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Moving to a lusher area has inspired me to wear brighter, more natural colors. Having lived in big cities for most of my life, my style of neutral and pastel colors synced well with the harsh lines and drab structures of urban life.

And while I’m not camping out in the wilderness, this new place still feels like nature. Rather than car horns, I wake up to birds. The nights are peaceful and chilly which has allowed me to me sleep better. I look out my kitchen window, and there is nothing but green.

Being a little closer to nature has made donning blacks and stark contrasts much less appealing. They don’t blend well with my surroundings. Clothes don’t have to, of course, but I’d rather be in tune with where I am. It seems my style is shifting yet again.


Dress and necklace from the Philippines, Old Navy shorts (similar), Skechers walking shoes, Aldo watch, Foster Grant sunglasses (similar)

Michael and I have been exploring to get more familiar with our new location. Last week, we took a walk around the neighborhood to scope out some good eats. So far, we’ve found a few places we liked. We’re still looking for a go-to ramen place. We had one in both Vegas and Philly. I hope we find one here soon! Saturday ramen is a tradition I’m loath to stop practicing.


We drove out to New Jersey yesterday to visit McGuire Air Force Base. We dropped by to pick up Mike’s uniform for his training this summer. This outfit isn’t military issue, but hey, my hair is cute. :P

It hasn’t dawned on me yet that I am indeed an Air Force wife. Mike’s still in med school, although he’ll have to serve when he’s done. He’s already received his first unit of assignment, so we’ll be moving again in a few years. I’m excited for our possible new location! I’ll have to start a map of all the places I’ve lived in soon. Two countries and five cities so far. I’ve traveled in many more, of course. :)

McGuire reminded me a lot of Subic Bay in the 90s. I spent my childhood inside the base. Back then, security clearance was much stricter than it is now. You needed a special permit to get in as a civilian, and sentries had to check the insides and trunk of your car. Security in McGuire was much more lax though, perhaps because Michael’s an officer.

After the US military withdrew from the Philippines (I’ve read of them returning), Subic was slowly converted into a tourist zone open for all. I look back on the beginnings of post-military Subic some days and miss it a great deal.

My dad would also take up so Angeles on the weekends, close to Clark Air Force Base. He would show me the hangars and runways. My dad was a civilian who worked in the bases, but the American military has always been part of my life one way or another.


Liberty of London floral tunic (similar), Aeropostale jeans (similar), Refresh booties, Foster Grant sunglasses (similar), handbag from Shoedazzle

Yes, that is a cartoon car. XD A car passed by with the windows rolled down, and I’m wary of posting pictures of strangers here, but I really like this picture so there.

Still loving light jeans! I’d like to buy a pair of high-waisted jeans in a light wash, but I’ve already spent so much furnishing our new place. We’ve been saving for our move for a long time, so we were prepared. Still, I need to watch my discretionary expenses. I have too much clothes already.

Sidenote: In an effort to organize my blog better, I’ve began tagging my outfit posts according to the season. Take a look at the Summer Outfits tag for more summer looks. :D


  1. I really love the outfit. It suits you. I also really love the greens in the background. You’ve moved to a wonderful place.

  2. Pretty outfit and hair :D

    I find it interesting how you coordinated your outfit based on urban/suburban location. I’d not notice it until now that city people do tend to dress in more neutral colours to blend in with their environment, and it makes sense that if you’re in a more greener place to want to try and dress in brighter colours and whatnot :D

    And woot on being an Air Force wife! I do hope you guys will make it over to Korea and get stationed in Osan or even one of the Army bases since I see Air Force people working on those, too :D
    Tara recently posted…Choosing a ChromebookMy Profile

    1. I can only hope! I’m afraid Mike and I have different philosophies on the ideal location. I love being in new places, he prefers safe and familiar. The only place we’ve both managed to agree on is the Pacific Northwest. I guess that’s our endgame when he retires! West coast best coast! XD

    1. Thanks! I have a love-hate relationship with green. I find that I love some shades and really hate others. I usually lean towards pastel or apple greens. Can’t stand dark or forest green.

