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The Liebster Award is given to up and coming bloggers who have less than 200 followers. So, what is a Liebster? The meaning: Liebster is German and means sweetest, kindest, nicest, dearest, beloved, lovely, kind, pleasant, valued, cute, endearing, and welcome. Isn’t that sweet? Blogging is about building a community and it’s a great way to connect with other bloggers and help spread the word about newer bloggers/blogs.

Tara nominated me for the Liebster Award. This is my first nomination, so thank you so much! <3 Here are the eleven questions she posted for me. I'll be writing my own set of questions along with my nominations at the bottom!

  1. Where is your happy place?
    Presently, our new living room. I can’t begin to describe how awesome it is to stretch on the couch after work and enjoy an hour of Netflix on TV. I keep a knitted blanket and a lot of throw pillows in our living room, so I’m nice and comfy as I chill with a bowl of salad. It’s the simple things, you know? ;)

  2. If you could be in a fictional setting/world (ie: Harry Potter, The Lord of the Rings, etcetera) what would it be and why?
    I really want to say post-apocalyptic New Vegas, but let’s be real, I would never survive the wasteland for more than a day. I’m gonna have to go with Mineral Town from the Harvest Moon series. It’s an idyllic town with loving people, and I’d love to partake in their festivals!

  3. What is your all-time favorite film?
    Atonement, hands-down. Beautiful cinematography and score.

  4. Where on earth is Carmen Sandiego?
    She’s actually turned her life around and now anonymously designs a high-end line of red trench coats.

  5. Do you know Pig Latin?
    Ofyay oursecay. ;)

  6. What book(s) did you enjoy as a child?
    SO MANY. I was a heavy reader as a kid. Some titles off the top of my head: Nancy Drew Notebooks, Artemis Fowl, The Chronicles of Narnia, Piratica, The Voyage of Jerle Shannara, The Old Kingdom (BEST EVER). I also read anything by Roald Dahl, Paul Jennings, and Eoin Colfer.

  7. What are your vices?
    Junk food! I love salty snacks and ice cream. I can’t quit. I tell myself I’m being ~healthy~ by having a salad but I end up having some ice cream for dessert. Oops.

  8. Coffee or tea?
    I think I’ll go with coffee, although I do love milk tea.

  9. Who is your favourite philosopher or inspirational figure and why?
    Corrie ten Boom was a huge inspiration to me in high school. I learned a lot about altruism and gratefulness for what I have from her autobiography.

  10. If you were given the opportunity to go to another galaxy, would you?
    You bet your flaming pants I do! I don’t wanna live on this planet anymore.

  11. What is your favourite classical piece?
    Not actually a classical piece, but I love Tour de Japon’s performance of “Draco and Maria” from Final Fantasy VI, my favorite FF ever.

Thanks again, Tara! I now nominate: Shayne, Corinth, Yapo, Liv, Alice, Kristine, and Eirene!

Here are my eleven questions:

  1. What’s the first thing you check online?
  2. What’s your all-time favorite album?
  3. What’s your parents’ go-to embarrassing story of you?
  4. What’s your dream gadget?
  5. What do you wear when you’re feeling blah?
  6. If I wanted to be your friend, how should I do it?
  7. What would you find in an inconvenience store?
  8. You have a million dollars to ruin the next Olympics. How are you gonna do it?
  9. What’s your favorite dad joke?
  10. What’s your useless talent?
  11. Really, how are you?

I wanted to tag other people but they had more than 200 followers on Bloglovin. XD I wish I had their hustle, haha!


  1. Girl, I loved reading your answers! And it is my pleasure for nominating you :D

    I love that your happy place is your living room. My happy place is my bed and in front of my computer, haha!

    I was surprised by your answer to the fictional world one! And Atonement is a film I’d never heard of, so I’ll look into that.

    Your answer to Carmen Sandiego cracked me up!!! :D

    AND YES TO ANYTHING BY ROALD DAHL! That man’s magical!

    Thank you for introducing me to Corrie ten Boom. As someone who loves studying about the Holocaust (seriously, Miep Gies is my hero, as well as Sugihara Chiune), I can’t believe I’d never heard of this person before! Oh, man, now I really gotta read her book and everything!

    AND DUDE. That FF song may not be “classical”, but it sounds like one and has bloody freaking opera, so I think it counts :D I love that piece, too! My favourite part of that piece is when the bass singer (forgot his name) sings, “Maria, Maria, I love you soooooo”, and then he and the tenor sings that next part together. OOOOOH. That part always gets me!

