My birthday is closing in, and I’m turning 18 25 FINE, 27. I’m pretty happy with where I am now. I can say with confidence that my late 20s are miles better than my early 20s. I hope life only keeps soaring from here!

Although I still can’t shake the feeling that I don’t really know what to do with my life. Sure, I’m married and love my job, but then what? Buy a house? Start a family? Do I even want kids? I can barely take care of myself, let alone another human being. Am I ever gonna be ready? I need an adult to help make sense of all this.

Anyway, Tara and Kya recently did a Facts about Me type of post, and I wanted to do the same for my birthday! It was surprisingly hard to think of twenty-seven things about myself. I’ve been working on this post for weeks! But here it is. :D

Toddler picture of me with a doll

1. My mom wanted to name me Vernice.
Let’s just say I really like my name now. No offense to any Vernices out there! I just don’t think it would fit me.

2. I’ve had to change my name twice.
Once when my stepdad adopted me, and once more when I got married.

3. I sang in choir and played the flute.
I can’t speak much for my musical aptitude, but I did sing in choir in elementary and high school. I was also in a band, and I chose the flute though sometimes I was also percussion. I sang competitively in high school, and we won first place in my senior year!

4. I graduated valedictorian in high school.
I did okay in college. :P

5. I’m the firstborn grandchild on both sides.
I’m very used to being the Ate (big sister) and being in charge. I actually have issues with authority sometimes. I’ve been annoyed by Michael’s siblings before when I’m sure they were just trying to give us advice like an older sibling would. He ate it all up, and I was just thinking “Don’t tell me what to do!! >:(” They probably laughed at me. I’d do the same if my younger sister or cousins would throw an annoyed fit.

6. I wanted to be a car wash owner when I was 5.
My backup career option was to be a garbage truck driver. #FollowYourDreams

7. My youngest cousin is six.
I’m sure some people have assumed he’s my kid. XD

8. Michael and I are the perfect match.
According to many sources anyway! I’m a Leo, he’s Sagittarius. I’m the eldest daughter, he’s the youngest son. I’m INFJ, he’s INTP. No, we didn’t base our engagement on any of these. We have a lot in common and communicate well with each other, and of course, we’re in love! But I think these are fun to talk about.

Me, Spring 2014

9. I have dimples.
I’ve been asked if I had surgery or piercings to get them, and nope, they’re dimples. I honestly forget about them until someone points them out.

10. I’m my family’s personal hairstylist.
Whenever anyone in my family needs a haircut, color, or style for an event, they come to me. XD I’ve done my mom’s, sister’s, and sister-in-law’s hair many times!

11. The first anime I remember watching is Voltes V.
My first sentai series was Maskman! The Tagalog opening scene brings back so many memories. XD I always had to be Yellow Mask because my cousin wanted to be Pink Mask.

12. I was terrified of Shadow Blasters as a child.
Hyperion and Ashura’s floating heads were very unsettling! Here’s a playthrough if you’d like to see it. My youngest uncle (only ten years older than me) was obsessed with this game when I was very little. I’d always cry whenever he’d want to play it, and my grandmother would have to take me to another room. XD I got over my fear when I got a bit older and started playing it with him. I wasn’t that good though. He could beat it in twenty minutes!

13. My first gaming console was the Sega Mega Drive.
My dad got me my own console for Christmas when I was in fourth grade. :D I had Aladdin for Sega which was so freaking difficult. I also had The Jungle Book. :D

14. I wrote my first book in fourth grade.
It was a fictional travel guide of a “desserted” island, with whipped cream-capped ice cream mountains and orange soda rivers. It was supposedly not far from my hometown. How a mountain range made of ice cream can last in the tropics, I don’t know.

15. The first fanfic I read was Street Fighter.
… except I had no idea. I thought it really happened in canon. It was Ryu/Chun Li. XD I was 11.

