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My Favorite Things is a monthly blog linkup for all the things you love, hosted by Eirene and yours truly. Eirene’s spearheading this month’s collection while I’m on a short vacation, so head over to her entry and send your faves in! We’ve decided to keep the linkup open for two weeks. That’s plenty of time to write up and post to submit. :D

Here’s what I’ve been loving the past month. <3 Women of Mad Men


Mad Men

I’ve been meaning to watch Mad Men for a long time, and I finally started it up a few weeks ago. I’m hooked! I’m already on Season 5. Though honestly, I couldn’t care less about Don and his ~loner~ problems that he brought on to himself. I’m only here to see the rise of my princess Peggy and justice for queens Betty and Joan. Goodbye, everyone else.

7 Days in Hell

(source: ONTD)

7 Days in Hell

7 Days in Hell is a mocumentary about a seven-day tennis match between Aaron Williams and Charles Poole. It was too much! XD Nothing made sense and it was hilarious. I got Mike to watch it with me when he returned from training, and he was equally confused. So many WTF moments, I loved them all. I should probably say that this special is very NSFW, so don’t watch at work or around the kids! XD



What We Do in the Shadows

What We Do in the Shadows is another fun mockumentary about vampire flatmate losers just trying to ~live life. It’s hysterical and adorable. Everyone is so cute! This movie is a must-watch! <3 LG G4 in its Box


Mike got me a new phone for my birthday!! <3 I've had the LG G4 for over a week, and I love it so much! The camera and battery are miles better than my previous phone. I actually took the picture above with my phone. :3 I’ll be writing a post about it soon!

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    1. I felt the same way about phones being too big before. I thought my HTC screen was the perfect size (4.7 inches) but I guess my eyesight’s been getting worse (noooo) and I felt the need for an even bigger screen. 5.5 inches is the perfect size for me now. I got used to larger phones, and since I have a desk now, I don’t have to worry about pocketability or dropping it.

      Sony has the Z Compact series for smaller phones with great specs though! I was thinking of getting one before. :D

  1. I’ve always wanted to watch Mad Men. It’s one of the shows that’s forever in my ‘to watch’ list along with LOST, Charmed, Sex and the City (started with this one but I stopped midway).. haha. Can’t seem to remember if Mad Men is the same show that recently ended, and the internet went on a craze about John Hamm or some guy, pretty sure from this show. Lol.

    A mockumentary sounds interesting and funny so I will check out What We Do in the Shadows. From your description it sounds like.. this other sitcom called Vicious (Ian McKellen is in it).. probably from the mention of ‘flatmate’. Oh and this is a movie? Aah, thought it was a series at first. Cool. Gonna check this out!

    I look forward to reading your review about your new phone. I love seeing unboxing and gadget photos and the reviews from non-tech bloggers (I feel the technical stuff is overwhelming and unnecessary in real-world usage. Like do we really measure that whenever we have to use the smartphone?). Was an Android user before, but eventually went back to the darkside lol. No plans of upgrading anytime soon though since all the current phones are like twice the size of my hands. :(
    Anna recently posted…My Favorite Things: August 2015My Profile

    1. Mad Men had its last season this year, so I figured I can enjoy it all in one go since there’s no more waiting. Jon Hamm the actor is fun, but man I have no love for his character lol.

      What We Do in the Shadows was filmed in New Zealand so they used the term flatmate as opposed to roommate. It’s so cute and hilarious! I wish it was a series so I can see more silly vampire adventures. <3

      I plan on writing a short not-so-techy review. XD I don't care too much about specs, so I don't know how in-depth it'll be. I did run a benchmark test along with my friends' phones for fun! I was thinking of going back to iPhone for a while, but I'm in too deep with Android. I bought a lot of apps!
      Raisa recently posted…My Favorite Things: August 2015My Profile

  2. What We Do In The Shadows is such a hilarious movie. When I first stumbled onto it, I wasn’t sure what it was going to be like and I just kept laughing all the way. 7 Days In Hell looks good, I will have to check it out. :D
    Kya recently posted…Dear InternetMy Profile

  3. Eek! What We Do in the Shadows was made in NZ! Jermain Clement is such an awesome actor! if you like his kind of humor, check out Flight of the Concords, or if you’re into odd movies, check out Eagle vs Shark. it probably has a lot of NZ references in it, and it’s…. Kind of weird more then funny. But it’s still an oddly… odd movie. :P

    Your phone looks awesome! (I checked the website!) excited to see more about your phone. I didn’t realize you could get leather cased phones haha. That looks pretty neat!
    Jana recently posted…Home made face scrub #1My Profile

  4. I started watching Mad Men, but I never got to finish it! It’s on Netflix now, so I’ll definitely need to catch up :)

    I’ve seen the LG G4 being advertised everywhere these days, but I don’t know because I’ve had problems with LG in the past.

    I definitely want a new phone, though, so I’ll be researching :) Have my heart set on a Samsung S6!
    Chynna recently posted…Hutong @ The ShardMy Profile

    1. I think LG made great improvements in the flagship line. I’m pretty happy with my phone now! Let me know if you do get the S6 though! That was my other option. Would love to hear how that is!

  5. I wanna see What We Do in the Shadows now…Lol Sounds and looks hilarious, really. Also, I haven’t heard of some of these shows, but alas, I’m glad that you mentioned some of these. I don’t think I could get into anything like Mad Men, though. It doesn’t seem like the show for me, but I never know until I try it, huh?

    Cool phone! I’m happy with my Xperia Z <3
    Michelle recently posted…My Favorite Things : August 2015My Profile

    I need an upgrade. I have the G3. I like LG, even though the phones are basically made out of candy-corn hahaha. I used a Samsung on my travels through China and I fell in love. Now, I’m kind of tinkering between the two. I think the specs are just about the same though, aesthetically I think both are umm “pretty?” lol I love the camera on the G3 (most of my blog photos are with the G3), can’t imagine what the G4 can capture though!
    Shayne recently posted…A Quick Update About ChinaMy Profile

  7. what we do in the shadows is a hilarious underrated movie! i don’t think a lot of people know about this LOL i’m glad you watched it :))

    I’ve heard of LG phones being really dependable when it comes to the battery power. I’ve always been a sony fan so I’ve never used LG before. still, having a mobile phone that can without portable charger / charging for 1 whole day is a good one.
    Alice recently posted…MFT: August 2015My Profile

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