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Holding up an instax shot of me

Hello from Las Vegas! Mike and I are spending a week here to visit family and hit up our old spots. So glad to be back! It’s been a relaxing and delicious vacation. I’m writing this post in the format for Friday’s 10 Happy Things! It seemed fitting considering this week has been very happy for me. :D

Here are ten highlight from my vacation so far!

Portrait of me and Mike

1. Mike coming home
He returned from officer training last Saturday! He was gone for five weeks, so I lived by myself at the time. It wasn’t too bad. It was a lot quieter! I did miss him a lot. We had half a day to ourselves before flying out to Vegas. I’m happy we’re together again. <3 The picture above is from a little shoot we had here. My mother-in-law wanted new family portraits, and we took a few couple pictures. :) I wasn't told about it until we landed though. I had nothing to wear. T_T Propeller plane

2. Flying on a propeller plane for the first time
Our flight to Vegas departed in Philly, so we had to get there first. We rode a small propeller plane from the valley. I’ve never been in one before! It was so exciting. The takeoff and landing were super quick and smooth! The flight itself was only fifteen minutes. We landed at 6:15 AM on a clear day. It was a beautiful morning.

3. Seeing an aerial view of the Grand Canyon
On our way to Vegas, we got to see Grand Canyon up in the air. I’ve been there once before, but I’d love to go back again. :3

4. Catching up with family and friends
I haven’t seen some of my friends in a long time. It’s so good to catch up with them all again. So much has happened since we left last year. :D

Aircraft display at Nellis Air Force Base

5. Visiting Nellis Air Force Base
We have a base here in Vegas. Mike had an errand to run at the BX, so we stopped by Nellis. We got to show his family what it’s like (it’s like any other base XD) and a few aircraft models they had around.

6. Hitting up old favorites
IN-N-OUT I HAVE MISSED YOU SO. We’ve also paid visits to Paymon’s , Aloha Kitchen, Chinatown, and plenty more places. <3 Food collage

This has been such an indulgent vacation. We’ve been eating out every night! We’ve had all sorts of cuisine, including but not limited to Mediterranean, Hawaiian, Chinese, Japanese, and boba! MMMMM.

Instax collage with friends

8. Capturing moments with my Instax Mini 8
I bought myself an instax for my birthday, and my friends are having a blast with it. The only drawback is we can’t make copies!

9. Squeezing in a little bit of exercise and me time
I had Wednesday afternoon to myself, so I went for a jog and did some lifting. I haven’t been too stringent on my nutrition and exercise while I’m here, but it was nice to be a little active when I could.

Vegas 808 haul laid out

10. Vegas 808 goodies
We drove downtown to Vegas 808 to pick up Tara‘s hot dried pork. XD I also got a bunch of snacks for myself and my family. We have sweet dried pork, red bean mochi, and cookie chips! These cookie chips are HEAVENLY. They’re all so good! My favorite flavor is cinnamon sugar.

That’s it for my vacation highlights! We’re flying back tomorrow (SIGH), and it’s a bittersweet feeling. I don’t know when we’ll be back. I hope we can visit again next year!

How was your week?


  1. Awesome post, girl! I’m so glad you shared your Friday’s Happy Things like this (and it is very appropriate since you are on vacation!). That propeller plane experience sounds interesting! I haven’t been on one of those yet, so it was neat reading about yours! It sounds you’re having a super time in LV! It’s great you’ve been catching up with your friends and family and visiting all your old spot! Those food photos all look great and you’re making me hungry!!!

    Thank you again for picking up my pork! ♥ Have you tried the sweet dried pork yet? How did you like it? The cookie chips look delicious, btw!

    Enjoy the rest of your break!
    Tara recently posted…A Chromebook ExperienceMy Profile

  2. I think you dressed well in your couple shot – you two both look like you’re wearing a subtle couple shirt with contrasting colors of stripes! Haha. And Vegas, wow *.* I did a research about Vegas for a client a few days ago about some fun things you could check out there, and it was plenty! Vegas is so full of life and color. Can’t wait for you to share what you’ve been up to there! :)
    Mimi Gonzales recently posted…Work + Play: A Sundate Afternoon at CafĂ© TwentyOneMy Profile

    1. The Strip definitely has a lot to offer for tourists! :D Locals don’t hang out there though because of the traffic and overpriced services.

