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Sup 2016! You’ve been pretty good so far. As per tradition, the first Tuesday is time for My Favorite Things, the linkup for all the things you love. I’ll be hosting again this month while Eirene builds her metropolis in Cities: Skylines, so check out the link below to add your entry. It’s open for two weeks!


HANHAN IS AMAZING. She’s a Filipina rapper based in Toronto dropping some serious rhymes along with traditional Pinoy instruments. I love her sound. I bought her album on Bandcamp right away because I’m always here for supporting Filipino artists. 🇵🇭

One Punch Man


ONE PUUUUUUNCH~ XD I binged on One Punch Man one weekend while crocheting. It’s about a hero who’s grown so powerful, he can defeat anyone with one punch. Unfortunately, this has made being a superhero boring. Not only is it hilarious, the animation is top notch! I picked up the manga where the anime left off, and it’s pretty good too. :D

Master of None

This show is 3real5me. :’D Master of None is a slice of life comedy that touches on topics such as parents, immigration, feminism, and other things young adults (millennials I guess?) experience. I appreciate that Aziz Ansari touches on these issues, and he does it well. This show also has me craving for pasta. :P

Jessica Jones

Here’s another show I powered through while crocheting! Jessica Jones is a darker Marvel show centered on a private eye with super strength. This show deals with PTSD, stalking, and rape culture in a way that is not romanticized, as they shouldn’t be. I can’t speak for how accurately they’re portrayed, but it’s definitely refreshing to see these issues framed as serious problems (they are!).


And yet another thing that has me craving for pasta! :’D I thought Fallout 4 was gonna be the highlight game of 2015 for me, but then I bought Undertale and HOLY COW GOAT, THIS GAME IS SO GOOD. You start out as a child that has fallen underground into a world of monsters, and you try to leave. This game has so many mind-blowing moments. The music is bomb too! It was so difficult choosing one to feature in this post. XD It’s hard to say why I love this game so much without spoiling it, so I’ll just say go get it!

That’s it for my faves! Now it’s your turn. Check out the rules (more like guidelines) below and tell us what you loved this month!


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  1. Is One Punch Man worth watching? My brother-in-law suggested it to me and I still haven’t gotten into starting it. Also, I’m so tempted to watch Jessica Jones because Netflix is always suggesting it to me, and because she’s Jane from Breaking Bad. HAHA. Should I see it too?:)
    Corinth recently posted…2015 HighlightMy Profile

  2. My boyfriend watches One Punch Man and he actually introduced it to me, I watched a part of an episode and it was hilarious. Hahaha I might watch all the episodes this weekend!

    I’m also going to try to watch the shows you mentioned here. Just right in time, I’m looking for other shows to watch. Haha.

    And yey, I’m finally joining the linkup! :)
    Mei recently posted…My Favorite Things: TV SeriesMy Profile

  3. Woah, nearly all these things are things I’ve been thinking about in the last week or so! I haven’t heard anyone elses thoughts on Undertale so it’s good to hear something so positive. Maybe I will end up buying it :)
    I also really need to watch Jessica Jones but I’m in the middle of a Orange is the New Black watch right now, maybe it can be after :)

    Lastly I’ve been hearing about One Punch Man and wondering what the hell is it :D Thanks for enlightening me!
    Sarah recently posted…My Favourite Things – December 2015My Profile

  4. I have a ridiculous amount of love for Jessica Jones. It’s always so refreshing to see such REAL characters in a superhero based show. I love the darkness and grittiness – Daredevil too. I’m really looking forward to the Luke Cage show that Netflix is doing.

  5. JESSICA JONES is the shit! I can’t believe I finished the series. Boo! The flashbacks from the PTSD somewhat hits home because I get that way too. :/ (minus the alcohol) I love badass women.

  6. Did the same thing with One Punch Man! Decided to give one episode a try, and found myself a few hours later finishing the entire anime series…and the manga as well!

  7. I see so much on One Punch Man and Undertale right now! I’ve heard so many good things about both, and I’m hoping to get into them this year. One Punch Man especially looks like something I’d like.

    I really liked Jessica Jones too :D I love these dark Marvel series that Netflix is cranking out. Jessica Jones was especially refreshing because how it deals with those sensitive topics like you mentioned. I hope it gets another season :D
    Cat recently posted…Gaming year in review: 2015My Profile

  8. Omg Jessica Jones is amazing. I watched it all in two days because I just couldn’t get enough. The Purple Man is such an interesting character – I hope there’s a second series, though I don’t know how they’d do it without him. Looking forward to the Luke Cage series as well!
    Amy recently posted…Booklog: October – December 2015My Profile

  9. I listened to HanHan while I read this post and dang! She is so good! She has a really unique sound and I liked it right at the intro!

    I love Aziz Ansari so I’ve really wanted to start watching Masters of None. And I’ve heard such good things for Jessica Jones, too! so many things I need to watch!!
    Becca recently posted…Chilly so Chili (A Recipe)My Profile

    1. I’m so glad you liked her song! <3 I listen to her when I need to get hyped up for something hahaha.

      I feel you about having so many things to watch. It gets a bit overwhelming, but thankfully I've been able to watch while stitching so it's not too bad. :D

  10. Ahhhh finally someone who has watched Master of None!! It keeps popping up on my suggestion feed but was kind of weary it may not be a good series. With Netflix originals I find some is a hit and some are misses. I will slot that one in to be watched!!
    I started on Jessica Jones as well, but it’s very slow at the beginning or maybe it’s a little too on the dark side but Im going to keep to it!

    1. Master of None has a lot of heart. I enjoyed it a lot. I’m honestly still surprised at how many Netflix originals there are, but for the most part, they seem well-received.

  11. Have only seen one episode of One Punch Man but wasn’t really motivated to continue watching for several reasons (most importantly that I didn’t want to practically flush my grades down the toilet if I were to binge watch ANOTHER anime….) but I’ll get back on it after exams!
    Also really like the Han Han track! It’s a tad different from what I usually listen but I dig it.

  12. I have been wanting to join the My Favourite thing post for quite a while and always missed it! lol~ I saw your tweet and then I will fave and retweet it so that I won’t forget, but then when I REMEMBERED that I retweeted you, and checked on your tweet, it is passed the due date XD I will make sure that I will join the next favourite thing XD
    Fai recently posted…#23 – Feeling CraftyMy Profile

    1. There are still five days left to submit! But even if you don’t make it, you can write your entry anytime and send it in when the linkup opens. :D We’ve had some people write theirs earlier. That’s cool with us. :D

  13. I’ll give Jessica Jones a try! I remember Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt was one of your entries for a certain month and I loved it. I trust your judgment, Raisa! Lol.

    Happy new year! I’ll try to join the link up this week. :)
    Jamie recently posted…2016 GoalsMy Profile

  14. Ok, One Punch Man seems so crazy and fun. I haven’t watched anime in awhile so I might need to start watching this!!

    Netflix does some really cool shows, I loved both Master of None AND Jessica Jones!!!! So exciting to see GOOD series!! Except I watch everything in like a weekend and regret not spacing it out when I have nothing else to watch ><;;;

    What a cool idea for a post, I might have to link back and post this theme!!

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