16. I wrote my first fanfic when I was 13.
It was Yu Yu Hakusho, and it was terrible. /cringe

Me without makeup

17. I look like this without makeup.
I love makeup not only because its fun, but also because it makes me look my age. I’m always told that getting mistaken for underage is a compliment, and it can be at times, but I’d also like to be taken seriously. Plus, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with looking your age. :) Women do not depreciate with age because we’re not objects. Don’t buy the hype!

18. I was two years old when Mt. Pinatubo erupted.
My family lived in Zambales and were evacuated. I have very few but vivid memories of the eruption. I remember my mom wrapping me in her jacket while we were leaving the house. We were cramped in a building with many other people. It was very dark, and there were constant tremors.

19. I use to play World of Warcraft obsessively.
I was part of my guild’s core raid group, and we had a schedule. XD But honestly, it was a lot of fun for me because when we weren’t raiding, my guildies and I would just hang out on Vent and do instances together. I also had a bag business in the auction house. I don’t miss WoW though! It consumed too much of my free time.

20. My first Final Fantasy game was Final Fantasy IX.
I liked it a lot! My second one was Final Fantasy VI, and it’s one of my all-time favorite games to this day. :D

Me at 4 months old

21. This is the youngest picture of me online.
Thanks, Mom’s Facebook! XD I was 4 months old here.

22. My high school nickname was Bubbles.
Because apparently I sound and acted a lot like her lol.

23. I spent my teen years in Makati.
We moved to Makati when my dad took his business to Manila. I loved growing up there, though I’m not sure I’d like living there now. The commute was always a nightmare! My school was in Parañaque and it’d take me hours to get home. You couldn’t go anywhere on Friday nights because of the traffic. We lived close to Greenbelt and Glorietta so we’d just walk most times.

Holding Fujitsu F-06D

24. I own a Japanese cellphone.
I have a Fujitsu F-06D Nicola. I was obsessed with keitai at one point, and I wanted one real badly! Mine actually came in to good use when we vacationed in Taiwan last year. My smartphone wasn’t unlocked, so I couldn’t use it internationally. I used my keitai instead. :D I’m thinking of buying another one and starting a collection, haha!

25. My favorite childhood cartoon was Dexter’s Laboratory.
My sister’s nickname is Dd after Dexter’s sister, Deedee. I like to randomly yell to her, “Dd! How many times do I have to tell you not to step inside my laboratory!?” XD

Freshman college, holding a reptile :D

Freshman year in college, volunteered for a day in Keepers of the Wild!

26. I did a lot of volunteering.
Not so much these days, but I make up for it now with monetary donations. In college, I was secretary to an environmental student organization. We often aided animal shelters and held meetups to discuss conservational issues. I was also an adult illiteracy tutor. At the time, I was juggling a junior research assistant gig too. I didn’t sleep much.

27. Other previous jobs of mine were office work, retail, and preschool teacher’s aid.
Hah, I don’t miss retail at all. But I still keep in touch with some of my old students’ parents. They’re so grown up now! :(

That’s it for me! Tell me a fact about yourself. <3


  1. One fact about myself, haha! I love looking at different cellphones!!! It’s super weird I know! But the site you linked me >> I fell in love! I found a flip Android phone and now I really want it haha! I am from New Zealand so we don’t have Japanese phones unless they’re imported. The phones on that website were so cute!!! I don’t need a new phone but now I really want a flippy one haha.

    I enjoyed reading this post.I love learning new things about bloggers I follow. :) Happy birthday!!!!

    1. Yesss another phone lover! XD Kyoex is awesome with international shipping. I ordered my flip phone from them, and I got it in two weeks which is not bad at all!

  2. My co-workers and I were talking about Mt Pinatubo’s eruption last week! I remember not fully understanding what was happening, just that ash kept falling from the sky (I was living in Laguna then) and it was always dark and I thought that that was normal haha.

    I didn’t know Vernice was even an actual, real name??? Akala ko baka portmanteau lang sya, like Rodmyr or Jorie lol.

    1. Yeah, my mom said there was no sun and water for a whole week. I don’t remember that, but I do remember our house roof collapsing afterwards.

      I looked up the meaning of Vernice, and it’s not so bad now? Haha. Pwedeng Veronica na lang Ma.

