. Erza serving me some magical girl valkyrie perfection gets me through my days. Bless.


Kerbal Space Program

I blogged about my Kerbal babies before, but I just had to add in Kerbal Space Program! XD This game makes me feel so happy. That is, when I’m not blowing up rockets. Sometimes I just watch the Kerbals run about the hangar. They’re just so adorable! I’m thinking of getting a Kerbal plushie for my desk.

Also one time on Michael’s playthrough, Jebediah got stranded on the Mun when his command pod exploded upon landing. He immediately sent an empty vessel for him from Kerbin. Mike told me he needed epic music for his rescue mission, so I pulled up some music on Youtube post-haste and filmed the whole thing. This is what my husband and I do on the weekends.

Spoilers for season 5 episode 3, also NSFW but when is it not

Gay of Thrones

I stopped watching Game of Thrones this season for a number of reasons, but I discovered Gay of Thrones in return! Jonathan Van Ness‘s hilarious recaps give me so much life. This is the one time I will stan for Christina Aguilera, oop. Check out the first episode! His recaps start at Season 3.

Caitlyn Jenner

Last minute addition to my faves! I saw Caitlyn Jenner’s upcoming Vanity Fair cover this morning and I was EVISCERATED. She looks so good! I wasn’t prepared for this sizzling plate of fierceness being served to the table. I’m so happy for her. <3 And now it's your turn! Just follow the rules (more like guidelines) below and share your favorites with us!


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That’s it for this month’s round of My Favorite Things! Thank you all so much for being a part of it. See you all next month on July 7!


  1. I kept seeing the thing about Kerbal, and now I know what it is, haha!

    Fairy Tail! One of my friends introduced it to me along with Sengoku Basara, but I ended up really liking SB more over FT because of the wacky historical references XD;; I really need to watch the rest of SB . . . it’s been on my to-watch/finish list for ages!
    Tara recently posted…My Favourite Things: June 2015My Profile

    1. Kerbal is so fun! XD I haven’t made much progress though because I just mess around the hangar.

      I’ve never heard of Sengoku Basara! I’m so behind on anime. :’D I will check it out after Fairy Tail!

  2. I don’t think I’ll join in the link up this month.. maybe next will be my first :)

    Fairy Tail sounds interesting, I might give it a try. Also, I saw all your tweets about Kerbal Space Program and I still have no idea what the point of the game is :P I assume something about a space program :D
    Kalliste recently posted…FriendsMy Profile

    1. Sure! You can join us anytime. :D

      It’s a flight simulation/adventure game. You pretty much run a space program to explore other planets and such. Depending on the mode you choose, it can be totally open-world or have a questline of sorts. I’m on Science mode which is kind of in-between so it gives me plenty of room to do what I want. :D

  3. I watched some of Fairy Tail and liked it! I stopped because Crunchyroll is missing episodes 13-48 for some reason. I think Netflix has those episodes, so I need to switch over and pick up where I left off XD;;

    haha, I’ll have to check out Gay of Thrones when I’m not at work. I’m still watching Game of Thrones, but I know a lot of people aren’t happy with this season.

    Time to add my entry too!
    Cat recently posted…My favorite things: June 2015My Profile

    1. I’m watching Fairy Tail on Netflix right now, but it’s only up until ep 48.

      I’m just gonna wait for the next book to come out (whenever that is T_T), but I find myself looking forward to Gay of Thrones every weekend. XD

  4. Never seen Fairy Tale, but have heard of that, and oh, my goodness, love love love the whole Vanity Fair issue with Caitlyn Jenner! I’m so proud of her, but I’m just sadden by my friends’ comparisons to her decision to come out as a “mental illness” it is highly disrespectful to true mental illnesses such as Bipolar Disorder, which I have, and just disrespectful in general.

    Regardless, I fight the good fight for my friends, trans or not.
    Michelle recently posted…Being Royalty After AllMy Profile

    1. But being transgender isn’t a mental illness. -.- I’m sorry your friends think like that. :( I definitely know some people in my life who wouldn’t understand too.

      I’m privileged to be cis, so I can’t speak for trans* people. All I know is that people have died for who they are (Jennifer Laude and Leelah Alcorn to name just a few), and that’s not right.

      1. Exactly and it isn’t. I’m just mad that so many people think this and think that Jenner did this for attention. She did it for herself and for others struggling. But luckily there are more people to defend transgender people and I know a few transgenders that are just normal people that want only acceptance from the cis population. Acceptance and love.
        Michelle recently posted…Being Royalty After AllMy Profile

  5. I have watched a few episodes of Fairy Tail some time back on Animax but I did not continue it.
    The Vanity Fair Cover of Caitlyn Jenner. It is wrong of people to judge transgender people. It takes a lot of courage to tell the world and accept the fact that some one is different than the world thinks.
    Bhairavee recently posted…A Day in the Life (June 2015)My Profile

    1. Aah, I used to watch Animax all the time in the Philippines! XD

      I’ve been reading a lot of comment about how there are more important things to cover in the news, but that’s honestly derailing the fact that Caitlyn has made transgender people more visible and it’s forced a discussion. There’s always going to be something more important, but that doesn’t mean we should gloss over other victories.

  6. I’ve heard of Fairy Tail before and thought about watching it though I never ended up doing so. Thanks for linking it to Netflix because I might consider watching it soon! I always have Netflix open when I am eating or taking a chill break!

    What a cute little game! I watched some of that footage and am about to check back on your Kerbal babies post!

    Wait what … I’ve been a bit behind. I just discovered that Bruce Jenner became Caitlyn Jenner. Wowwww she does look pretty good. And I just discovered how the Kardashian lineup works. That’s something new I learned today.
    Liv recently posted…Gradlife Gaiden: Your Love is RelentlessMy Profile

  7. I just started a real blog in the past few days and I thought this link-up was an awesome way of getting started, so thank you! I added my link and I look forward to going and looking at all the other submissions.

    The art for Fairy Tail looks so pretty! I have a little list of anime I’m already planning on watching but I might add this one too since I’ve heard other friends have enjoyed it too. The guy with the black hair looks pretty cool (I’m shallow, haha).

    1. Yay, welcome to blogging Josie! Hope to hear more from you. :D

      Haha I feel you! I have a weakness for dark-haired anime guys. I’m very shallow when it comes to entertainment. XD

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