This post is at least a week late, because fall is now here in full force! It was still a little warm a few weeks ago but with the gradual drop in temperature, I was bundling up more and more. Fall is so beautiful. I’ve never truly appreciated it until I started living on this side of the country. An entire forest slowly changing colors blows my mind.

A Little Chilly

Full body shot of outfit: yellow dress, grey cardigan, brown boots and bag

Here’s an outfit I wore when bare legs were still tolerable. I fell in love with this dress when I first saw it last spring. It reminded me so much of the Dapper Gambler Suit in Fallout: New Vegas. And yes, gaming influences my style choices sometimes. :P I always wore that dress in the game whenever I was at the Strip. My own dress isn’t an exact replica, but pretty enough for me!

Another full body shot, sun sticker covering my face :P

Fun fact: yellow was my childhood favorite color. I had yellow everything up until high school: yellow pens, yellow cases, yellow accessories, yellow hairclips… XD It’s still a fun color, although a tad too loud for me now! Blue is my favorite as an adult, but yellow still has a place in my heart.

Selfie debuting my brown hair!

I also dyed my hair back to brown! I can never stay blonde for too long because the upkeep drives me nuts. It’s been a while since I had this hair color. It was quite a process to go from blonde to brown. I took pictures of the steps fully intending to write a post, but uh… I gotta get on that. Haha!

Outfit Details:

… And Chillier Still

Fully body shot of second outfit: striped hoodie, black beret hat, skirt, tights, and ankle boots

The day this picture was taken was the first day I truly felt cold this season. In truth, it was only 65° F (~18° C)! I never do well in chilly weather. I’m the type who bundles up at 70 degrees. I get cold way too easily.

Another full body shot

I ordered a few hats for the cooler months. I’m wearing a beret here, and I also got an oversized knit hat. I’m thinking of crocheting a beanie for myself too. I’ve become a hat collector. There’s a hat for every season! XD I just need proper storage for them.

Hats are an easy way to dress up a casual outfit. If you follow me on Snapchat, you know my philosophy is to hide lazy days with hats and glasses. They really do make a difference.

Animated selfie of me winking LOL

HAHA I CAN’T WINK PROPERLY. 8D Just wanted to show one of my new Nyx matte lipsticks! I’m wearing Whipped Caviar. I figured I should start wearing other shades besides red and orange. I don’t experiment too much with makeup because it’s not something I like to spend a lot of time on, but I’m also envious of people who can do it well! How do you blend?? I need more practice.

Outfit Details:

Cards Against Humanity Party!

Before I close this post, I’d like to squeeze in a little announcement. I’m hosting a Cards Against Humanity online game this coming Thursday, October 22 at 11PM EDT (convert to your local time here). I’d love for you guys to join! I have a couple of people coming already, but we can always use more. :D Leave a comment in this post or send me a DM on Twitter, and I’ll send you the link to the game before it starts. Hope to see you there! <3 If you can't make it to this round, no worries! I'll be planning more games in the future. I'll try gunning for a weekend date next. Let me know what times are good for you!


  1. You’re lucky to have fall coming by! While that happens, make sure to appreciate ~legit~ fall for me too ;).

    I like your dress! Dresses are awesome when the skirt part puffs out. I think you’re the first person I’ve heard that loves loves loves yellow! It’s actually a nice color and can be rocked while being outstanding ;).

    It’s pretty cool how you can wear keep those kinds of hats on tact! Whenever I wear those kinds of hats, it always fall off @___@

    Have fun with CAH! Hope I can catch on during lecture ;).

    1. I don’t know, I get envious of California’s weather, especially when it gets very cold here!

      I found the perfect hat placement on my head through years and years of practice! XD You too shall figure it out!

    1. I sometimes miss the climate in the Philippines though! It gets way too cold here in the winter, and I don’t really know how to layer that well. >_<

  2. YELLOW is one of my favorite colors too for outfits because it’s just so cute. Your dress is ADORABLE and I especially love those boots. That reminds me I need to buy myself new boots now that the season’s changed and I’m stuck with a pair of Vans because all my ankle boots from last season got worn out!

    I also need to dye my hair or do something because my dye job was so good that my roots are so visible … haha.

    And this year I think I’m gonna be less lazy and start wearing hats too! I always had a problem because people told me hats are disrespectful to wear indoors, but I see people wearing them all the time! They look good and add to your style very simply. ;)
    Liv recently posted…#thatsnotloveMy Profile

    1. Oh no at your boots! D: One of my pairs is falling apart too, and I feel a little sad about it. But I’ve had it for many years so at least I got to use it a lot!

      I haven’t retouched my roots since I dyed it brown haha! They look a lot more tolerable at this shade, so I’ve been letting them be. I should dome something about them soon.

      I take off my hat indoors! XD My mom drilled into my head that it’s not polite to wear hats at the table.

  3. Cute, cute, cute! Raisa is so cute! I adore that gif of you winking :D I can’t wink well, either, but I think you wink way better than I could ever do :3

    You look good as a blonde, brunette, and any other colour hair! I do like this shade of brown you chose! It’s very autumn-like!

    And speaking of autumn, I love autumn! I love the cooler temperature and the leaves changing colour. Autumn and winter are definitely my favourite seasons!
    Tara recently posted…September 2015 Helene Jewelry BoxMy Profile

    1. Hi Caramella, thank you for dropping by! My hair’s getting to an awkward length, and I don’t know if I wanna trim it or grow it out. XD

  4. Fall is the most magical season, nature is never prettier imo.

    You always put together such cute outfits! The yellow dress is fantastic, and so is the beret!
    I can’t wear hats and caps at the back of my head like that, I think my head is too flat or something because they just fall off, but I love the look on others. :)
    Karin recently posted…Spooky Box: Alien InvasionMy Profile

    1. I always say spring is my favorite season, but fall is making me change my mind haha.

      Took me years to figure out how to wear my hats right! You have to find the right kind and placement is very important. Helps when your hair is curled too. :3

  5. That yellow dress is so pretty! :D I can understand liking yellow and it feeling a bit too loud to have everywhere. I would love to have a yellow car, they look cute. xD

    Brown hair really suits you as well. :D
    Kya recently posted…Christmas Exchange 2015My Profile

  6. I really love both outfits! The yellow dress is so cute, and it really does look like the dress in Fallout, haha. I’m kind of opposite on the colors thing. I liked blue more when I was younger, but now I like yellows and oranges! Your new hair color looks great on you too :D

    On the second outfit, I really like how everything looks together, especially the beret. I should buy more hats for the colder seasons too. That’s a good idea to collect different hats for each season!
    Cat recently posted…Project 52, part 9My Profile

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