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Full body outfit shot

I woke up one day and decided I didn’t like pants. Don’t really know why, I guess I’m getting bored of my usual look? It’s also really uncomfortable to have skintight jeans when it’s so hot out.

We went shopping in Vegas, and I picked up a few skirts to explore this style shift I’m going through. I haven’t worn skirts since my very conservative Christian high school where girls weren’t allowed to wear jeans and we all had to wear knee-length skirts if we were out of uniform. It’s a dumb rule for reasons I won’t go into, but it turned me off skirts for a long time.

Profile shot to show backpack

Max Studio shirt (similar), Forever 21 midi skirt, Skechers walking shoes, Sparklebox necklace, Aldo watch (similar), Foster Grant sunglasses (similar), LEGE backpack, hat from Korean boutique on Amazon

It’s only now, ten years later, that I’ve started wearing them out of my own volition. Long skirts are so comfortable. :D I’m definitely over jeans for now.

New haircut - just a shorter bob

I went for a haircut the day I wore the outfit above. :D My hair was at a very awkward length, and I hated the way it looked straight. I actually cut it myself before, but I realized recently how uneven it was from the back. I set an appointment with a salon to fix it up and take off a few inches. I love the result! Here’s to hoping I don’t have to go back for another few months!

Standing shot of second outfit

I’ve been wearing a lot of hats too lately because I haven’t touched up my roots. XD I’ve been letting them go. I used to be militant about dyeing my hair every four weeks to the dot, but time’s been flying by these days. All of a sudden, I realize it’s been six weeks and I’m scrambling to order a box of my usual dye.

All this maintenance doesn’t amuse my anymore. Maybe that’s a sign that it’s time to go darker. Blonde’s too much work! But going darker’s gonna take a lot of work too. T_T Maybe I should go back to black and be done with all this.

Me being silly

Lace top from TJ Maxx (similar), Forever 21 midi skirt, Adidas Superstar shoes, Sparklebox necklace, American Eagle sunglasses (similar), Aldo watch (similar), hat from Amazon

Mike said I dress like a mom now. I just wanna be comfortable, okay? XD It’s too hot for anything else. I’m gonna try to stick to this no-pants rule as long as I can for funsies.

Profile shot showing my backpack

YOPO backpack

Scored another backpack too! There was a time when I said I’d never wear backpacks ~ever again~~!! LOL college Raisa was delusional. I’ve been seeing so many cute ones lately! Plus, it’s so nice to have both arms completely free. I can’t go back to purses right now.

How’s your summer going? It’s nearly over! I can’t wait for fall and cooler temperatures.


  1. Cute look! I don’t do skirts for several reasons, too, but maybe one day I will go back to it LOL. But for now, I’ll stick with trousers XD;

    I think your hair looks cute! And hats! I like hats, but I hate wearing them! I feel so much hotter with those on. I’ve totally outgrew my own dyed hair. Don’t think I’ll return to that. I’m quite enjoying my natural hair after not really being in it since junior high!
    Tara recently posted…Timeless Thoughts: Scholastic Book OrdersMy Profile

    1. I didn’t do skirts for a long time too, but I’m getting over my hang ups. XD Man, sometimes I feel like going back to my natural hair coz all this maintenance can be so tiring!

  2. The skirts look great on you! I want to wear mid-length skirts, or even long/maxi-dresses but the pretty ones are hard to find (I’m short huhuhuhu). I don’t even think they’d look right, I’m 5’2″. uggh my life.
    Shayne recently posted…Tales of The Great WallMy Profile

  3. Somewhere along the way while growing up, something happened that made me hate dresses and skirts. I vaguely recall it had to do with having low self-esteem and being told I was ugly, weird-looking, plain, looked bad due to wearing glasses, etc., almost all the time at school. It’s a total hell being uncomfortable in your own body, and trying to break out of that level is a whole other zone of it. I’ve started wearing dresses, although only when there’s a big occasion or it’s for a night out. I think maybe a long skirt would be nice to add to my wardrobe, but first I need to find one I like… This is gonna be tough :B
    Holland recently posted…Review: Try The World (Japan + Paris).My Profile

    1. Aww, I’m sorry you went through that. You are fierce and beautiful and you can rock anything you wear, whatever and whenever you want. :D

  4. I like the pattern on both skirts! I also love the hats. They are cute and look great on you :D I really should get in the habit of wearing hats more often. Sun + black hair don’t mix D: I also wish I could skirts more often! I wear them on the weekends sometimes, but my legs get way too cold at work, so I have to wear long pants. I can’t wait for cooler temperatures too!
    Cat recently posted…Professional-related goalsMy Profile

    1. I used to only wear hats in the winter to keep my head warm, but summer hats are looking cute to me lately. Plus, I need to protect my colored hair from fading! I feel you on being too cold at work! I’d bring a thick scarf with me and use it as a blanket. XD

  5. Ohhh I love both of the skirts! And I definitely agree, jeans are much too hot for the weather around here. I don’t understand HOW people are wearing them. Skirts are so amazingly comfortable and breezy. And midi skirts once reminded me of grandmas, but now I think they are cute. Maybe grandma fashion is in ;)
    Celeste recently posted…Life TidbitsMy Profile

    1. Haha I’ve always said I’m a grandma deep inside. I get cold very easily, gotta be home before 10pm, have terrible hearing. :’D

  6. You’re so adorable!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I haven’t worn jeans for a really long time. I’m either wearing shorts or dresses this whole year @____@. If I had to follow a strict dress code like your high school, I would go crazy! Maybe because I don’t like rules on how to dress all that much. You look great with all of your clothes, long pants or skirts ;). I need one of those big hats like the hat you have! It would help a lot during walks when it’s so sunny. Summer is hot, but I’m hanging on ;D

  7. I love your style! I wish I can dress like that here, but I don’t have skirts and it’s too cold for skirts! -_- I’m on the lookout for felt hats now that it’s starting to feel chillier here. How’s the temperature there?
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