Customization is one of my favorite things about using Android. The ability to set your own icons and widgets allows you to express yourself and your style through your phone. Whether you prefer is cute, minimalistic, industrial, or something completely unique, there’s an icon pack for everyone.

I’ve been an Android user for a long time, and it’s come such a long way from the Gingerbread days. To this day, I still haven’t gotten bored with it as I tend to get over time, thanks in part to being able to customize it so much. I use Nova Launcher, so I simply choose an icon pack and I’m all set.

Here are my top 5 favorite icon packs! Some of them are paid, but I was able to purchase them with credit I earned through Google Opinion Rewards. I’ve earned almost $80 Play Store credit just by answering surveys as they come. :D

Click UI Icon Pack

Click UI

Click UI is my go-to icon pack when I can’t seem to find the right one to match a new wallpaper. I generally like my icons to look neat and uniform, and the roundness has been my consistent favorite. Plus, if any of the apps are unavailable or mismatched on Click UI, it will simply crop it into a circle to keep everything constantly round. Feels good man.

Moko Icon Pack


The “squircle” look has also been around for a while. If you feel like square icons are too jagged for your taste, but circles don’t quite fit either, then Moko‘s rounded icons might be up your alley. I first tried it out to match a cute wallpaper I found on Line Deco, and it grew on me over time. I ended up using Moko for months, and I still have it installed on my tablet.

Like Click UI, it maintains the same squircle shape across all icons, even those that aren’t available. What I like the most is the subtle shadow detail on lighter wallpapers.

Minimal Icon Pack

Minimal Pixel

My current phone theme is Undertale. Naturally, I needed a pixel icon pack to match the wallpaper, and Minimal Pixel perfectly fit the bill (the developer also has a free pixel icon pack). As I’m a big fan of uniformity, this pack is square although it doesn’t do anything to any mismatched icons. Actually a lot of them ended up mismatched so I had to manually set them on my homescreen. Otherwise, this is a very cute pack.

Notro Icon Pack


I went through a period of monochromatic themes on my phone and tablet, and Notro was the perfect icon pack for them! What I love about this icon pack is, it would set all of your mismatched icons into black and white so there are no unsightly inconsistencies in your theme. :D It makes me sad when I install a B&W theme and the mismatched icons stay colored. None of that with Notro!

Outer Space Icon Pack

Outer Space

And now for something totally fun: Outer Space Icon Pack! XD I looooove cute icon packs, but they usually take a lot of effort to install. Normally, you have to manually set each app you want because most of them don’t work with third-party launchers by default, but Outer Space functions straight out of them. It doesn’t have a wide range of icons, but it wraps unavailable icons in a cute little drawn circle so it’s not too jarring.

Show me yours!

That’s it for my top 5 Android icon packs! How about you? Do you have a favorite icon pack? Wanna show off your Android homescreen? Share it below and I’ll pin it to my board below for inspiration! I’m always on the lookout for pretty phone themes. <3

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  1. The icons are so cute! I’ve never had the chance to try Android, but I really wish I could customize my iPhone the way you could with Android. I know there’s that app where you could use image button replacements (forgot the name of the app), and there’s also jailbreaking it, but that’s just too much for simple customization.

    I really like Notro!
    Kristine recently posted…First Week of Orthopedic RotationMy Profile

    1. You have a Nexus right? Stock Android doesn’t really need much changing, in my opinion. :) LG’s skin isn’t that great looking to me though. XD

  2. I didn’t even think about changing the icons on my phone but I’m going to do it now because the Samsung ones are so ugly. Thanks for this!

  3. I’ve been meaning to comment on this for ages! I love how these look and want to give them a try on my phone, do you need to root the phone first to use the launcher or it doesn’t need it?
    Sarah recently posted…Finally offlineMy Profile

    1. No need to root for Nova Launcher! :D I try not to root my phone when I can. I’ve only done it once, but I stick to stock as much as possible. Nova’s my preferred launcher though!

      1. I got to download it but too bad I didn’t like its “interface.” My Lenovo arranges the app on the desktop (just like an iPhone) but this launcher put it in a “secret” folder. I don’t know how you call it, hahaha! Time to find other ones, I guess. Thank you still! 💚
        Jamie recently posted…What On Earth: Netflix, Cupcakes, PlannersMy Profile

  4. All the icon packs are amazing. But I like to use minimal pixel. As I am a big fan of consistency and I found this icon pack is best. Thank you for sharing all the Android packs.

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