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A couple of months ago, my longtime friend messaged me on Twitter as she always did. She said she was going to Boston in November. It’s been years since we last saw each other, so a meeting was long overdue. Plus, I have never been. As one who’s hard-pressed to turn down a chance to travel when it arises, I promptly told her that I’m going up to see her. And so, on a chilly morning last week, I boarded a shuttle bus to Newark and then boarded a plane to Boston for a four-day weekend.

I had an open to-do list this time around unlike my recent trip to New York. What little I knew of Boston was from the newly released Fallout 4. It sounds silly, but it’s true! That game did a great job replicating the real-world map. Coming back to the game and being able to easily compare its locations to the real ones was blew my mind. But that’s for another post. ;)

My first day in Boston was cold and overcast. Having not slept a wink the night before, I chose to spend a few hours in my Airbnb lodging to get some sleep in. I couldn’t check in for a few more hours when I arrived, so I napped in the common room. Pretty sure I got some weird looks, but I’m used to sleeping in public. You do what you have to for that shut eye.

My room was located in Cambridge, a city located directly north of Boston proper. It’s not technically part of Boston, but you can easily get there by taking the Metro. I had no problems getting around.

My Airbnb room at Cambridge

I dropped off my luggage in my room as soon as I was able. How nice is my room? It was very clean, well-lit, and quiet. I have to confess, after living with a spouse for a few years, I was happy to have a room to myself for a few days. Of course, I did miss Mike and wished he could’ve come with me, but I also loved having a big bed to myself. :P

Chillin with a squirrel Jump shot in front of the gazebo

After a much-needed rest and freshening up, I left Cambridge to go to the Common and see my friend. The sun was quick to set, but we made the most of the light and took a short walk around the Common before meeting up with her professor in undergrad. We chased squirrels. Good to know our friendship hasn’t changed since elementary school! XD

Pistachio macarons and coffee Shopping haul: two books and a Nars tinted mointurizer

We sat at a nearby cafe for a snack/late lunch. The pistachio macarons above were so good! I also had a hazelnut latte, one of my favorite coffee drinks. It went dark at half past 4, which was disorienting to me coming from just north of Philly. The sun shouldn’t be setting this soon yet! I stepped out of the cafe at 5 and thought it was time for bed.

We moved on to shopping at the Prudential Tower after coffee. I picked up a couple of books: Pixel Crochet by Hannah Meur and JavaScript and JQuery: Interactive Front-End Web Development by Jon Duckett. I couldn’t resist the adorable 8-bit designs of Pixel Crochet while thumbing through the book at Barnes and Noble. I plan on starting a pixel blanket after finishing up my other projects.

I also picked up JavaScript and jQuery so I could have a book for reference on hand. I’ve been messing with Rails in my spare time, but I’m thinking of switching to a JS framework. I say this without having shipped any of my Rails apps. /o/ I was working on two and uh… what is MVP? 8D

The Gallows sign Drinks laid out against the menu

The evening culminated with drinks at The Gallows in South End, but leave it to me to order a lot of food in a bar. We ordered three different shared dishes. No regrets! They were all delicious.

Roasted bone marrow Beef steak pierogis

Here are their Roasted Bone Marrow and Beef Steak Pierogis. I definitely recommend the pierogis! Not pictured is the White Bean Hummus which was just as awesome. My friend picked out this place, so thank you beebs. <3 Check out The Gallows too if you're ever in town! And that was my first day in Boston. :D I spent the morning traveling and didn't get to go out until 3 in the afternoon, so I think I managed to do a lot in that time. :D I will be writing an entry dedicated to each day of my long weekend, so stay tuned for Day Two! Featuring history, trails, and prestigious schools, oh my.


  1. Your temporary room looks cute! It’s great to spend time with people, especially those you haven’t seen for a while! You sound like a legit web developer with all of these books XD.

    I’ve heard of people eating bone marrow before but never did so myself. From the way it looks, it looks delicious!!! It looks like you made the most out of day 1! :)
    Nancy recently posted…Season of GratitudeMy Profile

  2. That is so great that you could take the opportunity to catch up with a friend. As you get older those moments become more special.

    I like the room that you got. It has what you need. :D

    Hahaha. I am glad that your friendship hasn’t changed and you could still have a lot of fun. One day I will see a squirrel, they look so cute haha.


    Looking forward to the adventures of day two! :D
    Kya recently posted…I wrote a bookMy Profile

  3. Boston is a lovely city! I used to visit there when my friend was living there. The Common looks nice in the fall :D Every time I’ve been, it was in the winter, and it looked kind of dead, haha.

    Wahhh, I may have to get my mom the Pixel Crochet book. That’s such a cute idea. She loves to crochet and that would give her more designs to try.

    Yum, that food looks good, especially the pierogis! Can’t wait to see more on your trip :D
    Cat recently posted…Maui – part 1My Profile

    1. Let me know if you do get it for her! :D It has so many cute patterns. I’m gonna try out the rocket blanket after my other projects!

  4. Day One looks like it was a blast! Overcast isn’t too bad of a thing, it makes a great picture snapping day! Your eatery looks amazing, especially the pistachio macarons. Mmmm… which javascript / query book did you pick up? I’m looking for one to keep on hand as well!
    Looking forward to seeing the rest of the days in your trip :)
    Tess recently posted…Keeping Up with the Little HumidifierMy Profile

  5. Boston!!! I had to laugh at you seeing the places mentioned in Fallout 4 because that was what I did when I visited Kyoto — except it was all because of Hakuouki XD

    I’m so glad you were able to meet up with your bestie :D It’s always great to reunite with your besties and even better when your friendship picks up where you left it! I know that’s the case with my bestie :3

    Your AirBnB room looks great! But is that bed . . . big? Maybe it’s the angle of the photograph, but it doesn’t look that big to me?

    But woot for all your adventures! I would love to visit Boston one of these days! ^^
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