  3. Aahh, that photo of you two is so cute! That’s great that Mike is back from training :)

    I don’t think I’ve ever ridden a propeller plane. I think that’s interesting that you were able to ride one and that it was really smooth! And omg, so much food. I want all of that XD

    I’m glad you had a great vacation and were able to catch up with family and friends! My week has been busy and mix of ups and downs. This makes me want a vacation too!
    Cat recently posted…Life keeps movingMy Profile

  4. Argh. Your #6. I want to travel to America simply because of FOOD. You guys have so many options it seems. I Love food haha.

    Looks like you’re having an awesome time! Those instax photos look really neat!
    Jana recently posted…Home made face scrub #1My Profile

  5. Oh food glorious food! I wish I can have some of the in and out food. I haven’t tasted it yet but I heard it’s good. Nice to hear you’re back with your guy! <3
    Alissa recently posted…Hello August!My Profile

  6. Welcome back to Vegas! The picture of you and Mike is so cute!! Your mother-in-law is right to want new family portraits because it came out so well ;). Your plane looks so VIP XD. Where are the aerial view of the Grand Canyon?! XD jk jk.

    In-N-Out is awesome! If I had to eat In-N-Out for the last time, I would go for a 4×4 and cure my cravings for a looooong time :P. The dried pork looks interesting! Hope Tara will like it!~

  7. You guys look so cute and happy in your couple shot! I think you dressed pretty well for the shoot, so nothing to worry about! Everything came out well :D

    Ooooh! In-N-Out is my favorite! Best burger in my opinion :> It’s just sad that I live sooooo far from the United States so I can’t get them every day :(

    I love Instax portraits! :) I have a Wide camera and an Instax Share (the photo printer), all products from the Instax line are just so cute and awesome :D
    Claudine recently posted…PressureMy Profile

  8. Awww, I love your pictures of you and Mike! You look so happy and adorable! I’ve never been to Vegas or a base before, so it’s cool to see the photos you took. :) How was the prop plane? I’ve also never done that, haha! This post is making me want to take a vacation now. :) Enjoy all of your snacks; the cookie chips look and sound amazing (cinnamon sugar? yes please!)
    Christine recently posted…My Week in Instagram – Summer’s SlowdownMy Profile

    1. I’m not sure if the prop plane was operational at one point, haha. We had them too in Subic. :D I need to look up if I can order cookie chips online. They’re that good! XD

  9. I’m really enjoy reading this whole 10 Happy Things linkup. :) I feel I should start doing it too; I need to be more grateful!

    Awww… You and Mike look so cute together! :D

    It’s 1am here and I am staring at all those food photos. *drools* That dried pork looks delicious! It kinda reminds me of that pork jerky from Hong Kong that we would snack on.

    Glad you had an awesome week! :)
    Kaela recently posted…My Favorite Things: July 2015My Profile

  10. I also have an Instax 8 Min(n)i(e)! <3 I haven't been able to use it much lately since I'm usually just at home which means I need to go out and experience stuff and TAKE MORE PHOTOS! Haha

    Glad you had a happy week! :D
    Trisha recently posted…Life LatelyMy Profile

  11. I’ve only been to Vegas once, and only spent 24 hours there. I didn’t enjoy it as much as my in-laws did because Roan and I had no sleep, coming from the Paramore concert we went to on Friday night. We did watch Rock of Ages there, though! I’d love to go back just to appreciate the city more!
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    1. Aww, I’m sorry you couldn’t enjoy it as much! You can always come back and check out one of our many shows! If you like hiking, you can head out to Red Rock for some awesome sights too. :D

  12. I think you guys nailed the couple shot! I prefer something as candid and fun as this one than a staged couple pic. Actually, when I think about it, I can’t think of any other cool poses for couples in a studio photo. All I can think of next are those cheesy prom couple poses hahaha, nope that’s not going to roll with me.

    I like that jet. Lol I’m so bad with army terms but yeah that looks pretty. Is that the regular fighter jet (aircraft? lol) now?? I always thought they’re of the camouflage color. What.

    Wish we had In-n-Out here permanently. There was a pop-up of it a few months ago here.. or was that last year already? Anyway, it wasn’t permanent, and many people went to it so I didn’t bother. :/
    Anna recently posted…GrabCar: An Alternative to Uber for Non-Credit Card UsersMy Profile

    1. The photographer coached us through the whole thing. That pose wasn’t our idea hahaha!

      I don’t actually know much about plane models either. (/_\) Kinda embarrassing coz my family was in the aircraft business!

    1. Vegas is a lot of fun if you enjoy shows and shopping. :D We also have tons of restaurants! Oh and gambling too I guess lol, but I don’t condone it. XD

  13. What a fun post! The Instax pics look really cute and fun, as does your picture with Mike. Also, that jet (?) you took a pic in front of is so PRETTY!

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