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I’m back to blonde hair! As much as I loved my magenta hair, I was getting weary of the pink stains on my house shirts, towels, pillows… everywhere! I was also tired of having to worry about about getting my hair wet in the rain and my hot showers bleeding it out too quickly. Bright red hair is just so high-maintenance. It’s fine for a few months, but it gets too much for me eventually. So it’s back to an easier color!

Settling on blonde is a long story. I bleached my hair twice last year, first to get to light brown in the spring and the second time for blonde in the fall. I then went back to black hair to take a break from coloring and save a bit of money.

I let my hair grow out for a new months, and then I decided to go for red. I had an ombre effect in the beginning with purple roots and bright red hair because I didn’t bleach my virgin growth. In time, that annoyed me so I bleached my roots to get bright red all over my head.

So! The top half of my head was bleached once and the lower half was bleached twice, all on separate occasions. I was very aware of this when I began thinking of retiring red hair. I know the ends of my hair will be very light, and the top will be darker. I thought maaaaybe I should rock an ombre again so I won’t have to bleach anymore. Okay, let’s do it!

No Bleach? Hah, you wish!


For reference, this was my hair before! That’s about two weeks since retouch, so the pink tones have faded a little and my hair looked more like straight red than magenta. Well, it’s gone now! I miss it sometimes. Love is so short, forgetting is so long. :( (That’s Pablo Neruda. XD I’m not able to verbalize my feelings as well.)

The first step going blonde was to remove the red. One week before I started the process, I washed my hair in very hot water and dandruff shampoo repeatedly. Basically, I did things that you weren’t supposed to do with red hair. :P It did fade the red some, but of course, nowhere near enough for another color to take. I ordered a box of Color Oops Extra Strength to take it all off once and for all. Despite my reservations, it actually worked in removing the red. I read that red is very difficult to take out, but I had no problems.

The next step is where I made a huge mistake and lead to me spending another $20 fixing my hair and ending up with blonde. After the color remover is when I’d typically dye my hair over. During this time, I ordered Loreal Hicolor Highlights in Golden Blonde.

I knew my ends would be too light for ash blonde dye and there’s a high chance it’ll turn green, so I avoided that. Plus it’s summer, so a warmer blonde is a great idea right now. Generally, warmer dyes are a terrible idea on Asian hair but hey, I bleached already. What could go wrong? Let’s do it!

before-bleach-1 before-bleach-2

Aaaand this is what happened. ORANGE ROOTS. :( My ends looked fine, but I guess the top of my head wasn’t light enough for proper golden tones. Instead of a cute light brown to blonde ombre, I was stuck with an orange mess.

I wasn’t happy at all, but I didn’t want to go darker just yet. I decided to screw it. I’m gonna bleach again. Argh. I know I keep saying I don’t want to anymore, but it’s so hard to keep away once you’ve started. Take heed if you’re not willing to commit time and money into your hair. Don’t bleach!

I wonder if I just chose neutral blonde or even risked ash blonde, I’d have been fine at this point. I’ve read time and again that any dye that promises warm tones is a huge no-no on Asian hair, but I didn’t listen. I am not very smart.

In Which I am Reminded that Messing with Hair is a Time and Money Sink


I hastily ordered some bleach and box dye to fix my hair, and then proceeded to lock myself in our apartment until they arrived. That’s one perk to working remotely. XD Here’s what I got: Manic Panic Lightning Hair Bleach Kit and John Frieda Precision Foam Color in Light Natural Blonde. I chose these two because they were the only ones I was looking for that were Prime-eligible. I’ve honestly never used them before this, so I was hoping very hard that they’d work.


Once the weekend started, I did a bleach bath. Manic Panic’s kit came with bleach powder in a tub, 40 volume developer, gloves, shower cap, and a small tinting brush. That’s not a bad deal at all! I have a larger brush already, but this small one was great for precision mixing.