  3. Like Corinth and Jhanz (hahahaha they were actually the reasons why I made one), I also love reading facts about other bloggers!

    I laughed at number 25!

    My cousins was bubbles as well when we were kids and I was blossom. The oldest of us three and I would fight about being her but I told her “okay lang, si buttercup naman, siya yung pinakamatapang.” So she agreed to just be buttercup. Hahahahahahha!
    Jamie recently posted…Struggles of a Night Person Who Loves SleepingMy Profile

  4. I’m still LOLing at #6. Those were some awesome occupations :D

    Your dimples are so cute! I love them! I would have never guessed they were piercing marks or such, though. I also think it’s cool you used to be in choir and played the flute! Were you a soprano or an alto?

    And little you!!!! Love your baby and childhood photos! You were cute back then and now! ^^

    Happy early birthday, Raisa! I hope 27 treats you well! ^^
    Tara recently posted…Nostalgic Notes: Magical InternetMy Profile

  5. In middle school, I sat between two girls and we called ourselves after the Powerpuff girls XD I wanted to be Blossom but my friend also wanted to be her. I argued that she should be Buttercup because she had shorter hair than me. She refused and I ended up as Buttercup instead :P

    Happy almost birthday my dear! I hope you have an fun one! :D

  6. Hmm, cool. I may do this on my blog. XD

    I always loved that Aladdin game. It was hard, but so fun. I remember the Jungle Book one though I had it for Super Nintendo.

    One fact about me…my sega cd is my pride and joy. Simply since it lets me play Lunar and Lunar 2. I hunted it down just for those games. XD
    Maroon Caludin recently posted…What’s in my bag?My Profile

    1. Yay! I’d love to read some facts about yourself. :D

      The furthest I got in Aladdin was Jafar’s final battle but I never beat him. :( It was too hard! I love the Lunar series!! Played it a long time ago but it definitely stuck in my mind. <3

      1. There was some cheat where you could skip to the end I think…I forget what it was. I don’t think I ever did beat that game. It was really hard.

        A fellow Lunar fan?! Awesome! Most people are confused if I mention that series. Its my absolute favorite series. I play it too much.
        Maroon Caludin recently posted…27 Facts about meMy Profile

        1. I haven’t played it in years! I remember Lunar being kinda hard too. Or maybe I just sucked at gaming back then hahaha. I loved collecting the bromides. :D

          1. Yeah it was pretty hard. The remakes for the most part were. The original I found a bit easier. Except for Lunar 2. Borgan was always horrible. I hated him. They made him WAY easier in the remake.
            Maroon Caludin recently posted…27 Facts about meMy Profile

                1. Are you planning on blogging about it? Would love to hear more of your thoughts! I gotta figure out how to play it now. I might get a ROM.

  7. Happy Birthday! :) Random fact about me: I can’t sleep with the lights on. That’s why during college sleep – over I would stay awake the whole night. I can’t pretend I’m asleep.

    1. Aww! I’m the opposite. I need it to be completely dark. No lights at all! I also don’t like noise haha. I’m a light sleeper. ~_~

  8. One fact about me: I’m REALLY short

    Girl, you looking good!

    Basically… how do you adult? Safe to say, I’ve never heard the name Vernice before :o

    I’m only Ate on my dad’s side, so when I go to visit my cousins in the Philippines and they boss me around, I’m really not used to it. Bleh, lol.

    Your dimples are soooo cute. I want to poke them. Ha, love the sound of your “desserted” island. Sounds delicious :) Cute baby!
    Chynna recently posted…In The Spotlight: Debbie SilvaMy Profile

  9. Desserted! Oh my gosh! That’s so clever!

    You were such a cute baby! And those dimples! TOO CUTE.

