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Welcome to another edition of My Favorite Things, the monthly blog linkup for all the things you love. Eirene and I are back from our blogging break with a bang! She’s been busy with school, and I… have been living in a garbage can. HAHA WHAT ELSE IS NEW. ¯\_(ᐛ)_/¯

Okay but this isn’t that kind of post. This is actually a beauty entry! <3 These aren't necessarily things I discovered the past month, but I've been using them on the regular recently and I'm happy what they've been doing to my skin. For reference, I have very sensitive skin. I'm limited in what brands I can use because the wrong one will break me out or aggravate my skin asthma. It’s a condition I’ve had since I was young. It’s not anything bothersome so long as I stick to products I know work for me, although one time, I used the wrong soap and I broke out in hives everywhere for a week. :(

So here are a few things that my skin fortunately likes! Some of these I’ve been using for years, and they still work great for me. :D

theBalm BalmShelter Tinted Mousturizer

theBalm BalmShelter Tinted Moisturizer tube and box laid out

I can’t wear heavy makeup everyday, so tinted moisturizers are a godsend. They also save me time in the morning because not only does it even out my skin tone, it also provides decent sun protection and moisture. I love efficient products. :D

My current tinted moisturizer is theBalm BalmShelter. This is my first time using it, and so far I’m really liking it. Applies smoothly and doesn’t get oily as the day goes on.

Royale Pinkish Glow Cream

Pinkish Glow Cream opened to reveal pink cream inside

I first tried Royale Pinkish Glow Cream some years ago when a co-worker was selling their products in the Philippines. It was honestly an impulse buy because I wanted to support her, but it worked out because it’s awesome!

The cream gives a matte, powdery finish which is perfect for days when I want to skip the makeup. Since I’m now working remotely, I can get away with using just this in the daytime. The less I use makeup, the better for my skin. I order this on eBay now since I can’t acquire it as easily in the US. The link above is where I purchased it from, so if anyone wants to try it out, I can vouch for that vendor.


Maxipeel cleanser and moisturizer

Another Filipino line that I swear by! Maybe my skin is just nationalistic. Maxipeel has been my go-to brand since high school and it’s honestly never let me down. I don’t know what it is about local Pinoy products, but I feel way more comfortable with them than stuff here in the States. Hiyang talaga. XD

I also order Maxipeel on eBay now. I used to fly back and forth twice a year in college so I could stock up on Filipino products, but not anymore now that I have a ~real~ job. :’D Thank goodness for online resellers!

That’s it for my favorites this month! Now it’s your turn. What are you favorite things? Follow the rules (more like guidelines) below and let us know! <3


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That’s it for this month! See you all again on November 2. <3 Next month marks this linkup's first anniversary. Woohoo!


    1. I’d say it’s very similar to pearl cream. Very sheer coverage with that powdery finish. You would use it right after washing your face and toning. Sorry this isn’t helpful haha.

  1. I’m with you girl! My skin is super sensitive because I have skin asthma, too. (Although, when I clicked through the link I didn’t realise it was called skin asthma because we say eczema over here)

    I’d love to test these products out. The weather here is so up and down and my skin doesn’t know how to handle it sometimes. Ayy, let me get a relative to send me some of the Philippines.

    I’ve been using this tea tree facial wash, which is amazing and at least once a week I do a deep clay mud mask. I also have this thing called Exfolimate which is way easier to remove excess dirt from your face before cleaning it. I’m looking for a good moisturiser though that doesn’t make my skin look shiny but doesn’t leave it dry as heck.

    1. I was actually confused as to the difference between skin asthma and eczema. I didn’t find a lot of info about skin asthma, but apparently it’s a type of eczema?

      The weather’s definitely a huge factor in how my skin behaves. Seems like the more humid, the better for me. I think I’d like to give tea treat cleansers a try! :D

  2. I have sensitive skin too and I have to ~search far and wide~ for any products that will be compatible with my skin or else it will get damaged ;-;. It’s pretty cool how native products work perfectly on you! That’s how my mom is with her Vietnam beauty products. Thank goodness for online shopping or else you’ll need to rely on someone for the beauty deliveries XD.

    My favorite item right now, beauty related is the Lush facial cream…. The $42 one X’D because I can’t remember the name off the top of my head ;-;

  3. Woop! Welcome back! ;) Oh, and I’m linking up with you again! I’ve already scheduled a post to go live tomorrow morning. :)

    Anyway, I’ve always been scared of trying out Maxipeel’s products because from what I’ve heard, their formulation is too strong. Is it true?
    Jae recently posted…Insta Lately: Vol. 7My Profile

    1. I’ve never actually tried their peeler. Just their soaps and moisturizers, and they’re not harsh at all. I can vouch for those!

