Sparkle Box is a monthly subscription box for jewelry. I signed up earlier this month to give it a try, so I can add to my accessories collection. I’m generally choosy about jewelry, but Sparkle Box allows you to choose between various styles to suit your tastes. I asked to alternate between Trendy and Subtle. I love statement necklaces and would love to have more, but I’d also like to have something more timeless. :)

Sparkle Box unopened package

I received my box a week after signing up. It’s a lot smaller than I assumed! I suppose judging from other people’s pictures (check out their reviews at the bottom!), I thought it would be a big box. Heh. It’s no bigger than a jewelry gift box.

Sparkle Box package opened

Upon unwrapping the box, you’re greeted with a personalized card with your name printed on top. How cute! I really love the bow too. Good packaging right there. On the card is a list of pieces sent to you, and each jewelry piece is individually bagged in organza bags. Unwrapping the entire thing was a ritualistic experience. It was enjoyable.

Sparkle Box jewelry haul

I received three pieces this month in the Trendy category:

  1. Bead Me Up! Necklace in Fierce Fuchsia
  2. Callie Clover Earrings in Leopard
  3. All Eyes on Blue Bracelet

This isn’t a bad haul at all for what I paid.

All Eyes on Blue Bracelet

Here’s the bracelet in action! Its quality leaves much to be desired. It feels cheap and light. My card’s description for this bracelet mentions a “translucent blue gem,” but let’s be real, you won’t be getting any precious stones in a $25/mo bundle. :P

But it does look cute. I love the colors, but it’s too long for me. I have tiny wrists, and I did say so in the little survey they had me do at sign up, but this bracelet would slide down my forearm. In fact, I can close the toggle clasp before putting it on and slip my hand through easily. I’m not sure if that was the intended look. I don’t like my bracelets sliding so much.

Bead Me Up! Necklace in Fierce Fuchsia

Here’s the necklace. I’ll be honest with you guys: I owned a necklace like this in high school. :P I got it for ten pesos in Cebu. I guess my preference hasn’t changed much over the years! So I really like this, except when I first picked it up, a bead fell off immediately into my living room rug. Meep. I hope that doesn’t happen again.

Having so many strands, this necklace also feels quite heavy. That’s not a dealbreaker, but it has been hot lately, and I wouldn’t want this around my neck this time of year. I guess this would be a spring/fall transition accessory for me.

Callie Clover Earrings in Leopard

I’m not a huge fan of animal print, but if I had to wear it, I supposed it could be on my earrings. This pair is different from what I’d usually get. I don’t think they’re bad at all. I can see myself sporting these with a few outfits. Why not?

Though much like the bracelet, you can feel the cheapness on these earrings. I think they look good, but certainly not things I can count longevity on. Ah well, they’re trendy. I probably wouldn’t be wearing them for a long time anyway as they’ll be outdated someday.

Wearing the necklace

Why do I look so sad/mad? Haha! It was pretty humid the day I took these pictures, so I guess I was a little grumpy. XD Well, here’s another look at the necklace in action! It’s my favorite out of the bundle.

Overall, my first impression of Sparkle Box is just alright. I was lucky to be grandfathered into their $19 a month plan just before they raised it to $25. For $19 a month, it’s a decent deal. For $25, it’s a tepid one. The cost-to-quality ratio isn’t anything mind-blowing with the new pricing.

You’d benefit from this subscription box if you enjoy collecting accessories. I think having style categories help their case, as no matter what your personal style, you’re bound to find at least one thing to like. I’ll keeping my subscription for the Subtle box next month. I’m curious about what I’m gonna get next.

That’s it for my review on my first Sparkle Box. If you need a second opinion, check out reviews written by Tara and Holland! :D


  1. Love, love the necklace even if fuschia is SO not my colour LOL. But if I wore necklaces, I’d definitely wear something like that, but in a different colour. That necklace looks good on you! I hope no more beads fall off of it, though!

    And speaking of quality, I’m glad I’m not the only one who noticed the less than stellar quality of these accessories, but for $19, you pay what you get. Though that $25 increase isn’t worth it if the quality remains the same.

