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Here’s my quick review for this month’s Sparkle Box package. I received a Subtle jewelry collection this time around, and I have to say I was very excited after I unboxed it! Each piece looked dainty and beautiful. Very classic and could stand the test of time.

Sparklebox Subtle jewelry laid out

Here’s what I received, from left to right:

  1. Dripping with Style Earrings
    “This teardrop-shaped duo is subtle and reserved with their blush marbled cabochons. The pretty gold-stone settings add some sparkle.”
  2. Charlotte Necklace
    “Two layers of sparkly charm. This piece features a small red drop bead pendant with dangling seed beads and hammered metal accents.”
  3. Set in Stone Necklace
    “This necklace is sure to make you sparkle! A silver druzy stone is complemented by dangling seed beads.”

Aren’t they gorgeous? <3 Unfortunately, when I tried on the Set in Stone necklace, the chain broke off. Michael was able to fix it for me, but I still wasn't impressed that it happened at all. I sent @SparkleBoxShop an unhappy tweet, and they got in touch with me. They offered to send me a bonus Subtle piece on my next box. I honestly feel torn about it because while I love most pieces I’ve received, I haven’t had totally stellar quality. It’s not like I can really complain with the price I’m paying though ($19 with free shipping). I do appreciate that they’re willing to comp me for my troubles. I’m willing to let it slide if I like my next box.

Outfit picture outtake to show off necklace

Here’s the Set in Stone necklace from an outtake for my previous What I Wore post, Skirts and Hats. I really do think it’s pretty. The chain could be thicker, considering that the pendant has some weight to it. I can see this necklace going with the majority of my wardrobe. Let’s hope it doesn’t need any more fixing!

Hair pulled back to reveal earring

Here are the Dripping with Style earrings. Please excuse the pink ear. (* μ_μ) I’m not allergic to any metal but my ears definitely react to getting touched and poked. XD These are regular post earrings which is great. I don’t like hook earrings all that much. I do love dangling earrings, but I looks for post ones when I can. So what can I say about this pair? I like them too!

Charlotte necklace against white crocheted top

And here’s the Charlotte necklace, also worn in my previous post. I love the layered style! I generally don’t pile on necklaces, but this one is just understated enough to prevent from looking gaudy. Paired with a crocheted top, it’s the cherry on top of that sweet, delicate look. <3 I can also see this matching well with a lot of my clothes. Gold jewelry is great with my skin tone. All in all, despite the initial mishap, I'm pleased with this collection's look. I feel like it nailed my current style and tastes, and I'll be getting a lot of wear out of them for the months to come. Ball's in Sparkle Box's court to follow through with their customer service. I hope the next box won't have any problems!


  1. Oooh! I’m not a necklace person, but I really like both of them, especially the Charlotte one! Sucks that the Set in Stone one broke, so I do hope it won’t require any more fixing! <3 Gold really does look good on you, by the way! :D
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    1. Aww thanks! I used to only wear silver jewelry. I don’t know what I was thinking honestly! Gold tones looks so much better on me. XD I still wear silver though!

  2. Your sparkle box goodies look awesome this month! My favorite would probably be the “Set in Stone Necklace” because the stone is carved in different levels (or so it seems). It’s a bummer that the necklace broke, but at least Michael could fix it for you! It’s good that they are willing to give you a bonus piece next time. All of the pieces looks great with your everyday wear! I like the simplicity of the Charlotte necklace. Hope the next box will be great!

  3. Gosh I really like how they all look, but I don’t see myself wearing them because my outfits just doesn’t go well with it. I dress too basic, haha. And they’re mostly tear-shaped! Cute!!

    I love how the Charlotte necklace looks with your crocheted top. You also described it perfectly well, whereas I’d just say it’s adorable (ha ha ha, nice vocabulary @self). Doesn’t get any sweeter than this, and I quote, “it’s the cherry on top of that sweet, delicate look”.

    I wish we had more choices of subscription boxes here. It’s mostly makeup and beauty stuff. No jewelries or things that I would actually use. I tried BDJ before, but at the time I subscribed, I was sent a bunch of drugstore products. Half of them I just gave away to friends because they were makeup that I don’t use. Meh.

    1. I’m sure you dress just fine! <3 I try to write good descriptions when I can haha. I probably won't come up with another good one for a while. XD

  4. It’s a shame the Set in Stone necklace broke, otherwise that would have been a really great box! The Charlotte necklace is stunning, I’ll stay on the lookout for something like that!

    1. Yeah, I’m grateful Mike managed to fix it for me! :D I hope you can find something similar! I know places like Forever 21 and H&M will have something like it.

    1. Yes, simpler jewelry’s been my thing lately! I used to wear a lot of statement necklaces and earrings. Don’t know what happened. XD

  5. I’m not a big necklace person either, but those pieces are nice and even quite pretty. Good honest review and that is why I love reading about these subscription boxes. Everyone seems to give true to honest reviews. That is helpful in case if I want to buy or even subscribe to one of them.
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    1. I’m glad you found my review helpful! I always give my honest opinions. It’s hard to guarantee that you’ll love everything you get from a subscription box, so you’ll just have to give some leeway every now and then.

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