Life Lately: Still Unplugged

Still Off the Grid

I don’t have a good reason as to why I haven’t been blogging recently. If I’m being completely honest, I only post when I’ve cleared other priorities in my life and lately, there’s been a lot on my plate. They’re nothing I can’t handle, but blogging and social media are things I do when I don’t have anything else looming over me. I can’t enjoy them otherwise. That’s all there is to it.

I do have a huge backlog of entries that I’ve been meaning to publish for months. Read more…

What I Wore: Transitioning

This post is at least a week late, because fall is now here in full force! It was still a little warm a few weeks ago but with the gradual drop in temperature, I was bundling up more and more. Fall is so beautiful. I’ve never truly appreciated it until I started living on this side of the country. An entire forest slowly changing colors blows my mind.

A Little Chilly

Here’s an outfit I wore when bare legs were still tolerable. Read more…

Converting an Old Windows Laptop to Ubuntu

For one of my rainy weekend projects, I converted my old Windows laptop to Ubuntu! It was a fairly simple process, and it runs great on old specs. Converting to Ubuntu is a lot easier than it sounds. You don’t even have to wipe your current operating system to run it. If you have an old computer lying around, a fresh install can give it some new life.

Why Switch to Ubuntu?

Ubuntu (and Linux in general) has several advantages:

  • Open-source
    Not only is open-source software free to use, it has the benefit of many developers reviewing and contributing to it.
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My Favorite Things: October 2015 (Skincare Edition!)

Welcome to another edition of My Favorite Things, the monthly blog linkup for all the things you love. Eirene and I are back from our blogging break with a bang! She’s been busy with school, and I… have been living in a garbage can. HAHA WHAT ELSE IS NEW. ¯\_(ᐛ)_/¯

Okay but this isn’t that kind of post. This is actually a beauty entry! These aren't necessarily things I discovered the past month, but I've been using them on the regular recently and I'm happy what they've been doing to my skin. Read more…