Prepping the bleach was simple and nothing out of the ordinary if you’ve done it before. I simply mixed the powder and developer with equal parts clear shampoo. I applied the bleach to my orange roots only and let it sit for half an hour, and then I added some to the rest of my hair and left it on for an extra ten minutes. Forty minutes in total.

after-bleach-1 after-bleach-2

Here’s the result from the bleach bath! My roots were definitely lifted. Still a few orange patches but overall it’s a lot lighter than before. So far so good!

Black Makes Everything Fancy


Time to tone down my crazy orange/yellow hair! Here are the contents of John Frieda Foam Color: vibrancy sealant, a bottle of developer, colorant, after-care conditioner, and a pair of black gloves. I gotta say, the black gloves made me feel more pro. XD


Wow, so fancy~~ I like to line some cheap tissue wrapping paper on my sink to make clean up easier. :D

I’ve never used foam color before this! I’ve read about them, so I was very curious. Prepping the bottle isn’t too different from cream dye. You pour the colorant into the developer, but this time instead of shaking, you simply tilt the bottle a few times to mix. I’m guessing shaking will produce too much foam and reduce the color’s potency.


Here’s what you get after mixing the dye. It doesn’t seem like a lot, but it was more than enough for my hair. The color comes out in a very soft foam that was easy to lather on to the hair. Think of it as shampooing. It was a joy to apply, and I was able to get the foam on my hair evenly. Plus, there were absolutely no drips and no mess! All I had to do afterwards was throw away the box. I had no idea foam color was this easy. I might use it more often.

Although when I first started, I tried pumping the top of the bottle and kept wondering why it wouldn’t move. I was supposed to squeeze the bottle to get the foam out. I was stumped for two minutes even though the instructions were clearly printed on the bottle. I am not very smart x 2.

The Riveting Conclusion


After washing out the foam dye, here’s my final color. :D I’m so relieved it worked out in the end, and I’m so in love with my hair right now! I can’t get over the golden tones on top of my head. LOVE!


Here’s a progression of my hair from before the bleach, after the bleach, and after the foam dye. The dye didn’t lift my hair much, but it definitely toned down the orange and yellow parts of my hair. I still have a few patches that need work, but nothing purple shampoo can’t tone out.

It was super helpful to me to take these comparison pictures. I was able to see the difference in each step and feel reassured that what I was doing was taking me somewhere. If you’re planning on processing your hair, I highly recommend that you take progress pictures! If not for sharing, then just for personal reference.


And that’s the story of how I went from red to blonde! What do you think? Are you planning on changing your hair up? Let me know! :D


  1. After more than a year of not getting my hair dyed, I finally decided to go to a salon and went back to having brown hair. I wanted to try a lighter shade like ash blonde but I’m not sure if it’ll suit my complexion and the color of my eyebrows (since I didn’t want to dye my brows too).

    I envy you for actually knowing how to dye your own hair! I’m too scared to risk it since I don’t have really great her to begin with. I don’t want to damage it altogether. But I still hope to learn how to dye my own hair one of these days.

    1. When I had ash blonde hair, I just used a brow pencil to match my eyebrows better. I don’t think you should worry about that. :) My skin is warm-toned, but I did ash hair anyway. I think I looked okay. The ash tones faded really quickly and I had natural brown after a few washes.

  2. I also sported blonde locks 2 years ago. I bleached and dyed it myself and I loved how it turned out but it was quite hard to maintain because my hair grows quickly. The dark roots against the blonde hair was not very pleasant. I remember when I was so lazy to dye my roots, my colleagues said my hair has leopard print. Haha! Just recently, I dyed my hair black and I love it because my hair is very thin (the strands are annoyingly thin!!!) so when I am sporting colored hair, it looks thinner. When it’s black, it appears a bit thicker than it actually is. :)
    Tricia recently posted…Life Updates – Vol 1My Profile

    1. My friend told me to enjoy my new hair while I can. I know roots and brassiness are not far away! XD I schedule my coloring so I hope my roots won’t look too bad.