  4. I was always scared to buy Pinoy stuff online because I was scared that they wouldn’t be authentic. I might just buy a couple of these things on impulse to try them out. Does the tinted moisturizer have an overtone? I’m always wary about buying one because sometimes they make me look even more yellow, like hex color code yellow lol.
    Shayne recently posted…On TimeMy Profile

    1. I didn’t have any problems with the tinted moisturizer making me look too yellow. I have a very yellow undertone though (very very obvious when I stand next to other people), so maybe take that with a grain of salt. :P But it’s not very heavy coverage if you wanna consider that.

    1. I hope this post was helpful to you then! It’s hard to navigate the beauty aisle when you want to try so many things, but then your skin will get angry. T_T

  5. I may do a skincare edition post next month HAHA! I’m meeting my co-worker this Sunday to go buy some new skincare stuff, and he knows way more than I do, so he’ll be helping XD

    I’m glad these products are working well for you! I didn’t even know there were such a thing as tinted mosturisers! Now I know XD
    Tara recently posted…My Favourite Things: October 2015My Profile

  6. That must be annoying to break out in hives! That doesn’t happen to me with skincare products, but it does with certain medications. I’m always afraid to try something new (I can’t even take Tylenol).

    I haven’t heard of these products before, but I’m interested in the tinted moisturizer and Maxipeel! That’s awesome that you’ve been using Maxipeel products for so long :)
    Cat recently posted…My Favorite Things: October 2015My Profile

    1. Oh nooo, that sucks. :( Fortunately, I can take medication without any problems. I suppose sensitive skin is better than that. Has a doctor recommended what OTC products you can take?

    1. Anything too creamy or with a strong fragrance is a huge no-no for my skin! And if a mask is too harsh, my skin doesn’t like that either. :( Took me a long time to realize that. Hope my post helped you in some way. We gotta stick together. XD

  7. I want to join this link up – sounds super fun!

    These products look great, will definitely be checking them out :) I have acne-prone sensitive skin so I find that some of these would be beneficial. I need to update my skincare routine but I always get lazy ahah!
    Pauline recently posted…Just up to my clavicle.My Profile

  8. That smiley in the beginning killed me LOL. It’s the best representation of an IDGAF emoticon. :’)

    YAY SKINCARE POST!!!! Love that these are mostly Filipino products. Was skeptical when I got to the Royale product though because they are one of those direct seller company types with a bad rep around here. But hey, if the product works good for you and you have been using it for years it must be reliable.

    I haven’t seen these particular Maxipeel products in the supermarket shelves too.. usually I find Maxipeel astringents or lotions instead. :(

    As for my skincare, I hopped from one product to another in search of a product/brand that’ll completely clear my face of acne. While a lot has given a temporary relief from it.. none really became permanent fixes. I went directly to a derma last month to consult and she prescribed me some products which surprisingly finally works for my skin. Haha I should’ve went there sooner. So, Dermclinic’s NuDerm skincare line, I’d say is my current favorite hehe.

    I’ve been behind with the MFT posts. Ah, sorry! Was in the hospital and feeling generally unwell these couple of weeks I didn’t find time to draft it. Bawi ako next month.
    Anna recently posted…Lessons During My Hospital StaycationMy Profile

    1. No worries! I hope you get well soon. <3 You can join us anytime, but your health is way more important. Take care of yourself!

      I'm honestly scared that one day these things will stop working for me too. I use them on and off so I can have a "resting" period and my skin doesn't get too used to them.

  9. I had no idea that tinted moisturiser was a thing. That sounds like such an awesome option for anyone (like yourself) who has very sensitive skin and can’t use a lot or any makeup! :D Maybe a dumb question… how do you apply it? It you use your hands does it make them tinted? xD

    Kya recently posted…Cloud Stationery SetMy Profile

  10. These products look great! :D I’ll have to check the Filipino market to see if they have any of the last ones you mentioned. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a product like that Royale Pinkish Glow Cream. I wonder how well it would work as a primer!
    Mara recently posted…My Favorite Things: October 2015My Profile

  11. HAHA nationalistic skin!!! It’s so nice to see products from other countries for a change, and I hope these products are bigger than they look in the pictures! I definitely heavy makeup doesnt do any favors so it’s best to find a product that evens out skintone so not too much is relied on concealer + powder.
    Liv recently posted…A Day in the Life: October 2015My Profile

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