    I’m also curious about your next box :3 Can’t wait to see what you get next month! ^^
    Tara recently posted…June 2015 Wantable Accessories Box ReviewMy Profile

  2. I’ve never seen a jewelry subscription box before. I really like the idea! At $25/mo though, I don’t think I could commit. $19/mo is much more reasonable. I’m very picky with my jewelry, and I’d rather be able to choose my cheap jewelry. The necklace is gorgeous, though. Hopefully the beads stay on it!
    Emily recently posted…Wishlist Wednesday: The Midi SkirtMy Profile

    1. Sidewalk bazaars are where it’s at for cheap jewelry! I miss those so much. The necklace is holding up so far, so maybe it was a fluke bead. XD

  3. I’m really choosy about jewellery as well. I’ve been wanting to wear more, but ehhh. The only things I wear everyday are my mum’s ring and my boyfriend’s bracelet.

    The packaging for the Sparkle box is so pretty! The things you got are cute – not things I’d necessarily wear, but cute none the less :) I really like the earrings, though.
    Chynna recently posted…High Line SchMighLineMy Profile

    1. I really love watches and sunglasses personally. I learned that Wantable offers those so I might switch. Maybe! I’m still thinking.

  4. I always love how the Sparkle Box is so nicely wrapped. First impression won me! I think someone should take a picture of the box next to the box XD. I thought the bracelet would’ve been nice on its own without the blue gem. If the gem was a lot smaller and is dangling around the bracelet, it’ll look a lot nicer :). I like how the necklace is making its appearance overall xD. The earrings look pretty cool. I think they would go really well with the new patterned bags at Coach ;).

    1. I had a picture of the box next to my phone for scale, but it didn’t turn out very well. T___T Maybe I’ll post it as an outtake on Twitter. XD I think I’d love the bracelet as a necklace! Ah well, you win some you lose some with these things.

  5. I’m noticing that a lot of bloggers are following in Georgie’s footsteps with the subscription boxes. I believe it was her first, and then Tara, and then whomever else. Nothing wrong with that, as I love seeing what you gals receive from these subscription boxes. I’m highly considering in subscribing to Naturebox. it’s a subscription box to healthy goodies.

    Anyways, I’m not very fond of half the jewelry that comes from these subscriptions boxes. Heck, I can make these and sell them if I wanted too. But, I do give mad props to companies like Sparklebox and Wantable box and loot crate for doing this. Believe it or not, I was once into making costume jewelry. I’m not so much into anymore as it got ridiculously pricy. But yeah, I do love the earrings.

    1. Eirene introduced me to subscription boxes long ago, but I didn’t try it till Tara convinced me haha. The awesome thing about blogging is you get to discover new stuff like this. :D

      I’d love to see some of your jewelry creations!

  6. I think the necklace you got is pretty. It can spice up a plain outfit.

    I’m not very much into jewelries. My friends actually find it weird that I never wear earrings. Most of them have a pair on every single day. I cannot stand it! Hahah!
    Tricia recently posted…Discover Bohol…My Profile

    1. Aww, I love earrings! Studs and posts are in the way less. I try not to wear hook earrings to often since they can stretch out the piercings!

  7. The necklace and earrings are cute! I love the color of the necklace, and I think the animal print is nice and subtle. I’m not the type to wear animal print either, but I feel like it can look nice on accessories. The bracelet does look cheap and light though, so that’s too bad about that one :( That’s nice that you’re still in the $19/month plan. That’s not a bad price!
    Cat recently posted…Project 52, part 7My Profile

    1. I think I can handle animal print in small doses. XD Can’t speak for its trendiness though. I think subtle jewelry is more in these days.

  8. Wow. The earrings look okay; I’d probably wear a pair like them if my ears were still pierced. (Well, confirmed pierced.) But they look just… plastic. I don’t know if they actually are topped with plastic, or if it’s just resin or something. I do like that they’re post earrings; I always preferred post earrings over dangly ones since my hair would always get caught on them.

    The necklace… to me, it looks awful. But I don’t like statement jewelry, and while it’s not exactly a statement piece is so big and bulky. I also don’t like beads, as they feel very childish, and the color also is a huge turn-off.

    The bracelet looks nice at first (and faraway!) quick glance, but once you look closer it’s so obvious the jewel is most likely plastic. It’s also a lot larger than anticipated :| I also have the same problem of having tiny wrists–my best friend’s sister bought me a set of Harry Potter bracelets for Christmas and I’d love to wear them since they’re actually my style, but they fall right off my wrist! And it’s impossible to clip them tighter too, since they’re not chain bracelets but skinny leather thongs :(
    Holland recently posted…What’s In My Bag: Steve Madden Mint Edition.My Profile

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