Long time no see, Manhattan! This is my third visit to New York and the first one in a decade. I was set to attend the Future of Web Design conference for work, but I came a day earlier to enjoy a few activities before it started. I made a small list of things I wanted to do, and I’m happy to say that I crossed them all off! I had complete control of my itinerary. All my previous visits were with family, so it was awesome to be able to do anything I wanted this time.

Explore Central Park

Overlooking Central Park Lake

I’ve been to Central Park before, but my family couldn’t stay long because it was getting dark. This time, I made sure to make up for it. Upon arrival, I dropped off my things at my Airbnb room and headed straight for the park. I got a little lost trying to get there but that’s all part of the adventure, right? XD

I feel silly admitting this, but I had no idea Central Park was HUGE! I walked across it length-wise and it was a good thirty blocks. I tried making a beeline for the Met, but there were so many pretty things on the way like this guy making giant bubbles. I kept getting sidetracked. I know I keep saying this, but fall is so beautiful. I’d sit on benches when I came across them and just drank in the sights.

Shot of my shoes against the grass Selfie with a tree with yellow leaves

I went out of town by myself which isn’t anything new to me, but it did mean I didn’t have anyone to take my pictures for me. I had to make do with selfies. :’D It’s all right though. Just because I don’t have many pictures of myself doesn’t mean I wasn’t there. :)

Visit the Met

Marble statues at the Met

After a very long trek through Central Park, I finally found the Metropolitan Museum of Art. They only had an hour left when I got there, so I got reduced fare. :D I wasn’t able to see all of the wings, but I enjoyed those that I could. I observed a lot of Ancient Greek and Roman sculptures, Polynesian art, French paintings, and modern art.

Trio of French paintings

I was hoping to see the Asian collection, but I kept getting lost. XD By the time I was getting somewhere, the museum was closing. I suppose that’s just another reason to come back (next decade? haha). Speaking to someone at the conference, I was also recommended to see the American Museum of Natural History. Perhaps my next visit will strictly be a museum run.

I have more pictures of Central Park and The Met on my Google+ page if you’d like to check them out!

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Meet Liv!

Picture after dinner with Liv

This is my first time meeting an online friend! XD I’m so happy I got to meet Liv while I was in town. She’s so sweet. <3 She took me to Koreatown for a delicious dinner at HanaMichi (check the not-so-lowkey ad on our picture lol) and then makeup shopping at The Face Shop and TonyMoly. Korean makeup has the cutest packaging! I had such a great time with her. :D I’d love to see her again next time I’m in town.

See a Show on Broadway

Ticket to Allegiance The stage before the show started

After the first day of the conference wrapped up, I went to Broadway to see Allegiance, a musical about the internment of Japanese-Americans during World War II. It was a powerful show and an important one too. The internment is normally a glossed over fact of the war, but we can’t forget this crucial part of American history lest we repeat it again.

Allegiance is a relevant show in light of the current discussion of immigration today. Japanese-Americans at the time were painted with a broad stroke, and their rights were trampled as a result. It’s in a similar fashion that a certain presidential candidate (whose name I will not allow to mar this blog, ugh) is painting immigrants. It’s my hope that the musical will further open up the discussion about immigration, and to an extent, the racial dynamics that exist in this country. Let me know in the comments if you’d like to discuss this more!

But back to the musical, it stars Lea Salonga and Georgie Takei which I was so excited about! Can I just say that Lea is a shining pillar of light that I can barely look at?? She sounds exactly the same live! They all do. And George was adorable as Ojii-san. XD I also loved Telly Leung’s performance. I cried at the end. Awesome show all-around! If you guys are ever in NY, you should definitely see this!

Work, Work , Work

I was in NY for three days, but two of those were full work days. On top of my off-time activities, I was incredibly busy my entire stay. The only time I was in my room was to shower and sleep. XD After the last day of the conference finished up, I hopped on a bus and went straight home. My entire body was exhausted. I haven’t walked that much in a long time, and my feet hurt! But I didn’t mind it at all. I had a blast!

There are still so much left for me to do in NY. You really can’t do everything in one visit, much less three! Of course I’m coming back. :) Hopefully, I wouldn’t need work to make me go again.

This is the first of a short series of entries I have for New York. Stay tuned for my thoughts on the conference and some bootleg outfit shots! :D


  1. Awwww yeah! You posted about your trip! :D

    Loving the photos, girl! So glad you had a chance to explore, meet Liv, go see Allegiance, and do all the work stuff! Jealous of you getting to meet Liv and seeing Allegiance with the famous George Takei!!!

    I do have one question . . . why is HanaMichi — a Japanese pub — in Koreatown? And it uses Korean?! I think this is a case of cognitive dissonance for me. LOLOL!
    Tara recently posted…Timeless Thoughts: Trampoline FunMy Profile

    1. Asian restaurants sometimes blend together here haha! And usually places like Chinatown and Koreatown are more of a general place for Asian eateries and shops. It’s the same in Vegas. Our Chinatown has a lot of restaurants from other countries. :3

    2. Because the food there is sooooooo good.

      Haha I also did it find it funny it’s a Japanese restaurant run by Koreans, but that’s more common than you’d think in New York. I’ve never seen a Japanese restaurant run by Japanese people.
      Liv recently posted…#loveisMy Profile

    1. I bought my tickets on the same day with Telecharge! Cheapest tickets were about $60 although it’s all the way in the back orchestra. XD

  2. Wow NYC <3 Everything looks so pretty! :D

    Oh my goodness! You saw Allegiance! I really want to see that show, especially since the uber-talented Lea Salonga is in it! (I'm a sucker for all things Broadway) :) Glad it turned out great for you.
    Kaela recently posted…My Favorite Things: October 2015My Profile

  3. Wow, sounds like you had a great time – I’m so jealous! I wish I could go to NYC. Central Park looks so cool.

    It’s great that you got to meet Liv – I’ve never met up with an online friend before. Hope you had fun!