  3. I’ve always wanted to dye my hair, or streaks or highlights or something. My mother would never let me when I was younger, stating that it would damage my hair and also that only “bad girls” do that, as if I’m good???? I don’t know if I’d dye my hair now, considering my field, but I could maybe get away with streaks or highlights. I don’t know. I’d opt for a professional to work on my hair though, because I’m an idiot and will mess up if I do it myself XD
    Holland recently posted…Review: Sparkle Box.My Profile

    1. My dad didn’t want me to dye my hair when I was younger too. I once had alternate black and white nails, and he hated it lol. I kept them anyways. I always thought the concept of good vs bad girls was silly (girls are human, they can have good qualities and still have flaws), but that’s another discussion.

  4. Oh. My. God. I LOVE your hair! I’ve always wanted to dye my hair, but I’m too scared for some reason.

    Wow, so much work goes into dying! It looks so pretty, though! :D

  5. I really wish red hair doesn’t stain and would last longer but alas, I couldn’t handle it either. I had for like 2 months before dyeing mine with brown and end up brownish-red and now, after trying different shades of brown, my current one is the kind of brown that looks dim, like dark brown under normal light but is really rich brown under bright light. I forgot the dye number I went for. you remind me of how I used to love going bright with my hair – I even wanted to go lilac because I was so tempted! But now, weird thing is, I’m all for darker colors. In fact, I think I want to kinda go to chocolate brown to black later. I don’t know, I miss dark brown to black hair since it’s getting rare for people to have black hair (plus, darker shades make you look mysterious!) – but eh, can’t really go too black else I can’t have any colors in the future without bleaching. I really want ash brown but eh, I think I need bleach for it too :( sucks.

    I envy people who were natural redheads, especially gingerheads. I love ginger hair but I don’t think asians can pull the color off. plus, redheads with freckles are my favorite ;)

    my friend went ash blonde for a while but she was so tired of purchasing and trying to find good silver shampoo she end up not continuing the ash blonde. ash colors are so difficult!

    Speaking of, is your hair naturally wavy? you have that natural beachy wave look there, which is something I really want to achieve for myself but I can’t use the curling wand, geezes. hence I always wear my hair straight.

    I’ve heard of john frieda’s dyes being good but I can’t try them since they’re not available here. my favorite drugstore dye is definitely loreal though. I’m curious about syoss so i might try that one in the future.

    1. I only lasted three months with red hair. :’D It’s too hard hahaha. I’m thinking of going darker when it gets colder here, but that’s still a bit away.

      I do have wavy hair, although not that wavy! It gets straighter the longer my hair is too. It depends on the length and cut I have. It can also get really frizzy, especially when it’s humid. Bunning my hair brings out my waves more if you wanna try that.

      I love L’Oreal for drugstore dyes! The first time I heard of foam color, the brand was Prettia. That might be available where you are?

  6. Raisa, whyyyyy? I love your magenta hair on you, like so much!! :(((( Don’t get me wrong. Blonde looks good on you but magenta is better IMO.

  7. Nice. I live vicariously through people who can change their hair to bright colors. :D My hair is super sensitive and has a bunch of different textures in it. The only good point is that it’s thick. It’s been chemical-ed to death, so for the last 18 months I have done nothing and just let it rest.
    Chantelle recently posted…My Favorite Things: July 2015My Profile

    1. My hair isn’t that thick unfortunately, so dyeing it is a bit easier. I wish I had my sister’s hair. It’s so nice and thick. Her hair holds curl so much better than mine!

      One of these days, I’ll have to stop coloring and let my hair rest too.