    ANYWAY, sorry for letting this comment get away from me! Thanks for answering them! :D

  2. YES!I love Harvest Moon! I may have gotten more excited than absolutely necessary when I read that Mineral Town is where you would want to live. It’s so true, though! Everyone is friendly and things seem much simpler. I like to imagine that I would like to live on a farm, but I don’t know how well that would actually turn out in reality. ;)

    Junk food is my vice, too. I just can’t say no to a candy bar or ice cream! Which makes dieting for my wedding in about a month fairly difficult, haha. I told my mom she would have to hide all the *good* stuff because if I see it I’ll want to eat it!
    Becca recently posted…Feeling Bridal-yMy Profile

    1. Yesss Harvest Moon fans unite! XD I don’t think I’ll be a very good farmer. I’ll probably pass out everyday hahaha.

      Good luck with your wedding goals! I’ve been working out and watching what I eat a lot. Exercise is not a problem for me, it’s saying no to junk food! DX

  3. Hahahaha Carmen San Diego!!

    I never got the hang of Pig Latin. I did watch Zoom as a kid and my favorite segment was Ubbi dubbi.

    I wish I read more books when I was younger, but my mom was a super strict Asian lol. She had me read encyclopedias. #FactsOnly she’d say (minus the hashtag). I think it’s because of her that I have all of this useless information in my head, well useless until I play Trivial Pursuit haha. I didn’t get into reading other books until high school and now I only read every now and then.

    Junk food is also my vice. I try to do a cop out and say that I’m having a “healthy, gluten free snack” but those are also equally as bad as the regular ones! hahaha
    Shayne recently posted…July GoalsMy Profile

  4. Awesome answers. I really love FFVI, too. It’s my favorite, too. I started playing it and man, I was surprised by how amazing it was, and that Opera scene was great, and it helped that Ultros that bad octopus was there causing trouble! Lol
    Michelle recently posted…Liebster Award Part 2!My Profile

    1. I used to smoke while inebriated in the club, but that was a looong time ago. Clubbing got way too tiring as I got older. I associated smoking with clubs coz I only did it there, so it was easy for me to stop. Good luck to your quitting goals! I know it can be difficult.

  5. I do the same thing in our family/living room. I keep blankets and pillows on the couch for maximum comfort while being lazy and watching TV XD I think my favorite room is my game room though because it’s where my computer is at!

    I haven’t played a Harvest Moon game in a long time, but I always remember the towns being so cute, quiet, and friendly :D I would like to live in one of those towns too.

    haha, junk food is definitely one of my vices too. I’ve done the same thing of having ice cream for dessert after having a healthy meal. I’m lactose intolerant too, but I tell myself that ice cream is totally worth it XD

    “Maria and Draco” is a beautiful song!
    Cat recently posted…Project 52, part 6My Profile

    1. A house is still a few years away for us, but I’ve always wanted a game room and a home gym! I can only dream, sigh~

      Eating a bag of chips makes me feel so gross, but I can’t stop once I start. I always wonder if it’s worth it hahaha.

  6. Hurray on the Liebster Award! The living room should be a happy place :D. It’s where people can get together and do many thing :). Harvest Moon seems more nicer than Fallout XD. It’s less stressful and more fun, so why not? To this day, Pig Latin still confuses me @__@. Perhaps one day, I’ll understand it!!

    Milk tea is yummy~~

    1. For Pig Latin, just move the consonant(s) to the end of the word, then add -ay. If the word starts with a vowel, all you have to do is add -yay at the end. Ikelay isthay. ;) Applesyay areyay oodgay!

    1. Oh gosh, I have so many feelings about Cliff. SO MANY. I really believe he is the best match for Claire canonically. They have so many parallels to their backstory in Back to Nature. They just fit so well! I can write an essay on this (and I was going to someday XD).

    1. Same, before we got our own place. :’D We had a roommate in our old apartment, so we couldn’t be as comfy in the living room.

  7. I still can’t believe you tagged me to be honest. I’m actually questioning people who tag me, lmao like I don’t think my blog is worth mentioning at all because it’s so lame and stuff but thank you anyway.

    Uh oh, gurl, don’t choose Fallout Vegas, man… why not pick the setting from FO4 instead ;) you can see genuine blue sky, unlike in Vegas haha jk.
    Alice recently posted…The Liebster AwardMy Profile

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