    I loved reading these facts about you ^^ Here’s one of mine:
    I started a Hunger Games-inspired story about 3 years ago (when I was still fully in my “YA novels are life”-phase) and it’s STILL not finished. It’s at 20000 words or so already but I haven’t worked on it in years :p Also, I really like horror anime, but I don’t think many people would expect that from me since I always appear as that quiet sack of potatoes.. hahaha

    1. Waa you should keep working on your story! I say this while not looking at my own fics for years. Hahaha oop.

      You’re braver than me! Horror anime upsets me. :’D

  10. I love all the volunteering you’ve done and the awesome pic with the turtle. I also LOLed at your career choices. People here in the states love getting their cars washed, and truck drivers of all kinds make a lot of money, lol.
    Christine recently posted…Lust List: Things I Want to BuyMy Profile

    1. I legitimately thought car washes and trucks were so cool back then. XD Anytime a bulldozer passed by our neighboorhood, I had to watch!

  11. What an interesting entry. I learned a lot. I love how you added personal pictures in the mix and your dimples were looking super cute even when you were just 4 months old. The first thing I really wanted to be was an aerospace engineer (didn’t happen…) but garbage truck driver and car wash owner are truly original careers. So much for the common teacher, lawyer, doctor, president, princess (lol) little kid careers.
    Chantelle recently posted…Liebster AwardMy Profile

    1. Lol I thought they were so cool! I remember drawing my dream car wash. My mom cut out some “tickets” for me to hand out to my family. XD

  12. Happy Birthday! :) It’s awesome to know that your late 20s were much better than your early 20s- it gives me hope! (hahahaha)

    Can I just say that I enjoyed reading this post :) I can’t believe you experienced the eruption of Mt. Pinatubo! I wasn’t alive yet so it’s really cool hearing your story- even more that you still remember it. It must’ve been such a scary time.

    Oh… And I went to college in Makati (Glorietta and Greenbelt = my hangout place) and I do agree that commuting there is a nightmare! Still, I had so many wonderful memories in that city and because of that, it remains as one of my favorite places ever.

    Plus no.17! I totally get that baby-face comment, especially since I rarely wear makeup. #AsianProblems
    Kaela recently posted…Spontaneous Art SessionMy Profile

    1. It really does get better with age. :D I feel more confident hahaha.

      I miss Makati so much! T.T I used to go to Greenbelt all the time. I visited a few years ago, and a lot has changed! When I left, Greenbelt 5 wasn’t open yet.

  13. Happy Birthday! I thought about doing this, but I couldn’t think of 30 things. *is old* I settled for doing 5 instead XD

    Wahh, that’s awesome that you were valedictorian and did both choir and band! I know what you mean about feeling like being in charge. I’m the older sister in my family and am one of the oldest grandkids on both sides. Now I lead a team at work, so that only adds to it, haha.

    The occupations you chose at 5 are funny XD I think my brother wanted to be a truck driver at that age too. And your dimples are cute! I only have one on my left side for some reason.

    Oh man, your idea of a “desserted” island reminds me of Kirby and how the stages have food names. I also used to play WoW a lot. I did raids sometimes, but I was mostly addicted to the PvP. I remember selling a lot of bags!

    I think that’s so interesting that you have memories of the eruption, even though it happened when you were so young. I’m glad your family was able to evacuate to a safer place! Your baby photo is adorable too!

    Yessss, Dexter’s Laboratory. I miss cartoons from that time. I was especially a fan of Powerpuff Girls.

    I liked reading these facts about you!
    Cat recently posted…Project 52, part 7My Profile

    1. Thank you for the greeting! <3 Coming up with 27 facts was very difficult!

      I was never good at PvP in WoW! :'D My guildies would sometimes train with each other and I lost against everyone. There was this druid that I lasted a good bit against when we were doing Wintergrasp, but alas, that was my only "victory." XD It was hard coz I was on a PvP server too! If an Alliance decided to camp me, I was done lol.

  14. I was just a baby when Pinatubo erupted and at that time my mom and I were in Pampanga while my dad was out of the country. We apparently evacuated to Manila and my dad came back to the Philippines to find our whole neighborhood evacuated. (LOL, cellphones weren’t mainstream then so communication was slower, I guess).

