This post can double as a “What I Wear to Work” entry. My trip to New York was primarily for my job, so I didn’t spend too much fussing over how I was gonna look. My outfits were pretty much what I’d wear to a regular office day. I’m a lot more casual at work and usually save the flashy stuff for weekends.

Sticking to work outfits actually helped a lot with packing too. I used to think that packing light was a challenge, but I’ve gotten progressively better at it. Just gotta be practical and willing to go without certain items for a while. :)

Before I Left

Full body shot on a sidewalk

I had these pictures a week before I left, but I never got to post it so I’m tacking it on here. XD And yes, I’m back to wearing jeans! My no-pants rule was a lot of fun, but I was starting to feel restricted in what I could wear after a month or two. That rule was meant to challenge me, not impede me. Now that I’ve broken out of my rut, I feel more comfortable going back to my old uniform, knowing that I also feel good about other silhouettes now.

Same shot as above with a slightly different post :P

If I’m being perfectly honest, I don’t know how to dress myself in cold weather. :’D It’s like all color drips out of my wardrobe, and I’m left with nothing but black and white, with some blue and red if I’m feeling ~saucy~. That’s something I have to figure out.

It’s likely a matter of stepping out of my comfort zone again to explore other colors in the cold. I’ve never liked purple, but I think I could try some plum? Seeing this beautiful reversible cowl has me warming up to it. And yes, I will be giving that crochet pattern a try. ;)

Anyway, this outfit is my typical personal uniform: roomy top and skinny jeans. Feels great to be in it again though! It’s so nice to have a look that I love to fall back on.

Outfit Details:

Day One

Full body shot with some yellow leaves in Central Park

I asked a stranger to take this picture of me. She crouched down on the ground to try and catch the leaves it seems, but thank you lady for making me look tall! XD I wore this the morning I left and then all day on my time off before the conference. It was the only “nice” outfit I had planned for the trip since that day was the only one I had to myself.

If my hair looks like a mess, that’s because it is. I’ve decided to grow my hair and bangs out, and I’ve hit the awkward phase. I’m not feeling short hair anymore. I’m not even sure if I want to keep dyeing my hair too. Of course, I come to this revelation after purchasing a new bottle of 30 volume developer… At the very least, I hope my bangs would look better by my next trip in a few days!

Mirror shot of outfit with coat No coat

Here are some bootleg shots of my first day outfit. I didn’t have anyone else to take pictures for me. Luckily, my room had a full-length mirror. I only brought one coat, one hat, one bag, and one pair of shoes to keep packing simple. So this was it. XD I planned my outfits before I left so I could keep everything coordinated.

I lost my hat at the Met though. One moment I had it, and then I didn’t. :( I was pretty bummed about that, but I managed to crochet myself a new hat. That’s some consolation. I actually like the look of my handmade hat better than the one I bought, but I wouldn’t call this a blessing in disguise because I still spent money on the hat I lost. -.- I hate losing things.

Outfit Details:

Day Two

Mirror shot of second day outfit Slightly different pose :P

Same button-down and jeans as the first day! I wore fresh thermals underneath, okay? :P And I’d have my hat on if I didn’t lose it that day before. T_T This was on the first day of the conference. I kept it simple and comfortable.

The blue long-sleeved shirt was actually a hand-me-down from one of Mike’s relatives. The material is great, but it was originally too long for me. I hemmed it but I didn’t do a very good job, so I’m planning on bringing it up another inch and sewing it properly. It’s also a little big on me overall. I need to stop being lazy and start looking at sewing machines!

Outfit Details:

  • Hollister long-sleeved shirt (hand-me-down)
  • Everything else is the same as Day One LOL

Day Three

Mirror shot of third day outfit Yet another slightly different pose :P

Do you guys like that I got progressively frumpier as the trip went on? COOL, ME TOO. 8D I stopped caring on my last day because it was all work and I had to go straight home afterwards. I also got tired of my hair being in the way all the time. I know I need to retouch my roots. T_T My brown hair actually faded back to dark blonde, so that’s annoying. Don’t bleach your hair, kids.

Outfit Details:

That’s it for my mega compilation of recent outfits! I’m off to a long weekend in Boston this coming week. I’ll be documenting my outfits then too, so stay tuned!


  1. I love all of your outfits! It’s simple and cute at the same time :D. I haven’t worn jeans/pants for months @___@ (with the exception of denim shorts). Pants are cozy during the cold weather :3. Skinny jeans are the best. Though I wonder when the bell-bottom jeans/pants will come back in style?

    I like your Hollister sweater and Forever Cardigan. I can’t believe it’s ~$11 on Amazon! Usually I would spend $15 (if I am super lucky) to $30 for a Cardigan @___@.

    1. Amazon has some really sweet deals if you take the time to look. :D Half my clothing purchases this year were from Amazon. XD

      Bell-bottoms are back already!! Well, more like flared/bootcut jeans. I’m not ready to let go of my skinny jeans though. :(

  2. Oooohh I’m getting into pants now. You know how hot it is here, so I really prefer shorts but then there are too many cool pair of pants out there that are needed to be tried. Hahaha!

    Always loved your outfits!

    I was reading this with your cute voice in my head. Hihi. :)
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  3. I love how you mix and matched your clothes! I always have a hard time packing for trips because I don’t like repeating clothes! I should be better at it by now but oh no, haha. We kind of have the same fall style. I would wear clothes the way you styled them on this post. And gosh, that plum cardigan is beautiful! #goals

  4. I feel like I have the same problem with dressing for cold weather. Most of my warmer clothing are blacks and grays. Just recently I went shopping to get more colors! I really love the red cardigan in the first outfit. It’s a nice pop of color!

    I also really like the way you layered in your NY outfits. I love your peacoat! I think all of the outfits look great! They look warm and comfortable too :)
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