  8. The blonde looks great on you! :)

    Red hair definitely is hard to maintain. I had bright red hair for a few years starting in high school but I went back to natural when I started college to save money. I’ve never dyed my own hair, except for once when I tried henna. I’ll have to try foam!
    Hannah recently posted…No More ExcusesMy Profile

    1. Thank you!

      I did henna once before, and I loved it! My hair felt so soft. I was thinking of doing cassia which has the same effect as henna without the color, but I’ve read it doesn’t play nice with conventional dyes. T_T

  9. Just reading about what you’ve been through to get your blonde hair stressed me out! HAHA. I don’t think I can be a “colored” haired girl ever. Even just dying my hair a light brown is too much work for me! Well I’m glad it all worked out for you in the end! And yes, perks of working remotely! No judge-y eyes. HAHA.
    Corinth recently posted…Makeup Monday: StrobingMy Profile

  10. Wow, I really love the color of your hair! That’s such a nice blonde color :) I’m amazed at all the work it took to get from red to blonde. I’m glad you were able to fix the orange roots! I bought a box of foam dye a long time ago, and I haven’t tried it yet. I got it because it looked a lot easier to use, but then I forgot about it, haha. This color looks really good on you!
    Cat recently posted…Liebster AwardMy Profile

  11. You’re always rocking every color you change your hair to :D. After a while, I would understand that maintaining the hair would be an issue, especially if it stains everything *___*. How often do you need to color your hair when it’s not black? I would imagine you need to get it treated every time the roots come out.

    I wanted to dye my hair blonde a few years ago, but now I’m okay with how my hair is at the moment… Except I am lazy on getting it curled each time XD

    1. I touch up every month to keep the black roots under control. :’D On or around the 20th. It helps if I stick to a schedule about it.

  12. You look gorgeous and like what Eirene said, you do remind me of a magical girl like Card Captor Sakura or something cool like that. Beautiful and ethereal.

    Wow, my hair is pretty dark, so I know that I’d have to bleach my hair if I want to get lighter colors like that, or if I want to dye it a different color like blue or whatnot. You look great and that blonde suits your complexion and whatnot.
    Michelle recently posted…Dragon’s Song That SoothesMy Profile

    1. Ahaha thank you! XD I’m glad so my hair is being well-received.

      Oh yes, dark hair definitely has to be bleached to go blonde! I had to do it twice in my case.

  13. oooh! I can totally relate to the part that you just get stains on everywhere! I once had a red ombre and all my white shirts were ruined because of that! Your hair looks lovely though! :)

    1. I’m stubborn and like to DIY everything. :’D Salons are so much more expensive here than in the Philippines. I’m not used to it, so I end up doing things myself. One of these days, I should get over my mental hurdle and see a professional.

  14. Woah! The black gloves suit this progress because it looks like a sort of forensic.. uh… operation and all that. :D I’ve never dyed my hair before! It’s one of those things I say and talk about a lot (‘Shall I dye my hair this colour?’ *refers to a patch of grass*) but never get around doing. I think it’s so cool though! And the colour suits you so well! ^_^

  15. Oh my goodness! This is why I am so nervous to dye my hair – and why I never have. I have very dark brown hair, almost black (a lot of people actually think my hair is black), so I’m always afraid a dye will not turn out the way I think it will. I can’t believe all the steps you had to go through to get the right color! In the end though, your hair looks very pretty!
    Becca recently posted…The Selection Series by Kierra CassMy Profile

  16. WOW YOU ARE A PRO. YOU REALLY KNOW WHAT YOU ARE DOING. And you look so beautiful as a result!!! Can you dye my hair too? LOL. I’ll bet bleached hair is hard to take care of, especially since you have probably been going through trial and error for years to get such a perfect color! That’s amazing dedication. I am liking the mix dye you used and how you can lather it like shampoo. When I dyed my own hair my mom brushed it on top … resulting in a mess that I lived with for four months. Luckily my hair hardly colored at all.

    I recently dyed my hair a dark red WITHOUT BLEACH and I am feeling so grateful that it worked … because five years of dying my hair without bleach has resulted in little more than wasted money and hours to give my black hair some brownish highlights. I will write about this soon perhaps, but I’m not liking how the color is starting to fade. Perhaps I need to use cooler water to wash my hair. My hair is so thin that I have to wash it daily to keep it clean. However I haven’t had the problem of it staining anything.
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