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I packed very light for our one-week vacation in Vegas. One pair of shoes, one pair of sunglasses, one bag, two dresses, three shirts, one pair of jeans, and a pair of lounge shorts for sleeping. My goal was to travel without checking in any luggage. I used to be a notorious overpacker, but I’ve been keeping it simple now.

Unsurprisingly, it was very hot in Vegas! It was like an oven outside, and the heat being dry doesn’t really help much. I could only last maybe five minutes outdoors. I knew I wanted to be as comfortable as possible, so I kept my outfits very casual.

Aerie cropped top, AE sunglasses and jeans

American Eagle sunglasses (similar) and jeans, Aerie cropped top (similar), LEGE backpack, shoes from Taiwan (similar)

I’ve been digging cropped tops lately. Paired with high-waisted jeans, they’re easy to sport while staying modest. I know a lot of women say they don’t have the body to pull off crop tops. I don’t either, so I’m wary of exposing my belly too much lololol. This top isn’t too cropped, though I definitely can’t wear it with regular rise jeans without serving some 2001 realness.

Aldo rose gold watch

Aldo watch (similar)

Here’s the one watch! Rose gold’s such a pretty color. My one pair of sunglasses are also rose gold. They match most outfits I’ve put together. They could very well be all I use for the rest of the summer.

Blue polka dot minidress

Xhiliration mini sundress (similar)

Staying cool with a minidress! I don’t normally pile on accessories, but I get especially austere about it in the summer. The less things sticking to my body, the better.

Brown vintage style backpack

Here’s the one backpack! It served as my personal item with more than enough room for my stuff. <3 I carried both of my cameras, two eyewear cases, makeup, and other essentials without a hitch. All in all, it was a smooth travel and a good vacation! What do you pack for vacations? Any tips on packing light? Let me know in the comments!


  1. Don’t even get me started with packing light because I’m a notorious overpacker myself! Hahaha! We went to Las Vegas for a day, and 95% of our carry-on is mostly my stuff. :))

    Anyway, I love rose gold, too! I have a watch with rose gold accents and our wedding rings had a touch of rose gold, which make them special. :)
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  2. You look so cute :3 I know Vegas is hot. Woot. I don’t even have to go there before believing it, but like Texas, you never know until what kind of heat and humidity you will face. I wanna say Texas is worse but in a different way. We don’t have so much dry heat, as we have stuffy and suffocating humidity.

    I pack nearly everything and still end up forgetting things. It sucks so bad XD
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    1. Haha I’ve learned to let some things go when I travel. Turns out I didn’t really need half the stuff I was lugging around. XD

    1. It can be challenging! You have to plan EVERYTHING to pack light. Gotta figure out what outfits you wanna wear before you leave, check the weather to make sure you have something to wear for it, learn to live without certain things. You get used to it. XD

      Thank you! I need more rose gold things! <3

  3. You’re too cute, girl!! I also love the bag. I wish I can practice bringing less on trips too. I always bring a lot bcos I thought having extra clothes is always better. Dan, my boyfriend, always scolds me whenever I bring extra clothes bcos he’s the one who carries my bag sometimes. LOL.
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    1. Haha that’s funny! I plan my outfits before I leave so I don’t have to overpack. I just bring an extra change of clothes in case of an emergency.

  4. That is so great that you were able to pack light! It saves so much time and effort when you are travelling and arrive. I also love the outfits that you picked/wore. They look so fabulous. :D
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    1. Yes, it’s so awesome to walk straight out of the airport without having to wait at baggage claim! I always hate that part.

  5. I have no idea how to pack lightly. I know /how/ to pack, so it looks like there’s not a lot – but I ALWAYS overpack lol. Give me your packing skillz, please~

    All your outfits are so cute! I especially like your bag :) Also, that watch is giving me feels. It’s so pretty *_*
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  6. I totally overpack most of the time! However, I did pretty well this summer. I had a three month long trip and I ended up wearing everything I brought except one shirt! My outfits were varied too!

