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Wantable Makeup Box for July 2015

This month, I decided to take the plunge and give subscription boxes a try! I signed up for two boxes to dip my toes in: Sparkle Box and Wantable. This quick review will cover the latter.

Tara was kind enough to cover half the cost of my first Wantable box, so thank you. <3 She's truly an angel, you guys. Wantable allows you to pick which category you'd like to subscribe to, and they have a good range to choose from: makeup, accessories, intimates, fitness, and style. It certainly sounds like they try to cover everyone's interest. I chose makeup for my subscription. I thought it would give me a good chance to explore a little bit. I tend to stick to the same look because makeup isn't something I like to fuss too much about (that would be my hair), but I should try something new.

Wantable Online Quiz to Pick Preferences

After choosing your category, you’re prompted to take a short quiz to gauge the kind of products you’d enjoy. For makeup, it asked me which tones I preferred, if I wanted timeless or trendy colors, what type of makeup I wanted to get (cream, powder, liquid), and so on. I wasn’t choosy. The only thing I flagged was cool makeup as they don’t match with my skin tone at all.

I submitted my quiz and received my box within the week. I didn’t have any shipping issues since I live in the US. I’ve heard of shipping hiccups for international customers though, so keep that in mind if you’re outside the States. It can take a few weeks up to a month to receive your items.

Products laid out

I forgot to take a picture of the box, but here’s what I received:

  1. Ofra Lipstick – 202
  2. Spellbound Nail Lacquer in Jinx
  3. Ferro Cosmetics Mineral Blush in Desert Rose
  4. Doucce Volumizer Mascara in Black

These items retail for a dear price individually, but as a Wantable bundle, they did come up much cheaper overall. Four items in a box isn’t bad at all.

Ofra Lipstick 202

Ofra Lipstick; Retail price: $13.15, Wantable price: $7.29

I was most excited for the lipstick. Sadly, I was also most disappointed by it. It’s average drugstore quality. Application wasn’t anything special, and the staying power was lacking. The shade wasn’t terrible though. It looked like a true red from the tube, but it came on a little purplish on my lips.

Wearing Spellbound nail polish

Spellbound Nail Polish; Retail price: $14.00, Wantable price: $7.76

I really liked the color of this polish. It laid on thick, however. That may or may not be a good thing depending on you, but I personally prefer thinner coats that I can build up on. It also chipped very easily, and the cap screwed on crookedly no matter what I did. I’m torn on this because I really liked the shade. It’s perfect for summer, but the overall quality wasn’t impressive.

I do have to disclaim that it’s not glittered. I added a coat of glitter polish on top. :P

Ferro Blush

Ferro Blush; Retail price: $21.00, Wantable price: $11.64

This is a loose powder blush, and I liked this one a lot. It had a good bit of pigment, but not too much so you can control application without excessive effort. I don’t like to go overboard on blush, so Ferro was just right for me. I love the color too! Shimmery, warm and slightly peachy. I live for peach tones.

Doucce Volumizer Mascara

Doucce Mascara; Retail price: $24.00, Wantable price: $13.31

The mascara is my favorite out of the box! It made a huge difference in my lashes. They’re short and not very thick, and this mascara made them look so much better. I just love it.

Makeup trial on my face

Here’s the best picture I have wearing everything from my Wantable box. It’s from the same set of pictures as my previous post about going red to blonde. XD Check out my lashes yo! So long and thick. <3 They don't hold a curl very well though, so that's the best I could do huhuhu. I love the shimmer on my cheeks too. Wantable-Lipstick-03

Strictly from a looks standpoint, I suppose the entire bundle wasn’t that bad. At the very least, it’s a whole face of light makeup. I’m 50/50 on my first Wantable box. I love the mascara and blush, disliked the lipstick and nail polish. But I’m willing to give them another chance. I hope I’ll love everything from the next box!

I do have to touch on the price. The first box is $40. You’re welcome to return any items you don’t want to keep, but if you do choose to keep everything, you get $4 in credit which will bring your next box down to $36. Of course, you get a refund from anything you return as well, so there are savings to be had by going either way. I’ll reserve my judgment on Wantable’s overall value until my next box arrives.

If you’d like to try Wantable yourself, I’d appreciate it if you use my referral link! As I mentioned, Wantable offers subscriptions for accessories, intimates, style, and more. There’s something for everyone, and wouldn’t it be fun to give yourself a little surprise? I know that’s what I’m getting out of subscription boxes so far. It’s like a surprise gift every month. XD


  1. Love the review! I’m sorry the polish and the lipstick didn’t turn out good for you, but the blush and the mascara are a win, so yay for that! I do like how the make-up look on you ^^ The nail polish shade is definitely pretty, and the glittery touch is nice! Too bad it chips too easily and wouldn’t close properly! Otherwise, I enjoyed reading about your thoughts on this box!
    Tara recently posted…Korean Giveaway: Stationery StashMy Profile

    1. Thank you again for spotting me! :D I’ve kept the polish on a little longer to see how bad it peels haha. One of them pretty much peeled off my nail. But it might also be the base coat I used (cheap one), so there’s that.

  2. I want to try it! I’ve been itching to try new makeup products especially cheaper ones, and the items in this box aren’t half bad compared to some of the prices in The Face Shop. I really like the mascara you got! I need one that will make my lashes thicker. Since it’s makeup and not skincare, I think drugstore quality is okay since more affordable! Bye bye $25 Laneige mascara.
    Liv recently posted…Gradlife Gaiden: School Supplies and Dylan SprouseMy Profile

  3. Your curls look so nice! TUTORIAL? Haha. And I just recently subscribed to Ipsy. I know, kinda EEW. But I think lately, they’ve been giving out better products. Also, it’s the cheapest out there, I think. I can’t wait to subscribe to other boxes once I move to the States. Some boxes can’t be sent to Canada kasi, like Boxycharm. I’m really glad you enjoyed the items in your box. It’s usually a hit or miss talaga with these boxes.
    Corinth recently posted…Explore with Corinth: #chasingfogMy Profile

    1. Haha just a 1-inch curling iron! I’ll see if I can film one, if i get over my shyness to talk huhu.

      I was thinking of signing up for Boxycharm! Eirene is subscribed to Luxebox. I believe she said it’s based in Canada so she gets free shipping. :D

  4. Tara is such a sweetheart <3

    Wantable sounds amazing! I love how you can choose which range you want – that's so cool. Shame about the lipstick; but the nail varnish looks lovely! $40 is a bit much. I'm guessing it would be more for international customers because of shipping. Hmmm…

    I might look into this, anyway!
    Chynna recently posted…Things I Learned This Week // 1My Profile

  5. I think for subscription boxes it’s really inevitable that you win some and you lose some. You look so japanese in your pic though! So pretty <3 <3

  6. That’s nice that Wantable has several categories and asks about your preferences! That’s too bad the quality of the lipstick and polish weren’t that good though. I really like the color of that polish too, and I feel like it’s fitting for the summer. I’m glad the blush and powder were better! I have the same problem with short and thin lashes, so it’s always a nice to find one that actually makes a big difference.

    I hope the next box is better!
    Cat recently posted…What Nintendo means to meMy Profile

    1. I’m keeping my nail polish a bit longer out of curiosity. It’s chipping so much! XD I hope the next box is much better too! $36 is steep. :(

    1. Aww, it’s okay! I used to look up makeup online then find similar stuff in my area. It’s possible to have the same experience with different brands! :D

  7. Unfortunately these type of things are not able in Pakistan, neither they ship here. Lovely post.

    Follow each other.
    izdi recently posted…Eid 2015My Profile

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