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Welcome to a very special round of My Favorite Things, a monthly blog linkup for all the things you love! This month’s linkup is guest hosted by one of our regular participants, Tara! :D Thank you very much for helping out while Eirene and I sort our lives. Head to her host entry to submit your faves!

Here are my faves for the last month! It’s not a long list because I was still on the Mad Men train (which I already finished!) and I had a lot on my plate this month. I don’t see it easing up anytime soon. :(

Makeup of the day selfie Unopened Wantable and Sparkle Box packages


I’ve had a Snapchat account for a long time, but I didn’t start using it until a few weeks ago. It’s a lot of fun and a great way to share pictures without the pressure of perfect editing. XD I used Snapchat to share my Wantable and Sparkle Box unboxings, my hair dye process, and whatever I’m up to in general. I also like seeing other people’s Snapchat Stories. Let’s be friends! I’m raiscake. :)


RuPaul’s Drag Race

I watched RuPaul’s Drag Race to kinda cleanse my palette from Mad Men’s drama. I watched season 5 for hot mess Alyssa Edwards and the perfect queen Jinkx Monsoon. And of course, RuPaul remains flaw-free and ethereal. All the queens do their makeup perfectly! Please teach me your ways.


Here’s a super useful app if you have a desk job and look at the computer screen all day like me. Awareness tracks your time on the computer and plays a sound every hour to remind you to take a break.

I have mine set to two-minute breaks every hour so I can stretch and rest my eyes. It’s really helpful not only physically but mentally. Sometimes I get stuck on an issue, and I get the break signal so I have to get up. A few minutes later, I look at the problem with fresher eyes and I’m able to approach it better. Although sometimes, it does bother me when I’m in the zone. But I take the break anyway because it’s for my long-term health.

Best of all, it’s available both on Mac and Windows!

Those are my favorites this month! Check out the rules (more like guidelines) below and tell us what you’ve been loving. <3


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  1. I’m sooo out of the loop. I only found out about Snapchat a few months back and I’m still curious what the fuss is all about.

    Hmmm… That Awareness app seems interesting. Every time I’m on the computer, I find always myself losing track of time. Occasionally, I just set an alarm on my phone but I think this app seems to be more helpful. Will tell others about it.
    Kaela recently posted…My Favorite Things: August 2015My Profile

    1. I think Snapchat’s a lot of fun for sequential content, like unboxing or cooking something. I once Snapchatted Beebo’s bath and water change. XD

      I hope you like Awareness! It’s super helpful.

  2. Woot! I’m glad you’re having so much fun with Snapchat! :3 It’s not something for me, but I’m glad it’s been a hit with you :D

    Awareness sounds like a good app to have! I’ll have to look into that since I could benefit from it, too! ^^

    Thanks again for giving me the honour to guest host your wonderful linkup!
    Tara recently posted…My Favourite Things: September 2015My Profile

    1. Thank you again for hosting! :D

      Snapchat’s awesome for behind the scenes stuff since it feels a lot less invasive. People can only see your stories when they want to as opposed to getting their feed bombarded. I don’t feel bad about spamming a lot. XD

  3. That app sounds awesome and useful! I think I’d use it as a reminder to drink water too! I’m going to suggest it to my bf because he has a habit of just sitting for hours at the computer and then wonders why his back is sore :P Hopefully he likes it too!
    Sarah recently posted…My Favourite Things – August 2015My Profile

  4. Heh, I find it amusing that you “need”/have Awareness to prompt you to take screen breaks. My problem is that I’m constantly getting up, wandering about and getting distracted. I need a tool that does the opposite… something that detects my movement and shouts SIT DOWN JEM at me XD
    Jem recently posted…My 5 key parenting principlesMy Profile

  5. Snapchat is awesome! The thing that I find funny is that people purposely try to do “dumb things” on snapchat, while they wouldn’t dare do it on Instagram. Maybe because it’s not permanent XD. It looks like you’re having fun with unboxing two subscriptions! There are so many shows to keep up with and not enough time!! It’s always good to take breaks in between working. I usually get up every 30-60 minutes to take my mind off work. ~low attention span problems~

    1. Snapchat’s making lazy about blogging because of that. :’D Not a lot of pressure with Snapchat! I take mental breaks every half hour too but it’s usually checking other sites, so it’s not a very good break. XD

  6. I might just use Awareness for work. Sometimes I don’t even realize what time it is because I’m centered in on my computer. It’s really bad! I’ll come in every morning, get on and before I know it, it’s past lunchtime. Ahh!
    Shayne recently posted…A World In UsMy Profile

  7. I haven’t gotten into Snapchat yet. I’m not sure how many more accounts I can deal with, haha.

    Awareness sounds very useful! I am definitely on the computer most of the day, both for work and at home. A nice reminder to take a break once in a while is a good idea.
    Cat recently posted…My Favorite Things: Napa editionMy Profile

  8. Hey there Raisa!
    I love your blog, just been looking through your posts and you seem so lovely :)

    I love snapchat so much – I’ll add you straight after this. It’s just such a great way to share everything you’re doing and see what everyone else is up to (I’m so nosy!)
    Pauline recently posted…Goals & plansMy Profile

  9. I do love Snapchat. I don’t use it a lot myself, but I love watching others. Haha.

    I was watching RuPaul’s Drag Race the other day! I LOVE that shoe. Gives me so much life!!

    I actually wrote a post about being more productive at my last internship, and one was for an app that timed your work. It wasn’t this specific one you mentioned, but it sounds similar. It’s definitely a good idea because staring at a computer for way too long can be detrimental.
    Chynna recently posted…The Versatile Blogger AwardMy Profile

  10. This is such a cool linkup! It’s also a great way to discover new things :)

    I’ve heard about Snapchat too, but I don’t have an account because I feel like I don’t have a lot of interesting photos to share over there. Lol!

    Awareness sounds like a cool app! I need that in my life because once I turn on my computer I don’t stop! Sometimes I don’t even realize how much time has passed. Oh, I need to download this!
    Claudine recently posted…Language classesMy Profile

    1. I’m sure you have interesting stuff to share on Snapchat! :D I don’t post everyday, just when I’m going out or doing an unboxing or something. XD

  11. Oh Snapchat! I’m about to fall into that rabbit hole after this week XD

    I’m so glad to learn about Awareness. My tennis elbow has been flaring up recently since I’ve been working on the computer a lot and doing a lot of driving. This app will definitely be appreciated in the long run :’D
    Mara recently posted…My Favorite Things: September 2015My Profile

  12. Thanks for sharing the Awareness thing, I just downloaded it and I hope it will work well ^_^ I added you on snapchat too! (I’m oliviapinguin, yes with an i)

    1. It’s open for two weeks, so you can join us until the 14th! :D What phone do you have? I think Snapchat wouldn’t work on my old phone lol. Such a battery hog!

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