Blogging Through the Years (and a Giveaway!)

On October 19, 2001, I launched my very first webpage. It looked like this:

Back in the day, this would be a decently sized screenshot.

Let’s see, I used frames and Times New Roman. I’m pretty sure I had a totally unnecessary inline frame somewhere in there too. And of course, I had a fancy visitor counter. 😜 There was absolutely no content besides a blurb about Cardcaptor Sakura which was my favorite anime at the time.

I remember showing my webpage to my best friend, and her reaction was the equivalent of today’s “cool story bro.” But you know what? Read more…

Life Lately: Little Memories

On February 15th, I wrote this on Little Memory:

Had a chill day today. Nothing much happened and that’s a-okay.

… and that pretty much sums up life lately. The problem with being more considerate with what you share online is, you come to realize there isn’t much else to share. Relationships? Those are between me and the person. Work? I’ve always kept that private, even the good things that happen. Crochet? I’ve hit a wall after my Valentine’s Day collection which is a sign that I need a break, so I’m doing just that. Read more…

My Favorite Android Icon Packs

Customization is one of my favorite things about using Android. The ability to set your own icons and widgets allows you to express yourself and your style through your phone. Whether you prefer is cute, minimalistic, industrial, or something completely unique, there’s an icon pack for everyone.

I’ve been an Android user for a long time, and it’s come such a long way from the Gingerbread days. To this day, I still haven’t gotten bored with it as I tend to get over time, thanks in part to being able to customize it so much. Read more…

Crafted: Valentine’s Day Collection

Valentine’s Day is approaching! Are you ready to treat yourself and your loved ones? I’m still planning how mine will go, but until then I thought it would be fun to do a small crochet collection just for that special day.

I wanted to challenge myself by stitching a set of items based on a theme, and since February 14 was coming up, I figured a Valentine’s collection would be fun to make. I didn’t have a lot of time to make a large set, so here’s my humble collection of crocheted items for Valentine’s Day! Read more…

My Favorite Things: February 2016

Happy February and welcome to another round of My Favorite Things, the linkup for all things wonderful. My partner-in-crime Eirene will be hosting this month so head on over to her blog and tell us what you love!

Following the reflection of how I approach social media, I’ve rearranged the way I consume content online into something more structured. I have also redirected my need to log everything I do into something a bit more useful.


Instapaper was sitting in my phone without much use, but I’ve decided to give it another try to save articles I wanted to read at a later time. Read more…