Happy new year! It’s so strange how a year can be so long yet feel so short. Ive been told that time will fly too quickly when you’re older, and they’re right. I can’t believe another year has passed!

This year, I…

Collage of images posted over the year

I went to a lot of trips both for work and fun. That’s pretty cool. :D I’m already planning my next trip in the spring. Hope it works out!

Did I complete my New Year’s resolution?

Here’s what I said last year:

Keep learning, keep improving. Finally finish my Rails side project. Learn even more recipes. Get a better camera.

“Keep learning, keep improving” is a pretty vague goal, but I think I’ve accomplished it. I certainly know more now than I did last year, both professionally and personally. I’ve grown a lot at work, I’ve been keeping a regular fitness schedule, and my hobbies, both old and new, remain fun and fulfilling. I’ve also grown a lot closer to my friends this year, even if it’s just a short exchange in private. You know who you are. <3 As for my Rails project... hah. Haha. HAHAHAHA. Yeeeaaaah no. I was almost done though! T_T I mainly developed it to get more comfortable with Rails and programming in general, and it did help me understand the concepts more clearly. So even if I never got to ship it, I think it's served its purpose. And I did learn more recipes, partly thanks to Blue Apron. XD I didn’t stay subscribed for long because it was too pricey, but it was a fun experience overall. Now I just need to learn my mom’s secret recipes. I don’t make food like she does. :3

Lastly, I did get a better camera early in the year. :D I’ve been using a Sony RX100 M2. I never wrote a review for it, but I’m mega happy. Pictures are great, and transferring is easy peasy with wireless connection and NFC. The M3 came out this year, so my model has dropped in price if you happen to be looking for a good point-and-shoot.

3 out of 4 ain’t bad, right? I know that’s still a C, but whatever. I passed.

Six Selfies

Collage of six selfies

In last year’s review, I did a six selfies collage. I’d like to keep that going for every yearly review. Still changing up my look all the time! XD I started off the year with dyed black hair, and then I switched to magenta, cut my hair into a bob with straight bangs, went blonde, cut even shorter, and then dyed my hair brown which eventually faded back to dark blonde. -.-

Four Favorite Outfits

Collage of four outfits

I’ve been posting outfits way more this year! Here are my favorites from each season. I did a small no-jeans challenge in the summer and fall where I wore nothing but skirts and dresses. That was a lot of fun. :D

Outfits Chosen

One Favorite Picture

Marimo fizzing in the water

It was difficult to choose just one picture out of the whole year, but I think it’s this one. Except it’s not technically a picture; it’s a GIF. From a video. Ugh w/e. It’s my baby Beebo being a happy little fuzzball. <3 Man, this summer was awesome.

Goals for 2016

I have a few concrete goals this coming year:

  • Buy a sewing machine. I’m gonna stop putting off and start sewing properly!! DX Once it gets too warm for crochet, I’m gonna switch to sewing. I just need to figure out where to store it in our tiny apartment. :’D
  • Do the 30-Day Shred. I’m excited for this! I willingly let myself go over the holidays so I can fully enjoy all the food and drink, so this is the boost I need. XD I’ve also been needing to shake up my routine. This will probably be more like a 60-day shred for me though since I only work out three times a week. It’s what works for me. Any more and I feel overwhelmed and give up altogether.
  • Grow out my hair. I love short hair, but I think I’m done with it for now. Maybe if I’m determined enough, I’ll finally go for classic length hair. :D The longest I ever reached was tailbone length. I won’t get there for about two years, so we’ll see! XD

Here’s to another year! It wasn’t always easy, but I’m glad we all made it here. Life is not a novel; it’s a series of short stories. One little thing can completely change your life forever, and who you were before might feel like a completely different person. What you had five years ago could now be nothing, yet look how far you’ve come.

We are all characters in this grand ensemble of life. We create scenes, memories, and dialogue together. We bring forward change. We make each other happy, and sometimes we make each other sad. But through it all, we are not alone. No matter what you’re going through, you are not alone. You have us. We’re here for you. I hope your 2016 will be filled with happiness and prosperity. <3 Signing off 2015 with love, Raisa


  1. It was a great year for you, Raisa! Good luck on the 30DS. I did that a few years back and toned really well, but to challenge myself further, I transitioned to Ripped in 30. Go check it out when you get bored with 30DS. I let myself go this whole year instead of just the holidays. heheh. I promise I will get back into shape this upcoming 2016. :P

    Have a wonderful new year with the hubby. :D Can’t wait to meet you as well. <3
    Kristine recently posted…2015: Yearly RecapMy Profile

    1. I’ll defs check out Ripped in 30. :D I’ve been following Strong Curves which has been amazing. I’m still not done with that technically, but I wanna do something different for a while.

