Blue Apron is a weekly delivery service for new recipes. Each week, you receive three recipe sheets along with a box of ingredients required to make them. No extra grocery trips needed! How awesome is that? Cat was generous enough to give me a free week to try it out. Thank you so much! <3 So here's a quick post regarding my first impressions. As a preface, I don't consider myself a gourmet cook. XD I tend to rotate through a handful of easy-to-prepare recipes that I cook in batches to make kitchen work easier for me. Every now and then, I do get the urge to try something new, but more often than not, I'm all about efficient meals. I do wish I had more drive to expand my cooking skills, and Blue Apron was the perfect chance for me to do just that. I received my box in the middle of the week. The ingredients inside were nicely packaged, and the meat was chilled with ice bags and an insulator. No worries about freshness there. Blue Apron Recipe Sheets

I received the following recipes:

  1. Late Summer Pork Bolognese
  2. Chicken Pad Kee Mao
  3. Salmon Burgers and Aoili

Each sheet had step-by-step instructions with pictures. You shouldn’t have a problem with creating these recipes if you follow it to the letter. They were very detailed but still easy to understand. I had Mike help me prep the vegetables. I usually do all the cooking, so this was a pleasant way to spend time together too! ^_^

Late Summer Pork Bolognese

Late Summer Pork Bolognese

I was most excited for this because I’ve been addicted to bolognese lately. There’s an Italian bar close to our place, and we’ve been going there almost every week for their spaghetti bolognese. XD

I usually associate bolognese with heavy cream sauce, and this recipe’s sauce isn’t quite as rich. It was still very delicious. It had a lighter taste, with the parsley and tomatoes adding a fresher note to it. It satisfied my insatiable craving for pasta.

Chicken Pad Kee Mao

Chicken Pad Kee Mao

Mike liked this one a lot. I found the sauce to be too little, and despite adding all of the sambal oelek, it wasn’t spicy at all. This recipe yielded a lot though! It was easily more than two servings. The vegetables were the best part in my opinion. I love red peppers. Mmmm.

Salmon Burgers with Aoili

Salmon Burger with Aioli Salad

This one is my favorite! It was soooo good. <3 I've never made my own patties before so this was very new to me. I did alright. One formed nicely, and the other crumbled a little bit. I'll need more practice. I also had to do some improvisation with this one because Mike accidentally mixed the aoili sauce to the salad. XD It worked out though because the salad turned out amazing. Mixing fresh lemon juice to the salad did magical things to my taste buds, and it was a great contrast to the burger. I'm eager to make this again.


I enjoyed trying out new recipes from Blue Apron. I was able to cook things I never did before, so I learned a lot. Plus, I can always make them again in batches in the future! The recipes from this bundle were easy to prepare and not too time-consuming either.

My only gripe would be the price. Three meals for two is $59.94 a week. That’s expensive for what you get. I can buy a lot more groceries with that money. However, I’m open to ordering from Blue Apron every now and then as a treat. :)

What do you think of Blue Apron? Do you have a favorite recipe?


  1. Wow. That’s pretty awesome. I’ve never heard about Blue Apron until now. Blue Apron pretty much makes cooking so much easier, it seems. I hate having to prepare ingredients… and then washing all those dishes. :P Maybe that’s why I try to cook everything in bulk so I can save myself some time. But I am curious about Blue Apron. Some day!
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  2. I agree. $59 for three days is expensive haha. That’s enough for two weeks here in the Philippines! haha.
    Congrats on making the food btw. they all look so delicious :>

    Best Regards,

  3. Everything looks so good! We have a similar service in NZ but like you say, it’s expensive so we’ve never tried it. It’s just as easy to look up recipes like this and then shop for them.
    I am a lot like you, I make a select few recipes that are easy! I’ve started branching out though. Especially trying to make meals I had when I was a kid. My fav so far I’ve made, and one of the easiest, is deviled sausages! Yum!
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  4. YUUUUUUUUUM. I agree that Blue Apron is pricey, but it looks so convenient and super yummy. I’m drooling over at your photos, and the pork bolognese looks super yummy! *_* Wish I were there to try some with you guys! :D

    And Pad Kee Mao is one of my favourite Thai dishes! Drunken noodles for the win! :D
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  5. I need to try out Blue Apron one of these days when I’m settled down! It’s pretty cool how they figured out the packaging in a way that the food doesn’t spoil and stays chilled. All of your food looks delicious! Especially the salmon burger. Glad to hear that you liked the salmon burger the most ;). My next favorite would probably be the Chicken Pad Kee Mao.

    Blue Apron is a pretty neat concept. I haven’t tried it out yet but hopefully I will in the nearby future!

