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Marimo pearling

My friend Mara gave me a pet marimo for my birthday last month! <3 I told her I was thinking of getting one since they look so cute and are very easy to take care of. Imagine my surprise when I received a package after coming home from Vegas. I knew exactly who it was from. Thank you so much, my dear waifu! (´ε` )♡ Marimos are moss balls native to Japan and parts of Europe. Keeping a marimo is said to bring good luck, but their population in nature has been dwindling because of this. They are now a protected species, however there are plenty of enthusiasts that grow and propagate their own marimos to distribute. :) They grow slowly but live for a very long time. I hope someday that mine will grow large enough to propagate too!

Top down view of Beebo

So here’s my new baby, Beebo the Marimo! If you’ve been following me on Twitter and Snapchat, you’ve most likely heard of him (I say him, but who knows ¯\_(ツ)_/¯). When I first saw him, I was reminded of the Powerpuff Girls’ furry pet, BEEBO. Hence the name. XD

I’ve been a little obsessed with Beebo. I even made a hashtag on Twitter! I’m not sure what I’m going to do with it in the long run. There’s only so much an algae ball can do! I’m just excited to have a pet even if it’s an insentient one. Mike’s not used to animals and our lease doesn’t allow them anyway.

Seeing Beebo definitely brightens up my day and makes me happy. :D I take short computer breaks every hour to stretch and rest my eyes, and I spend that time checking up on him. I’m so glad I have a marimo. <3 Marimo in Fizzy Water

Tips for Marimo Care

I’ve been receiving a few questions about Beebo since I started tweeting about him. The awesome thing about marimos is how easy they are to care for! They can thrive in tap water and you’d only have to change it every week, every other week at most. I love watching Beebo form bubbles (called pearling) after a change. The water gets all fizzy, plus pearling is a very good sign of health. :D

Marimos naturally live in lake bottoms so keep them away from direct sunlight. I let Beebo sit on our kitchen counter in the daytime. I move him around a lot depending on the weather, as that affects how much sunlight he gets. Low to moderate indirect light, which is basically any room that gets sunlight, shoud work.

Marimos also form their round shape through lake currents gently rolling them. If you let them sit in the same position, they might lose their shape so you should gently swish the jar around to simulate that movement. I also use this chance to check for any discoloration or things that get stuck to Beebo. He had some white crusts on him at one point which I think was from deposits in our tap water. I switched to drinking water and he looks fine now.

Lastly, marimos prefer coooler water. It’s been hot where I’m at, so I’ve been adding some ice cubes in Beebo’s water. Not only do they keep him cool, it also serves as a small water change. You can even place marimo in the fridge. :D Don’t freeze them though!

That’s it for my little write-up on Beebo and marimos in general! I hope this was helpful to someone. Thank you again Mara for this awesome gift! Everyone should go visit her blog and say hi! She’s a talented artist who once sketched one of my Sims. Quality friend right there. XD


  1. So cute and love the tips! After seeing the little one in the pendant I’ve been thinking about them and if they like low light I might have a perfect spot.. hmmm! Will have to see where I can buy them from around here.
    Kalliste recently posted…Happy Birthday to MeMy Profile

  2. I’ve been feeling so lonely and I’ve been wanting a dog, but my landlord’s condo area does not allow dogs in any of the apartments. :( BOOOOOO

    But if I feel the need to have a pet, a marimo sounds like a good alternative! LOL. :B
    Beebo is cute, btw. When Beebo propagates, send me one my way please? ;)
    Kristine recently posted…A Long Overdue Letter to the She-Devil HerselfMy Profile

    1. You could also try fish! Some of them don’t do a lot of anything obviously but I used to own an Oscar (they can be high maintenance for a fish as they live around 10 years and get huge) which are very responsive to their surroundings (especially food) and are pretty decent pets. You just need to have the space for them as they need quite big tanks.

      Oh and turtles? They are cool because you can take them out of their tanks too.
      Kalliste recently posted…Happy Birthday to MeMy Profile

    1. Rocks should be fine! :D For fish, you should double check first because I hear that some of them will nibble on marimo. I think goldfish will? Not all though, so you should pick carefully.

  3. AWWWW. I love this post. Beebo is so cute! :D I’m glad he/she/it is making you happy ^^

    I may get a Marimo now, too! Your post is definitely making me think about getting one. At least I’m sure my parents will tolerate a moss ball over an actual animal, haha! :D
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  4. I hate to say it, but Beebo is so cute. Who knew a simple creature like that is cute? I did! It’s like having pet sea monkeys, do you remember that? I do. It was so long ago. So easy to take care but Beebo is cuter :D I would get one, but I have a puppy and that takes a lot of my time.
    Michelle recently posted…Fighting Three StarsMy Profile

    1. Yes I remember! I never had any sea monkeys though. Your puppy is so cute though! <3 I can't have pets in my apartment so Beebo is the best I can do.

  5. The Marimo looks pretty cool! I somehow think of it as a moss with a brain of its own who likes to chill all day. The Marimo does look like a Beebo XD. I thought the pearling was pretty cool, and it’s like a sign of life. How big should the cup be, or is the one you have okay (I’m wondering since you have to move the cup around a bit to help its shape). Hopefully Beebo will grow and hope to see some progress over time :D.

    1. I tilt my jar back and forth, as far as I can without spilling any water. Beebo will kinda float and roll around that way. Any container is fine really, though clear glass is probably the best so marimo can get as much light as possible on all sides. :D

  6. Aww, Beebo is cute! I also love that you named it after something in Powerpuff Girls. I loved that show back then! I see Marimo mentioned in manga and Anime sometimes, but I didn’t know much about them. I thought it was really interesting to read about what they really are and how to care for them. That’s good that they’re easy to take care of!
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  7. WOW he’s adorable! I’ve never seen a pet plant that’s so pet-like with an identity haha but I think it’s how adorable marimos are … and I just found out what they are in this post. Hope to see more pictures of him as he grows. <3
    Liv recently posted…The end of a beautiful summer.My Profile

    1. Nope, I haven’t had any problems with algae. :D I change out his water once a week, give him a “bath” once a month, and wash his jar every now and then. I don’t keep other plants or fish though, so that might also be a factor.

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