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Still Off the Grid

I don’t have a good reason as to why I haven’t been blogging recently. If I’m being completely honest, I only post when I’ve cleared other priorities in my life and lately, there’s been a lot on my plate. They’re nothing I can’t handle, but blogging and social media are things I do when I don’t have anything else looming over me. I can’t enjoy them otherwise. That’s all there is to it.

I do have a huge backlog of entries that I’ve been meaning to publish for months. Game reviews, tutorials, and the like. I’ll do my best to publish a few before Fallout 4 is released, because I guarantee you all that I will vanish by then.

Why Can’t I Hold All These Games?

I have a huge backlog of games too! I haven’t started any of the other routes in Amnesia: Memories after Kent. I finished my second Dragon Age: Inquisition playthrough a few weeks ago, and I keep meaning to churn out a review for Trespasser before Fallout 4 drops. And there’s still Pillars of Eternity‘s new expansion! Video games are happening faster than I can live! DX

Close up of double crochet (UK) stitches

Crocheting All the Things

I picked up crochet again after being out of practice for many, many years. I’ve found nothing more relaxing than picking out a playlist on my iPod Touch and just stitching away. I’ve already finished a phone sleeve for Mike. Seeing his face when I handed it to him made me so happy. <3 I'm now working on a winter scarf for him. I'm hoping to finish it by this week so I can start making things for myself. XD I've been snapping all my progress on Snapchat. If we’re not following each other yet, we totally should!! It’s my favorite app at the moment. Super easy to post stuff, and I love seeing other people’s stories too. Let’s be friends: raiscake. πŸ“±

So this is another reason I haven’t been around much. :P I prefer to crochet in bed with music. Sometimes I catch up on Youtube tech channels while I’m at it, but for the most part, it’s a solitary activity. It makes me finish much faster too, although I can’t do it for too long without cramping my hand.

Cards Against Humanity was a Blast

Aaahh I know I still need to post highlights! But maybe I shouldn’t because it was too trashy and too πŸ”₯LITπŸ”₯. I was drunk and confused, and there was too much sin going around. Thank you so much to those who came! Nancy, Kristine, Eirene, and Mara, you are all πŸ’―πŸ‘! I’m definitely planning on hosting more games in the future. You guys can pick the next game!

I Have Three Trips Coming Up

I’m usually careful about mentioning work on my blog and social media (even the good things), but I’m going out of town for two work conferences. I’m so excited!

My first trip is on Monday. I’m heading to New York. :D I have the first day to myself, so I’m planning on doing some exploring and meeting up with Liv. My next trip is a short getaway to Boston to see my best friend later in November, and then it’s off to another work conference in Philly in December! I CAN’T WAIT.

Hope everyone’s doing well! I have the next few days off, so I’ll be catching up on everyone. :D Tell me how you’ve been!


  1. Woot, no worries on not blogging. I understand that how it is to not want to do something until everything else is off your plate. Just blog when you can. I’ll be here! ^^

    You need to play more of Amnesia so we can fangirl about it LOLOL. Though to be honest, I much prefer Hakuouki over Amnesia XD; But yes on games coming out faster than I can complete them T_T I miss my high school days of where I could just do gaming marathon with no worries!

    And ahhh, crocheting! I bet Mike was super happy by the phone sleeve, so I know he’ll be thrilled by the scarf when you complete it :D Reading about your crochet adventures make me want to get back to knitting. I owe my mum a shawl LOL.

    And TRIPS! November must the trip month since I’m also going to be on a mini-trip! You have a blast with Liv! ^^
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    1. Aaahhh too many games!! Mike got me into Hearthstone now. :’D I need more hours in the day!

      I don’t actually know how to knit so I love reading about the stuff you knit. ^_^

  2. I’m apparently going to lose access to my PS4 when Fallout 4 comes out, because Andy loves it. I’ve never played Fallout before, but I’ll probably end up doing so when he’s finished. I’ve got soooo many games to play and complete – I refuse to buy anything else until I’ve finished them!

    I love Cards Againsy Humanity. Hope you had a fun game!
    Amy recently posted…Catch-upMy Profile

    1. I’m ashamed to admit that there are many games I’ve started but never finished. Sometimes I lose momentum and forget about them. By the time I feel like playing again, a new game’s come out! I’ve been better about purchasing games lately though!

      Everyone’s so excited about FO4. I totally anticipate my Tumblr dashboard to go silent on Tuesday. XD

    1. Yay!! My work trip’s on December 4 to 6, but I’m planning on coming down there again to see you! <3 I's just a quick ride away. XD

  3. It’s good that you prioritize other things and keep blogging at the end of the line for when you have time. I think quality post comes out when you’re not pressing for a set schedule. Congratulations on finishing Dragon Age! Still have to give it a try.

    I saw some of your snaps with the crochet! You’re a proooooo!~~!~!~

    CAH was awesome, and thank you for making classtime fun. You should do more of those at the same time frame! Annnnndddd have fun on your trips!

  4. Hi! Just a new reader here! First of all, I am attracted to your layout! It is so clean and simple.
    I wish you a safe trip! No worries on not blogging too much because after all, our offline life is much important!:D
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  5. Change your links! I have my own domain! Anyhow, I wish I could have seen the CAH thing earlier, or otherwise I would have joined. Glad you guys had fun!

    Don’t worry about blogging too much! Enjoy and treasure your offline life! Also, I too, have a lot of games to finish. Blah XD
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  6. Now I kinda wanna try Crocheting. I guess I’ll venture to the craft store eventually. XD

    I have a massive game backlog. I haven’t been playing em much the last few years. I wanna get back to em…eventually.
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    1. Do let me know if you give it a try! It’s such a fun activity. You get to work with your hands and make something that is totally yours!

      Gaming can be a serious time-sink, so you should get back to it when you want to. They’re always gonna be there. :D

  7. I haven’t been blogging as much as I was planning too (and I was hoping to post a lot this month). I’ve been out a lot. But it’s okay, priorities first after all. :)

    Wow, that’s a lot of trips! :D And NYC <3 It's a dream of mine to go there. Anyway, hope you have lots of fun! :D
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    1. Real life before blogging! Especially when you’re not making money off of it. XD Your free time is yours to use however you want. :D

    1. It was great! We played for almost three hours. :D I’m thinking of running a survey to get everyone timetable, so we can all play!

  8. I need to work on my game backlog too D: Instead I do things like play Minecraft again or Binding of Isaac for hours, sigh.

    That’s awesome that you know how to crochet! My mom loves it, but I never picked up on it. I’d love to see how your scarf turns out!

    I think that’s so cool that you get to meet Liv. I see your photos together on Twitter already! Hopefully I’ll meet her some day since I visit NY every few years :) Have fun on your trips!
    Cat recently posted…What I’m up to, #7My Profile

    1. I just started playing Hearthstone, so bye everyone, it was nice know you all!! XD

      I’d love to see you if you’re ever in NY! It’s not a long ride from where I live. I can definitely make a trip in one day!

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