  3. Dressing with the environment’s colors works out pretty well! It sounds like your new community is much more calmer, naturey, and happy! It’s great to live in a place where you see greenery everywhere (because plants are beautiful). Your outfit goes pretty well with the environment!

    It’s awesome that you’re an Air Force wife! Hopefully Mike’s assignment won’t be bad at all. You’re going to be moving all over the place! Great opportunity to explore new places ^__^! You rock all of your outfits on point!!

    1. Yes, I love greenery! I’m prone to bug bites and grass makes me very red and itchy if I stay on it for too long, but I can still appreciate the calming effect (from indoors and on the sidewalk :’D).

      I’ve done a lot of moving! Kinda wish we can settle down somewhere, moving gets harder and harder it seems because I always have more stuff each time.

  4. I love the green, floral prints on both the dress and the top! I also really like the bottom of the dress. Both outfits look great and match with your surroundings :D

    Oh wow, I didn’t know you were an Air Force wife! I’ve lived in 4 cities so far but only two states (2 in NY, 2 in TX). That’s exciting that you’ll be in a new location later!

    Oh, and I hope you find your go-to ramen place soon. We’ve been going to our favorite one every week for the past month or so. Ramen is so addicting XD
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    1. I downplay the Air Force part of our lives because for most of the year, Mike is home with me as a student. This is the first time he goes through training. I wonder how the future’s gonna be. I hope we don’t get separated!

      We found a Malaysian restaurant. Can’t wait to try it out! XD

  5. Never got to see the Subic you were saying but that place somehow feels unfamiliar to me. It’s part of the Philippines, yes, but there’s just something about it that’s somehow not Filipino. I guess because of it being a base of people from a foreign land.
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    1. I understand your sentiments. It’s not a good look for the US to have a military presence in other countries, but the base had a pivotal role in Olongapo’s development and economy. Seedy businesses aside, the Navy employed local skilled workers and circulated a lot of money through the city and vastly improved the locals’ quality of life at the time.

      I have reservations about the US being a world police, but I can’t ignore the fact that my family and hometown benefited from the military being there.

  6. I’ve always been into florals but recently, I’m gravitating towards florals with more leaf patterns, if that makes sense. Haha! I just bought a few green dresses that looks like forest-esque prints. They are pleasing to the eye but some of my friends say it looks “too nature-y”. :p

    But it’s better than my usual black, white and gray! :)
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  7. What a cute outfit! And the area you’ve moved to looks very nice! I’m glad you are enjoying it so far – moves are always hard for me.

    I know that I change how I dress depending on where I am. When I’m at school in the city, I tend to dress a little more seriously, with more darker or neutral colors. But when I am back home in the suburbs, I like to wear more color. I tend to wear dresses and skirts more often, too!
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    1. Moving is tiring, but you get used to is once you’ve done them enough. Still not something I look forward to though! Living in a new place is exciting, but packing is not!

      Yay, I’m not the only one! XD I just feel like if I’m gonna be around nature, I should dress the part a little bit. :D

  8. Maybe I need to move somewhere with more color. My city’s pretty… uh… neutral lol. I’ve built a capsule wardrobe over the years, so I don’t really have a lot to play with. Need some inspiration, I guess. I remember going in and out of Clark Air Force Base when I was younger. Our Chinese family from Malaysia would fly in and out, and that’s where we’d meet up. We’d kill time at SM or some other place and then play on the grounds while we waited for them to come out. Lots of memories there!
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    1. Yeah, Vegas is a lot of brown haha. I love the idea of capsule wardrobes, and I’ve tried paring down a few times. I’ve managed to curb extra purchases this way, but I still need to clean out my closet some more. I’m thinking of tossing out the dress in the first outfit actually. I like it a lot, but I’ve had it since college and it’s showing its wear.

      Are you talking about SM Pampanga? We used to go there too! XD

      1. Awww! It’s such a cute dress! If it’s wearing out, I guess it’s time?

        Yes!!! Or SM Angeles or whatever it’s called. I used to buy notebooks and all of these office supplies I didn’t even need. Like, what is an 8 year old going to do with clipboards?
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