    1. I really like the concept of Blue Apron too! I just wish it was a little more affordable, but with the delivery fees and such, it’s understandable.

  6. Blue Apron sounds really convenient. Although, I don’t know how cost effective it would be. Right now I have a Full Circle grocery service, which works well since produce can be expensive in Alaska. That pork bolognese looks so good!!!!
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  7. Just looking at the recipe cards is making me hungry T_T

    I love a good spag bol, and yours looks delicious! I never put cream sauce in mine, but that actually sounds like a good idea. I like the look of the Chicken Pad Kee Mao, too. Hmmmmm.

    I can’t eat salmon, as I’m allergic, but it does looks very tasty.

    Blue Apron seems like a cool delivery service. I mentioned to Cat that the UK’s equivalent is Hello Fresh, which I got to try out and absolutely loved.

    My favourite recipe is lasagna :)
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    1. That’s awesome that you have a similar service there! I think it’s great to order a week’s worth every now and then. :D Did you blog about it by any chance?

      1. Unfortunately, no! I got it around the time I wasn’t blogging that much, but I do want to order one again and do a review like yours :)

  8. I have only heard positive things about Blue Apron and I think someday it would be fun to try, but it’s just a bit too expensive for me. That’s more than a week’s worth of groceries for me and my husband! The recipes looks so fresh and delicious though – I love reading about them! Now that you have the recipes, you can always buy the ingredients yourself for cheaper and make the recipes again.
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  9. This sounds like a pretty neat idea. Delivering recipes with the ingredients! I haven’t heard of anything like this before. All the three recipes look difficult, but then I am used to the simple 5 minute cooking of veggies or 1 hour slow cooking of meat with the Indian flat bread, or chapatis! :D :D
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  10. I agree on the Pad Kee Mao! I liked the flavor, but I really wanted more sauce. The salmon burger was our favorite from that week too. I would like to do that one again some time :D

    I also think the price is on the high side. I know I can buy groceries for less, but I suppose part of that price is the shipping and the labor of putting the boxes together. I’m glad you had a good experience with your first delivery though! We like it a lot, so we’re continuing ours almost every week :)
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  11. I’ve seen Blue Apron as an ad on Facebook multiple times, and even wanted to try it, until I saw the price. I was like heck no! I’m a little weary of Naturebox and Organic box (another ad I saw on Facebook — this one is mailed to your home like Blue Apron, but it’s all organic produce.) due to the meats and what not. I’ve been wanting to try NatureBox for a long time now, maybe one of these days I will, when I get caught up on bills. I’m not sure if you’ve heard of naturebox or not, but they are a company that provides healthy snacks.

    Those dishes looks so delicious! I’ve made bolognese one time and my family liked it. I have a recipe for you to try. It’s a Mexican Salad (at least to me it is). You’ll need the following :

    Lemon Juice
    Spanish Rice
    Spring Mix
    and Corn (can be canned)

    You mix it altogether in a bowl, and then add the lemon juice, and salt and pepper to taste. It sounds weird, but it’s really delicious. I even got Tristan to like it and it was just a made up dish that I made up). I also made up a spicy dip as well.

    The following goes into the dip:

    Rice (Can be any kind : brown, white, or spanish)
    Cheese (grated)

    extra : Bean dip from the store
    Chips (Your favorite kind of tortilla chips for dipping)

    Mix all of those ingredients together until the mayonaise becomes a pink color. Voila, you have a spicy nacho dip. Tristan also likes this one.

    I have many others, but try these out, and let me know what you think. I love cooking.
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  12. They look so delicious and I am glad they turned out so well! :D I think it’s great that they could teach you how to make meals that you could probably do yourself for next time.

    The price is a bit much and you could buy the ingredients to make, but it has been able to teach you how to do that, so it does have some pros. :D
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  13. Blue Apron sounds like AN AMAZING SERVICE!!!! Perfect for folks like me who live so far from the main road and don’t drive so I can’t make big trips to the grocery.

    I obvs can only eat the salmon burger huhu I need to google for good recipes now.
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  14. I’m hungry. Why don’t we have this kind of service here in Malaysia XD Maybe there is, but I never knew about it XD Well, IF you can create the dish and looking exactly like the one in the recipe booklet, I think it is worth it to get the package once in a while! It may be pricey but then with all the ingredients being packed for you, you don’t have to worry about getting the wrong stuff, or choosing the bad ingredient that will affect your dish. They all looks tasty and yeah, again, I’m hungry lol~
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  15. Wow that’s pretty good concept! One of the hassle things about following a recipe is needing to take a trip to the grocery store just so you can get the items that you need. I think it’s a good thing that they provide convenience!
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