We’re nearing the end of January, and it’s snowed in my area a total of two times, if you could even call it that. It’s more like semi-frozen rain. No beautiful snowflakes here! El Niño‘s been harsh this winter. Last year’s motto was “screw snow.” This year, it’s “where’s the snow?”

Though I suppose with the way I was complaining about snow last year, I shouldn’t worry about this warm winter. It’s much more akin to what I’m used to in Vegas. I just hope this doesn’t become a regular occurrence. Regardless of the lack of snow, it’s still plenty cold.

I’ve noticed that I tend to talk about the weather a lot on my outfit posts, but only because it’s a huge deciding factor in what I wear. I prioritize comfort when putting together outfits, and if I’m not warm enough in the cold, then I didn’t do it right. There’s absolutely no reason to suffer for fashion when there’s a clothing item for every season. ❄️

Another Day in Philadelphia

Full body shot in Rittenhouse Square

Here’s what I wore for a day in Philly! Kristine was in town, so Mike and I went down to meet up with her and Jackson. I had such a good time with them. <3 They're a lot of fun to be with! We went for ramen and boba, and then it was a stroll through Center City. We stopped by Rittenhouse Square where we took pictures. Kristine got to see Mike take my pictures and haha, she saw how awkward I can be. I DID IT FOR THE BLOG.

Me and Kristine

Here’s us for proof! XD You can also get a better view of my boot cuffs in this picture. I had a need for scalloped cuffs, so I made a black pair to go with my winter outfits, which are usually black, gray, or a mix of both. And yes, I am wearing sheer tights in winter. I’m wearing flesh-colored thermals underneath. ;)

Outfit Details

That Time It Kinda Snowed

Me looking away at the camera

Mike went to our usual salon for his haircut on this day. The forecast said it would snow, so I put on my snow boots and puffy jacket. Sure enough, it did snow as soon as we stepped indoors. It wasn’t too heavy a fall, and the temperature was still just above freezing so there was no buildup. Consequently, there were no pretty snowflakes either.

Speaking of the salon, I asked them how much it would cost for me to get my hair done there. It’s… not cheap. :’) I’m planning on changing up my hair in the next few months, but then I see my hair in the picture above, and maybe not? Either way, I have a few months to save up for a salon experience. Perhaps I should live a little and treat myself. Or nah. I gotta save money in general. T_T

Back to the outfit, the skirt I’m wearing is actually sewn in to the leggings. It sounds silly, but I think it’s cute. Plus, it helps me get away with wearing leggings as pants. The inside is velvet-lined too, so it’s extra warm. Makes it hard to put on though!

Outfit Details

  • Beautiful Halo false two-piece jacket and skirt leggings (love this site!)
  • Kenox backpack
  • Columbia snow boots
  • Uniqlo Heattech gloves
  • Hat borrowed from Mike
Mirror selfie of me making a peace sign

Here’s what I wore underneath! I look like I’m off to ballet practice haha, but actually I can barely dance because I have the grace of an ox. At least I’m strong? :P

The top is a black thermal from Uniqlo which I picked up in Philly. Their Heattech line is awesome! I purchased a flesh-colored pair for Black Friday last year, and I liked it so much, I got a black pair too! They’re relatively thin but keep you nice and cozy. I also like that they’re cut in a way that they don’t peek through after donning the rest of your outfit.

Outfit Details (coz why not? 😜)

  • Uniqlo Heattech shirt and pants
  • Aeropostale head band (I use this to keep my hair out of my face when I do makeup)
  • Beautiful Halo skirt leggings

I’ve been hearing news of an impending snowstorm on the East Coast this weekend. We’ve stocked up on canned food and bottled water just in case. If you also live on this side of the country, stay safe!


  1. <3<3<3 Bb, you're totally not awkward! I thought it was adorable when you had your mini photoshoot. You do what you gotta do for the blog. I totally understand. <3

    I had so much fun, again, thank you for spending the day with us.

    About the weird weather in Pennsylvania… Gah, it was barely snowing the night before I left. There was a bunch of flurries in Chinatown. Apparently, it snowed a few days later again around Fairmont. The entire time I was there, I noticed it was pretty warm, I was expecting the temperature to be below freezing for the majority of my trip, but it def wasn't.

