Full body shot of outfit

I’m trying to adhere to my no-pants rule as long as I can. I find myself a lot more comfortable with it than I thought it would be. I still love my jeans, but after years of sticking to what I’m familiar with, it’s fun to challenge myself with something different. I can definitely see this look as my new uniform. <3

Another full body shot of outfit

Hollister lace shirt and cropped tank, Aeropostale skirt, American Eagle shoes and sunglasses, Aldo watch,
bag from Ross, necklace gifted by Eirene

I picked up a few items on clearance last July as part of my Treat Yoself birthday plans. XD I got a few cropped tanks before realizing that I’m too scared to wear them on their own, so I got some sheer lace tops too. Great foresight there. One day, I’ll be confident enough to bare more skin. Need to step up my workouts!

Second outfit

I wore this last week when the heat wave was still on. I wasn’t feeling very pretty but I made myself dress up when we had to go somewhere. It totally lifted my spirits, so that’s one good thing about making yourself look nice. XD I just have to remember that dabbling in fashion is all part of taking care of myself.


Cotton On shirt, Gap skirt, Payless shoes, American Eagle sunglasses,
Aldo watch, bag from Shoedazzle, necklace from Sparkle Box

It was very hot when I wore these outfits, but now it’s suddenly gotten cold! I’m wrapped up in my fleece blanket trying to get this post together before hopping back to Dragon Age: Inquisition. The latest Trespasser DLC rekindled my love for the game and converted me to the Solavellan ship (IT HURTS), so I’ve started a new game just to romance Solas like the trash that I am. I might write a review for Trespasser as a follow-up to the base game review I wrote last year. :D

I’ve also squared away some travel plans in November. I’m taking a week off to visit Boston and see my longtime BFF who’s been studying in Japan. I’m beyond excited! November is also when Fallout 4 is coming out. Gah, is it here yet?? I can’t handle all this excitement!

Hope everyone’s well! <3 Tell me something you’re excited about.



    Last week it became kind of sunny here too, but now it’s all rainy and gray! It does give me an excuse to skip my outdoor runs (I’m really really lazy) but it also makes everything so gloomy!
    Have fun on your little trips! c:

  2. Loving your outfits, girl! I am totally worse than you with showing my skin, so wearing a tanktop with a lace top would definitely make me feel too exposed! No thanks on that, but you make it look so good! ^^

    I am so looking forward to November, too! I put in two weeks of leave. The first week will have me escape somewhere, and then the second week will be spent chillaxing around my house and Seoul. I am excited for that. I want November to come NOW! XD
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  3. Awww, I love the outfit and every time I see a picture of you I just think you’re more adorable each time. I hope that you will feel comfortable enough to wear the crop tops. If the weather does get warm enough again!

    I am excited about getting my room finished (when the weather will get warm enough to dry the gloss). *hugs*
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  4. Wowww how chic! I love your shoes! I’ve been trying to find non-sandals/flats shoes for the summer and other than a pair of Vans I’ve had trouble because I don’t like my feet trapped either in addition to that no pants rule! XD I have the same one. I am not really looking forward to the day when pants come back in the picture because they are so uncomfortable.

    I am excited … to see more outfit posts from you!!!
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    1. Sneakers are trendy right now, so it’s the perfect time to wear them! XD I can’t wear heels out anymore unless I absolutely have to. I need my feet to be comfortable.

  5. I really liked the skirt and the shoes in the second picture. I used to have a pair of those, believe it or not. I had no idea that they’re still in style! I might have to find myself a pair of those shoes. Do you know what they’re called? The ones in the second picture. They’re brown and white or black and white.

    I think you have the looks to pull off the crop tops. Not a lot of girls do. Some try to pull it off, but it just makes them look a bit trashy. Though, I have seen a few girls at my college wearing crop tops with a laced shirt over them. I guess we all are a bit insecure with our looks. At least, I know I am. I try to wear dresses and skirts myself as well. It gets really hot in California. Though, lately it’s been dying down a bit with the heat wave. We actually had rain today! :). I was happy about that.
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    1. They’re called saddle shoes. :D They’re a timeless pair so I love wearing them. I love flat shoes!

      I remember my friend telling me how happy she was when it finally rained there. I hope it’s stayed cool since then!

  6. I love both outfits! I really like the idea of a lace shirt over a cropped tank. (Plus the lace top is pretty!) I also like both skirts, especially the color of the red one. I agree that dressing up a bit feels good :D

    That’s nice that you’ll be visiting Boston! I’m likely taking a trip to the north east soon too, then hopefully a trip to Hawaii after that!
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  7. For a second, I was like “no pants? as in… no underwear?!”, but I realised you mean like trousers and jeans, etc. Lol! I love that outfit. If the weather wasn’t so bad over here, I would totally rock something like that.

    I love Treat Yoself plans! I need to step up my workouts too, but you looks so good :D

    I love how clothes can lift your spirits. So, even if you’re down you can put on a pretty top and instantly feel brighter. Love that!

    I hve travel plans to go to Paris in November! I’m so excited :D

  8. I only wore pants twice this whole summer!!! And I loveeeeee it because freedom to the legs. Your lace top is cute ;). I’ve been wanting to play Dragon Age for a while, but never got a chance or time @___@. Where did summer go?!?!

    Excited about going back to school ;D. Okay, just moving out!

  9. First and foremost… OUR HAIR. ARE. THE. SAME. lol *hi-5 fellow bioware trash* except yours is perfect blonde shade and mine is, well… dark brown-black. i really miss being blonde ;w; but at the same time i love having black hair again :P *always so fickle*

    i really love your sneakers! :3 ah, i’m always a sucker for sneakers. sneakers are the besssttt (just like skinny jeans :P)
    i love the second ootd!! <3 i love everything about it!! the shirt, the skirt!!
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    1. Ahh bless you fellow Bioware trash. <3 Mine is getting so brassy and orange. :( I'm coloring it to brown soon.

      Yesss sneakers for life! I will never part with them again.

  10. No pants is a good rule for busting out of a style rut! I personally live in leggings. I’ve been trying to step it up on top (shirt + accessories) to elevate it from stay-at-home-mom status.

    I love your first look especially and I LOVE your bag!
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