      See you real soon bb! <3

  2. I’d love to see how your sewing goes! I’m interested in doing that myself but have no idea on what sewing machines to buy and feel like it’ll sit in the corner gathering dust. Have you done sewing stuff before or would this be a first time?
    I’m also wanting to crochet but find it difficult to follow sometimes especially as a left hander but I’d love to make a little hat for winter, maybe I can learn in the next 4 – 6 months :D

    1. I’ve done hand sewing, but I’ve never made anything from scratch. I’ve looked at a few sewing machines, and I have a good idea of what I want. Just need to wait and save some money. :D

      There’s plenty of video tutorials for left-handed crochet! B.hooked Crochet on Youtube does them for a lot of patterns they have.

  3. Looks like you’ve had a very eventful year! I think that’s great that you did so much traveling and started to crochet again. I love seeing the things you make :)

    I think 3 out of 4 is good! At least you mostly finished your Rails project. I have barely started my Ember one, so I totally failed that, haha. I like seeing your different hair styles and colors, and it’s been fun following your outfits throughout the year :D Looking forward to seeing what you’ll do in 2016!

    Yay, that’s exciting that you’re going to get a sewing machine. I really need to sew more. I procrastinate soooo much on my sewing projects and have so much fabric lying around. Good luck with your other goals too! Happy new year!
    Cat recently posted…Year in Review: 2015My Profile

    1. One day, we’ll finish our side projects! XD My only real concern about sewing is where I can store all the fabric. We barely have enough room as it is. ><

  4. Happy New Year! YEssss, time flys a lot quicker when you’re older…

    I remembered a bunch of those events from the blog posts you’ve made over the year. It’s neat to see how people progress with their lives through their blogs :D. Good to hear that you’ve developed yourself better. Hopefully you’ll get your rails project done soon ;D.

    It’s cool to see the many styles your hair went through over the year! I think the permanent look is the blonde/short hair XD.

    Good luck with your goals this year! Your words are so inspiring ;).

  5. Looks like you’ve had a lovely year! I hope it keeps getting better for you and that you have a great year ahead! :)

    I love short hair too but I miss styling my hair in all sorts of different ways. I’m thinking of growing mine out too – longest I’ve had my hair was just to my belly button!
    Pauline recently posted…A Lifetime of AdventuresMy Profile

  6. Love this post. I’m glad you’re able to look upon this year with happiness despite losing your grandfather. May he r.i.p. You were in TEXAS?!~ Holy moly. I’m from there! Lol

    You look beautiful in no matter how your hair is styled or colored <3
    Michelle recently posted…Enchantress of the StarsMy Profile

  7. Sounds like 2015 was a good year for you, despite losing your grandfather. *hugs*

    I really enjoyed getting to know you in 2015, loved seeing your fashion and hair posts/changes :D I also remember you getting that Marimo! ^^

    Here’s to wishing you all the best in 2016, Raisa! Stay healthy, never stop gaming, and always be awesome!
    Tara recently posted…Timeless Thoughts: Band Room GatheringMy Profile

  8. It was a big year for you. Even though there was the horrible sadness of loosing your grandfather, I am glad that you were able to travel and hope you have a lot of fun with that trip in spring!

    I love the selfies and all the different styles and colours that you have had. They all look so different and unique and I don’t think I could pick a favourite!

    Have an awesome 2016!
    Kya recently posted…The Year That Was 2015My Profile

  9. You had a great 2015! And I love your outfits! I wish I could wear them in the PH! Haha I can only wear them at work because of the cold temp in the office, but I have to take my sweater off when I go home. Haha

    I also like your different shades o your hair! I dyed my hair for the first time before 2015 ended and this year I want to try more colors! Wish I could gain more courage for bolder colors! Hehe

    By the way, are you still doing the Monthly Favorites? I’m planning to join this year! :)
    Mei recently posted…2015: The Year of TravelMy Profile

  10. Loved the selfies and the favorite outfits. And yes, my goal is to grow out my hair as well. It’s actually harder than it sounds, especially for us who LOVES to have short hair. Your 2015 was great! And I’m glad that I was able to see a part of it. Here’s to 2016! 🍾

  11. Awwww thanks for your encouragement for 2016! I love how you got to put together photos of your 2015 with all the outfits and all the hairstyles! I had about four hairstyles in 2015 – the failed dye job midlength hair, the fresh cut and red hair, the faded red hair and longer messier style, and now a short version of that. I’m hoping to dye my hair again soon though but I can never grow my hair out longer than my shoulders! It’s sad.

    I’m glad you had a great 2015 though there were parts that will affect you as a person but from each story we do learn from it! I need to stop regretting what I didn’t have five years ago and think more about what I have now.

    Happy belated new year!
    Liv recently posted…New Year, I’m a NinjaMy Profile

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