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On February 15th, I wrote this on Little Memory:

Had a chill day today. Nothing much happened and that’s a-okay.

… and that pretty much sums up life lately. The problem with being more considerate with what you share online is, you come to realize there isn’t much else to share. Relationships? Those are between me and the person. Work? I’ve always kept that private, even the good things that happen. Crochet? I’ve hit a wall after my Valentine’s Day collection which is a sign that I need a break, so I’m doing just that. Gaming? Not now either.

So nothing much has been up with me besides a lot of cooking and chilling. The upside to all this is I’ve been getting a lot more housework done in the day. XD Yay?

I am, however, working on project with the local tech community. I’ll share more details in the future, but for now, I can say that I’m very excited! <3 I may or may not set my other hobbies aside temporarily while I'm working on this. Just as well because I need to get my professional life together. Open book on a table

Speaking of Little Memory, I’ve been writing on it everyday. I get an email every night with a memory I’ve entered in the past, and I’m able to write down a new one by replying. Such a convenient feature.

It’s fun to see what I’ve recorded before because I always write it in a bit of a rush on my phone. I completely forget about it in a week’s time when I receive it again on my email. It ends up being a pleasant surprise. Turns out it’s the little things that make me truly happy. :) Here’s another one from February 14th:

Melted chocolate on top of a glazed donut or baked apple is amazing

It really is. Break off a few large squares of dark chocolate in a cup, and microwave it for three minutes, mixing every 30 seconds. Once it’s all melted, pour it over your favorite pastry and enjoy!

That’s it for me. How was your week?

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  1. I’m glad you’re having good time chilling and cooking lately. I totally get you about switching between hobbies, and that’s okay! Sometimes a break is much needed :D

    I’m curious about your community tech project now! Do share when you can! ^^

    And dude. Melted chocolate on anything is amazing. NOMMMM.

    My week was super long and it’s going to be an even longer one next week. X_X But thankfully, I get a bit of a reprieve the week after, even if it means shorter hours and less pay . . . but I’m going to see it as a chance to take the time to do other things I need to be doing XD

    I’m planning on a couple of big things, but nothing’s set in stone yet, so I’m not really going to announce it on my blog until later.
    Tara recently posted…Final Fantasy Piano OperaMy Profile

    1. Hope you have a good week this time! :D I always wait until I have to show before announcing something. In my experience, if I say I’m gonna do something prematurely, I never get around to it. :’D It’s much petter to start blogging about something with receipts. XD

  2. Again, I need to follow your lead on being more conscious of what I share online. I should probably enter my would-be Twitter stream/rants on something like Little Memory. I think I’ll start there. It’d be nice to have a way to look back at some of my thoughts and, in the future, see how much I did or didn’t change my mind about things.

  3. I have always wanted to create a Life Lately post, but I only think about the previous posts I’ve written. I also don’t want to share private things such as work and relationships. I have’r shared about my family and friends yet but I have shared about my boyfriend, and I still keep it short and simple. No oversharing of info. Hehe

    I like the idea of Little Memory! I have heard about it in another blogpost before. It’s like the one that you can send a letter from the future. Hehe I want to do it too but I might even forget to write haha
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  4. It’s nice to have time to just relax. Hope you’re enjoying it! And Little Memory sounds really cool as well. I doubt I’d have much to write on there though, or I’d forget to do it. Glad to hear that you’ve enjoyed your week.

    I’ve mainly been working and preparing to move house, so it’s been quite stressful. Can’t wait to be moved in!
    Amy recently posted…Chocolate-free FebruaryMy Profile

    1. I only remember to write on Little Memory when I get the email. XD Sometimes I have to think of what good things happened to me today, but it’s been a helpful exercise.

  5. I am sure that you will find the inspiration to create some awesome craft things soon. :) Having a break from it isn’t a bad thing either.

    I wish you the best with the project and can’t wait to hear more about it. :D

    It’s great that you have been writing your memories. They can be good reminders. :D

  6. It’s definitely a-ok when things ~chill~ ;). I feel the same when it comes to trying to be careful with sharing certain things online. Hopefully your projects will bloom and do some awesome things ;).

    Little Memory sounds like a pretty neat app! I started something similar but it’s a bit more on Little Memory (Momento). Going back with being mindful about what we share online, I pretty much stopped using Swarm a while ago because of that.

    Hope you’re doing well :)

    1. I just looked up Momento and it looks really nice! I like that it tracks your social media and even your Uber trips. XD I’ve always been wary of apps that share my exact location. I don’t want to be found. o_O

  7. Sometimes I struggle with what to write about because of the same reasons. I don’t often share things that go on with my relationship or work, and if I’m not working on my hobbies… then nothing is really happening in my life! It is nice to be able to chill and relax though :)

    That’s exciting that you’re working on a new project though! I’m looking forward to hearing what it is!

    My week was kind of long and busy, so I’m glad it’s the weekend. I had friends over yesterday, but today I’m being lazy and I like it!
    Cat recently posted…Weekends of food and photosMy Profile

  8. I hope you find your inspiration and peace. I know how it feels to have nothing to write about, but I have loads to talk about and stuff, so then I don’t? I try to share a lot more than I should but I want to relate to people and share my experiences with people, regardless of any consequences, you know?
    Michelle recently posted…Do You Remember Last Time? (Poem)My Profile

    1. I totally get that. I’m honestly not good at being vulnerable online, but I’m grateful to have friends who listen to me when I need them. I hope you also find inspiration and peace. <3

  9. Yeah, I still don’t get Twitter sometimes either.

    My life is also chill day. I’ve realised that I blog less because I just don’t feel like sharing everything I do as I did before. I value my privacy, so even though I blog, Instagram, tweet and all the rest of it – I’m still quite private.

    I actually love housework. It’s so relaxing. I can put on an episode of whatever I’m watching currently, and just go about my business :) Good luck with your project!

    I’ve never heard of Little Memory, but it sounds like an interesting concept. Might delve into it a little more.

    Hmmm, melted chocolate. Could do with some of that right now.

    My week has been good! It consisted of mostly work, but also planning several trips I’m looking to take this year!

    1. I love putting on Spotify while I do housework. :D Definitely makes it go by faster. Going on trips is always exciting! Hope your plans go smoothly and you have tons of fun!

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