The Freedom Trail is a path passing through historic locations in downtown Boston to Charlestown. Following it will lead you to places that made an impact on the history of the United States, to the Boston Massacre, the Midnight Ride, to the path of this nations’s road to independence.

It is also a plot point for a major faction quest in Fallout 4. Come on now, don’t give me too much credit. :P So on my second day in Boston, my friend Alex and I walked the trail. I followed it in the game a few days before, and then I did in real life. So cool!

Boston Common gazebo on a sunny day

It was a beautiful sunny day. I checked the weather the night before, and my phone said it would rain. I planned to wear my rain boots the next day. Like I mentioned in my previous What I Wore post, the rain broke away in the morning, and I was stuck with rain boots the rest of the day. :’D It wasn’t too bad at least. My Kamik boots were very comfortable.

Start of the Freedom Trail

This is the beginning of the trail at the Common. Following it takes you to a beautiful stroll across the park. I’ve said this countless times, but fall is so beautiful. 🍁

Freedom Trail across the Common

Off we go!

Sidenote: This is a multi-paged entry. I have a lot of images for this day, and I wasn’t comfortable posting it all in one page due to possible loading issues. I decided to split this post into pages. You’re also able to load them all in one page if you’d like. :D This is a new feature on my blog (and one I hope I won’t use too much), so any feedback is much appreciated!


  1. I love your Boston photos! They definitely capture that Boston charm. The New England foliage and the Harvard Sq. photos make me super nostalgic for the days I used to visit my friends over there.

  2. Whoa~ super long post, but it’s all worth it, flipping through all the pages. I like the new feature and the photos are beautiful. I think the multiple-page feature is suitable for this kind of post, where it helps load the page quickly, and at the same time makes it like a surprise while we wait for the beautiful photos to load. I now will add BOSTON in my to-go list ^^
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    1. I’m so glad the feature’s being well-received! I never thought about it adding an element of surprise, but I like the way you put it. Boston is so great! I hope you get to go someday. :D

  3. Beautiful photos! I really love the one of the Old State House and the one with the view of the city. That’s awesome that there’s a trail to lead you through historic locations. Very cool that you did it both in game and in real life! I really enjoyed seeing all the sights that you saw on the trail :D

    (Also, yay Lightroom! I love that program so much for post processing.)
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  4. What a beautiful day to enjoy Boston. It looks picture perfect! I like that you broke it down into page, does make the load easier. :)

    Haha, getting fat >> getting smashed for the win! That hot dog is enormous! It looks so good, too! Normally I wouldn’t consider ordering a hot dog, but that is making me reconsider my stance.
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