Boston 2015: Days Three and Four

Two months later, I’m finally writing the last entry for my Boston trip back in November! 😅 I’m merging Days Three and Four into one post as they weren’t as packed as Day Two. I still had a great time of course. All in all, I had a great vacation.

Day Three

First thing on this day was to meet up with Alex again at the Common. My Uber ride took me through MIT which showed off the skyline. It was such a beautiful day. Read more…

What I Wore: Gray

We’re nearing the end of January, and it’s snowed in my area a total of two times, if you could even call it that. It’s more like semi-frozen rain. No beautiful snowflakes here! El Niño‘s been harsh this winter. Last year’s motto was “screw snow.” This year, it’s “where’s the snow?”

Though I suppose with the way I was complaining about snow last year, I shouldn’t worry about this warm winter. It’s much more akin to what I’m used to in Vegas. Read more…

I Still Don’t Get Twitter, Sometimes

Over a year ago, I wrote a confused blog post titled “I Still Don’t Get Twitter.” I received a dozen comments with readers adding their input: what they use it for, what they get out of it, how I could use it, and so on.

I appreciated those comments, and I did start using Twitter more often after that entry. I soon saw its value for myself. Twitter allowed me to connect with my readers, to promote my blog that yielded even more readers, and to otherwise share things about myself that might not have warranted an entry. Read more…

My Favorite Things: January 2016

Sup 2016! You’ve been pretty good so far. As per tradition, the first Tuesday is time for My Favorite Things, the linkup for all the things you love. I’ll be hosting again this month while Eirene builds her metropolis in Cities: Skylines, so check out the link below to add your entry. It’s open for two weeks!


HAN HAN by HanHan

HANHAN IS AMAZING. She’s a Filipina rapper based in Toronto dropping some serious rhymes along with traditional Pinoy instruments. Read more…