    I should have bought that Heattech stuff from Uniqlo, there's none here in TX. But then again, I probably won't need it as much until I move up to PA.

    P.S. I'm drinking some hot tea with my awesome mug cozy. Thanks again, bb! <3
    Kristine recently posted…Unintentionally morbid thoughtsMy Profile

  2. Just two of my faves meeting IRL, NBD! :) Your second outfit is totally one an Alaskan girl would wear! Except, we wear longer thermal skirts and some girls prefer ugly XtraTufs boots. XP

  3. Hope you’re staying safe from the conditions of El Nino! Even though it’s warmer than the norm, at least you don’t need to worry about layering up XD.

    I always wondered how a turtleneck sweater can be worn as a fashion statement…. Until I saw your execution of it! (Very well done~)

    It’s neat that your skirt is sewn in with the leggings. I haven’t seen that around, but it’s definitely great for the cold since you’re forced to wear it XD. Have fun with saving up!~

    1. Turtlenecks are great with crewneck sweaters! I wear them when I’m too lazy to put on a scarf coz they keep my neck warm. Gotta keep the extremities covered during winter!

  4. It finally started snowing here today and though I know that this storm is scary for most people, I’m actually enjoying it. HAHA. I’ve been waiting for the snow and finally, it’s here. But now that it’s snowing, I just realized that I don’t have snow boots,at all. I left them in Canada! I don’t know why. HUHU. I love your outfits as usual and you did look like a ballerina in that one photo! So cute with the headband pa!:) Jorge’s mom stocked up on food and fruits and stuff. I just hope the weather won’t be as bad as what they predicted.
    Corinth recently posted…Friday’s 10 Happy Things | 14My Profile

    1. I’m so late in replying huhu. I hope shoveling and slush isn’t giving you guys too much trouble! Mike cleared out our front yard, and it took him forever. :O

  5. I’m honestly okay when there isn’t snow. We got loads last year, and for most of winter we’ve been spoiled with little snow. Even now out by me its not too bad.

    You always put together the cutest outfits!
    Maroon Caludin recently posted…Opinion needed!My Profile

  6. Yay, that’s awesome that you met another blogger in person! I really like your black and gray outfits :D You look great in them, whereas I always feel like I’m boring without color, haha. I also thought the second outfit was two jackets until I read the details. I love false two-piece things! My husband makes fun of me and calls them “fake clothing” though XD;;

    Stay safe and warm!
    Cat recently posted…Project 52, finale and retrospectiveMy Profile

    1. I use my blogger friends as motivation to go places hahaha! My next target is California to meet some people I’ve known online for years. :D

  7. I completely agree, outfits generally are a result of the weather as much as it is about what you’re feeling that day! I love each and every one of your outfit, it looks so fabulous and well put together. What gets you inspired for your outfit of the day besides weather? I can’t wait to see what your next hairstyle will be like. Will you keep it blonde or going for a different color? :D Glad it’s not a lot of snow this year!

    1. Hmm, what else inspires me… I guess, I follow a lot of fashion blogs! XD They don’t necessarily align with my style, but I learn a lot from the way they put together outfits.

      Some of my faves:

      Details are super important and is what makes you stand out. Knowing about proportion and fit relative to your body can make or break your outfit. I was gonna make a post about this someday! XD

  8. I like your coat! How I wish I could wear that, but even though I have very low tolerance to cold, I think a coat is too much here in the PH haha so I always go for sweaters :)

    I think El Niño is a blessing in disguise in the PH because the typhoons were not as strong as how they’re supposed to be. You know how typhoons here, and they could kill people and bring a huge damage :( This year we have to brace ourselves for another round of typhoons :(
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    1. I wear coats to stay warm! I’m not a big fan of the cold hahaha, I’m still not used to it. T___T I’d love to live somewhere warm again.

      Oh man, I hope you guys are all right! The wet season is always rough in the Philippines. I remember being stuck in our house for days because of the floods.

  9. Oh wow. Can I just say that I looooooovvveee your outfits! The coat and the dress that looks like a ballet leotard, especially.

    (Strange how I adore winter wear, yet I live in a warm environment.)

    Sending you some warmth from this side of the world!
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