    And that backpack…I think you just sold me. I’m pretty sure I have to get one now. IT IS SO BEAUTIFUL.

    Peace & Love // Celestralite
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    1. Woohoo that’s awesome! :D I tend to wear the same five outfits anyway so packing light wasn’t too difficult for me.

      Let me know if you do get the backpack! It has plenty of room and pockets!

  7. I think I’m a terrible underpacker! But then again, I’ve never packed my own bag when going somewhere for a week or longer in the USA. In China, I think I packed just enough. Normally I’d just pack undergarments for every day and the only pants and shoes were the ones I wore. And then just 2 or 3 shirts–people in China will wear the same outfit three or four days in a row, and I unfortunately fell into that habit. ;-;

    That’s probably the case in China because washing machines in apartments are pretty small, and usually there’s no washer. I had to calculate what to wash each time to make sure it would all fit, and we had a drying rack that didn’t actually hold a lot of things. Ack!

    1. Nothing wrong with wearing the same outfits! I admit I was lucky to have access to a washer when I was in Vegas, which helped a lot! I used to be a major overpacker but now that I’m responsible for all the luggage, I just wanna get it all over with. XD

  8. That’s great that you’re able to pack light! I’m slowly getting better about not overpacking. When my husband and I do long trips, we try to plan laundry days ahead of time, so we can bring less. I still end up bringing a few pairs of shoes though. I prefer sandals/flip flops, but I always have to bring closed toed ones just in case!

    Both outfits look cute on you! I also love your shoes, backpack, and your watch. That’s a good idea to pick things that can match easily. Instead of a backpack, I tend to bring a camera bag that can fit my DSLR, a couple lens, and things I normally carry in my purse.
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    1. laundry days are definitely helpful in packing light! I had a laundry day while we were on vacation so we had some more fresh shirts and undies.

      I’ve been into backpacks lately so that’s all I’ve been using! I haven’t had a DSLR in a long time, so I don’t have a camera bag around. T___T

  9. Both outfits look good. I still don’t have the guts to wear crop tops though. But I agree, you just have to pair it with a high waist pants and you’re good to go. And I like your bag!

    I usually bring smaller bag when travelling compared to my friends. I only bring things I needed, or bring extra for you know, just-in-case. I don’t bring thick pieces of clothes that would consume so much space inside my bag. I think, that’s it. :)
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  10. Welcome back from your vacation to Vegas!!! I still need to go there someday soon… It’s pretty awesome how you manage to pack enough without checking in a luggage! If only I can do that too… XD. My friends have been going to Vegas recently, and one of them got a serious sunburn from just swimming in the pool! Your dress is cute! I’m a total sucker for dresses, so that makes sense XD. Polka Dots FTW.

    I usually pack everything I can for vacation, normally leading to the overpacking side. When I went to San Francisco, I overpacked but it benefitted me because I could make some choices at that time instead. Sadly, I haven’t packed light before @__@

  11. Oh, packing light is one of my biggest challenges when going on vacation. I always feel like I’m going to need something so I pack it, but I end up not using it anyway. Lol!

    I am loving your dress! You look really stylish and it’s perfect for the Vegas heat. The backpack really goes well with your outfit too :D
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    1. That’s always been my experience with packing! I used to bring everything with me, but I never needed them. So I started bringing fewer and fewer things. I haven’t had any problems yet!

  12. I looooooove your backpack! 3

    Cropped tops are da bomb! I love love love them since I love wearing high-waisted pants or skirts (for some reason I think they look good on me because I’m short lol)
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  13. I’m an overpacked too. XD

    But those are some cute outfits!

    Ah, rose gold. I like rose gold too. One it has rose in the name (HUGE fan of roses), and two their very pretty.
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  14. I’m in love with your summer dress and backpack! Totally adorable! When it comes to packing light, I’m not so great at it. For a week in Disney I probably packed a month’s worth of crap, lol. I try and carry smaller luggage to make myself pack less, but it never works. I always want to be overly prepared.
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