    Belated happy birthday, bb!!! <3 I learned so much about you. :D
    Kristine recently posted…Learned OptimismMy Profile

    1. Thanks for the greeting bb! It’s fascinating to discuss Pinatubo since it was a long time ago and we’ve recovered, but it was such a major event. I’m glad your neighborhood was saved! :D I don’t remember where we were evacuated to.

  15. wow, read about “facts about me” post is always interesting! about your childhood dream job, i experienced it too. i want to be villain because i like thriller, suspended film/drama. lol, but, thanks God it did not really happened :p i always laugh a lot when my mom reminded me about that
    fitria listie recently posted…life lately: Ramadhan and Eid HolidayMy Profile

    1. Hi Rej, thank you for dropping by! <3 Yes, I got married nearly three years ago against my better sensibilities haha. No regrets!

  16. Awww, I love these facts so much. :D

    More importantly, I am sorry I am a fail and forgot your birthday! I hope you had a really amazing day and that the year ahead is going to be completely fabulous! :D
    Kya recently posted…Dear InternetMy Profile

    1. Thank you, Kya! It’s never too late for a greeting. :D I had a pretty chill evening. Had to work, but it was a pleasant birthday. I had pasta and lava cakes!

  17. Hurray for the facts post! I’ve never heard of any Vernice’s around before. It’s pretty cool how you played flute and percussion! Hurray for bandies :D. Congrats on placing first in the singing competition ;). It’s cute how you wanted to be a car wash owner as a kid :D. Do you have anymore books to write in the nearby future? ;)

    You look nice with makeup! Though I know what you mean, people at work make fun of me for looking like a 15 year old lol! What’s your fave WoW character?

    Fun fact about me…… I can’t whistle or snap my fingers :P.

    1. I just write fanfic nowadays hahaha! I had this story idea that I started outlining, but I’ve never started a first draft. I have some fics that I haven’t touched in years. Ack! I keep telling myself I’ll finish them. T_T

      My favorite WoW character is Thrall, of course! XD This is sad but I shipped him and Jaina so hard. I’m still pressed that Blizzard sunk my ship.

      I can’t whistle either! I keep hearing that I just pucker up and blow, but nothing happens :(

  18. Wow, valedictorian! :D And looool at #6! I love your brown hair color by the way! May I ask what’s the name of the shade? Oh, Dexter’s Laboratory is one of my anticipated children shows early in the morning. It was fun watching it back then, haha.

    I really enjoyed getting to know you through these facts! :)
    Mimi Gonzales recently posted…Life Lately | 01My Profile

  19. Wow these were so fun to read! You look so beautiful with or without makeup. The reason I wear makeup is because of my lack of sleep and I need some highlighting of my eyes to look more awake, aha. I knew you’d be a personal hair stylist!

    That sounds incredibly scary to have been in a volcanic eruption. I just looked that up and it was a pretty major one. I’ve also seen a movie that is the situation you described where a mother wrapped a baby in a blanket to evacuate. :( It’s so scary how powerless we are when faced with the forces of nature.

    A fact about me is that I also wonder “Am I ready?” I’m working and supporting myself through grad school, and am about to move out of my house, but what next? What comes after? I struggled with this question so much earlier this year that I joined a Christian fellowship and became a Christian. Not because I need God to tell me how to live my life, but I’m tired of PEOPLE telling me. God gives me confidence in myself.
    Liv recently posted…Please support me for Extra Life!My Profile

    1. I’m glad you found confidence and guidance! <3 I think a lot more of us grown-ups are confused than society would like us to believe.

  20. A super late belated Happy Birthday, Raisa!

    27???!!! I swear to god I thought you were about my age, 22-23… I am surprised! :D
    You are a Leo? I am a Leo too! hehe

    I am eldest grandchild on my mom’s side and third eldest on dad’s and it is very irritating for me because now my whole family wants me to get married ASAP because there is no one else left before me.
    Your youngest cousin is 6…. old enough. My youngest cousin was born in this August, not even a month old! :P

    Volcanic eruption? wow, it must have been the most terrifying day in your parents life, even more so because you were so small!

    Loved reading your 27 facts, Raisa!
    Bhairavee recently posted…Time for a Few ReviewsMy Profile

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