    OMG Broadway! That show sounds so interesting, was it expensive?
    Amy recently posted…That Ancient Egyptian Mould ProblemMy Profile

    1. Not any more expensive than other shows I’ve seen! I picked a pretty good seat which always factors into the price. The better the seat, the more expensive. If you’re okay with watching from the back, you can definitely get a decent deal.

    1. My Airbnb experience was great! It was a shared apartment with two other tenants. I didn’t spend much time in there but it was quiet and clean. :D

  4. My hubby and I have been talking lots about hitting NYC sometime in the next year, and we figured we would go around spring time, but seeing your photos I’m swaying more towards going in the autumn!! Such beautiful colors! And it’s always fine to hit the town on your own, your adventures are pretty inspiring and reminds me of the old days when I was able to take off and do my own thing in different and new cities. So I’ll still just live through your travels!! I truly would love to see a broadway show one day too, the one you saw sounds like it would have been an amazing one to see.

    1. I love spring! I think Central Park would be so beautiful in the spring too. The flowers would be gorgeous! :D I’ve got a few more trips lined up (much to my bank account’s chagrin :’D) and I’m pretty excited! I know I won’t be able to travel by myself forever, so I’m getting as much of it done as I can.

  5. It’s pretty cool how you got to travel to New York for a conference :)! The town looks beautiful and amazing! These sculptures are so nicely designed in every corner! *adores the craftsmanship*

    Hurray for meeting an online friend! I’m still waiting for opportunities to meet bloggers in person XD.

    I’m glad to hear you had a great time at NY! You being tired means you made the most out of your time there :D.

  6. Ahhh. I am a sucker for seminars and conferrence related to web design and user experience, how I wish Philippines Web Development Organization offers more seminars and conferrence.
    Saw all the photos and it was all lovely including you! :’) Glad you had so much fun in New York. Fall in Central Park looks amazing, the colors of the trees are just lovely. The museum’s artworks were worthy to look at, glad you came in for the last hour.

    Did you mentioned Lea Salonga, I really idolize her and I watch The Voice Philippine because she’s one of the judges there. I’m really happy that you got to watch an astounding show. <3 <3

    Also Im happy that you got to meet an online friend. I know how it feels coz I've been there. I met this online friend back in 2011 and we are keeping in touch since then. She even helped me with my thesis. It's nice to know that blogging can introduce us to kind people.

    1. That’s so awesome! I definitely have a few online friends that I consider my real friends. I’ve been talking to them for a very long time. :D


    Everything you wrote in this post I'm honored to have heard the first-hand account hehehehehe except for the Broadway show! That's actually pretty interesting, I've never seen a Broadway show before shame on me as a New Yorker, because none of them sounded interesting enough for me! But this one does, wow anything with Japanese history will do it!

    I definitely recommend the Museum of Natural History, it's one of my favorites when I was a child. Next time you visit I'll hopefully be less busy and take you on a museum tour! The Asian collection at the MET is great, and also there's the MOMA!

    P.S. If anyone is reading my comment, look at the beautiful red scarf she crocheted for me! I've been trying to wear it daily but the weather in New York has been very Septemberish … look at the calendar. :(
    Liv recently posted…#loveisMy Profile

    1. Aaahh so many things to do in NY still! I think I can probably take a day’s trip there since the ride there isn’t that long at all. Just gotta plan for it and stuff. I wanna see the MOMA for sure! :D

      I’m so glad you like the scarf! <3

  8. Hi! Bloghopper here :)

    Wow New York!! Your to do list is also in my to do list. I’ll definitely visit the MET, Central Park and watch a Broadway play as well! Psyched that you got to watch Allegiance. Been hearing about it all over George Takei’s page and Lea of course is performing there. What a treat! :)
    tiff k recently posted…Snapsacks AmbassadressMy Profile

  9. Visiting Manhattan all by yourself must be exciting! I’ve always wanted to do that but just like you, I’m either with family/relatives so I can’t really roam around that much. But you, it looks like you had a really great time in there. Oh and I think I know who you’re talking about… is it Trump? It sounds like it’s him being the biggest racist in the country as of now.

    1. Yes, it’s Trump. :(

      It’s never too late to start traveling alone! :D It’s a different feel from going with family, but either way, it’s a great experience.

  10. It’s always been a dream of mine to go to the Met! But, I’m a west coast girl and for that reason, my family only ever ventured through the west. :( A friend of mine from the Philippines just moved there and I’m trying to figure the time to go! I’ll definitely visit soon! I also didn’t know that NYC had a Koreatown…whaaaattt! I’ve only ever heard of the one in LA and this one street in my town that’s turning into sort of a Koreatown lol.
    Shayne recently posted…Where I’ve BeenMy Profile


      I didn’t know there was a Koreatown either! It was very nice. Still so much for me to see in NY! It’s funny though, because I’m trying to find time to visit the west coast lol. I miss it!

  11. I love Central Park! It really is ridiculously huge. I love that first photo of it! Such pretty trees! Both the Met and the Natural History museum are great, though I enjoy the Met more :) (Probably because I love art museums so much.)

    Yay for meeting blog friends! That sounds like a fun time with Liv :D That’s awesome you saw Allegiance too. I’d like to see that show some time, especially since George Takei is in it.

    I’m glad you went earlier to enjoy NY outside of the conference!
    Cat recently posted…Thoughts on Hawaii – revisitedMy Profile

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