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Happy February and welcome to another round of My Favorite Things, the linkup for all things wonderful. My partner-in-crime Eirene will be hosting this month so head on over to her blog and tell us what you love!

Following the reflection of how I approach social media, I’ve rearranged the way I consume content online into something more structured. I have also redirected my need to log everything I do into something a bit more useful.

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Instapaper was sitting in my phone without much use, but I’ve decided to give it another try to save articles I wanted to read at a later time.

I follow a considerable number of blogs on Feedly spanning all sorts of topics. Admittedly, not every post catches my interest so I’d go through my feeds, save the articles that sound good on Instapaper, then mark everything as read. This usually takes me a few minutes whenever I take a short break from work. I can then read everything I found interesting when I have time for it. I also use Instapaper for articles I stumble upon on Twitter or anywhere else I happen to be online.

It’s been working out really well for me. Makes me feel less overwhelmed. I might miss out on the moment when everyone else is talking about an article, but I can absorb the information more readily since I only read things when I have the presence of mind now. Any article I’ve finished, I delete. The ones I enjoyed get bookmarked. Easy and simple. :D

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Journey is a beautifully designed diary app for your phone. It supports photos, videos, and private geotags for travel, and it even contains inspirational quotes to get you writing. You can also put in a passcode so that only you can access your entries. Great for jotting down thoughts that you prefer to keep out of the public (not that I have anything salacious going on, my everyday life is pretty boring lol).

I’ve been using it primarily as a health log. Just typing down how I felt whenever I can, if I had any migraines or muscle pain from exercise, and how my general mood was throughout the day. It’s very therapeutic, and since I don’t feel the pressure to write for an audience, I’m much more uninhibited. Although uninhibited me apparently likes to write in a lot of choppy sentences. 😅

little memory icon

Little Memory

I found Little Memory recently, and it’s so cute! Little Memory allows you to log a little blurb on what you’d like to remember on each day. You can look back on these memories later on and even set up mobile notifications to remind you of them. It’s anonymous in the sense that you don’t have a profile you can share, and there are no users attached to the memories display publicly either. it’s just you and all these other human beings, releasing good vibes and memories to the figurative wind.

That’s it for my favorites this month. Now it’s your turn! Check out the rules (more like guidelines) below and tell us what you loved!


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  1. I only use Bloglovin’ and I don’t even have the app installed on my phone haha I just browse it on desktop atleast once or twice a week. I only ollow a few bloggers and not everyone posts a lot so I’m good with it.

    I also don’t have any other diary-app or something. I used to have Evernote, the notebooks are quite useful but not enough for me to fully like it. I only use the native app Notes on my phone.

    The little memory is cute, I agree! There’s something like this before, where you send yourself a letter from the future. I tried it once and I thought I am going to remember when I wrote it but now I don’t. And I’m wondering when I’ll receive it. Haha.
    Mei recently posted…My Favorite Things: Memorable TripsMy Profile

    1. The only thing I don’t like about Bloglovin is its tendency to shove popular blogs down my throat. :( Otherwise, I like to make use of its Explore page to discover new blogs.

      Aahh was it XD I haven’t written my future self a letter yet. Maybe I’ll type one out when I’m in a very good mood. :3

  2. I think I’m going to give Instapaper a try, because TMI is a thing. Sometimes I don’t even go through Twitter and Facebook anymore because … I can’t deal. Being selective at a time like this (must I say ERA? Lol) is a must. It could get pretty tiring wanting to process everything. But there’s just so much unnecessary shizz online (subjectively), so it’s nice to be able to tailor what you want to appear on your feed. Thanks for sharing this, Raisa! <3
    Abbie recently posted…My Favourite Things : January 2016My Profile

    1. All the information available to us now is definitely overwhelming. But it’s important to remember that we’re still in control, and we don’t have to be a slave to our feeds. I hope you like Instapaper! <3

  3. (Guess who actually wrote an entry…)

    I’m gonna check out Journey! Trying to find a journal-type app so I don’t have to carry an actual journal around. Thanks bb~

  4. Glad to see that there are some cool apps that helps you read through feeds seamlessly. Instapaper seems like it does the job no problem and it sounds much better than the Bloglovin’ app on the phone!

    Journey sounds like an awesome app, especially if you need a private rant! I’ve found apps similar but they force you to pay after 5 posts ~____~…

    I’ll definitely check out Little Memory! Sounds like it’s something I need for my forgetful life XD.

    1. Journey lets you write as many entries as you want! There are in-app purchases for a few features, but nothing you absolutely need.

  5. I’ve been thinking of buying a notebook so I can write down my personal struggles and thoughts… not really a diary per se, but just something to jog my thoughts down. Journey might be a useful app for that even though I still enjoy the thought of traditional pen on paper rather than writing down through qwerty. but thanks for recommending that app!
    Alice recently posted…Tom Clancy’s The Division BetaMy Profile

    1. I’m the opposite! I used to use Pocket, then I switched to Instapaper. I still use Pocket to save recipes and crochet patterns. It’s more of a “long-term” article saver for me. XD

  6. Ah, Instapaper sounds really useful! I’ve heard of it before but never looked into it. There’s definitely been times where I make a mental note to go back to an article, but then I forget or I forget where I saw it.

    I like the idea of Little Memory too :) I used to use something called Happier, where you log things that made you happy that day. Not exactly the same idea, but it was nice to go back and see those little moments.
    Cat recently posted…What I’m Up To, #8My Profile

    1. Instapaper has been super helpful for my day. I like to read right before bed, so I just go through all the articles I saved that day and really feel like I’m learning something. :D

      I’ve started receiving notifications of the positive things I’ve been writing on Little Memory. It’s so cute. XD

  7. Sadly, my phone can no longer accommodate another app for installation (too much memory) :p But I like the idea of Little Memory. If ever I will install it in my phone, I’ll write down every memory that made me happy that day even the simplest things! :)

  8. I’m heard of Instapaper, but I never quite got into its concept. I can see it appealing to people, but it hasn’t appealed to me. It’s great that app is working out for you for reading blog posts later! ^^

    Journey and Little Memory aren’t something I heard, but I don’t really do much on my phone as it is, so I don’t think I’d use them XD;;; I do like their concept, though. Little Memory, especially!

    Thanks for sharing your monthly favourites, Raisa ^^
    Tara recently posted…My Favourite Things: February 2016My Profile

  9. They are really cool sites! I had not heard of little memory and it’s such a sweet site and a great way to record messages of the day as reminders to yourself. :D

  10. Wow these are interesting web(apps)! I like the idea of all three! The only reason I’ve kinda stuck to using Feedly is because it actually follows my friendies’ blogs instead of me needing to remember each one and looking them up to save articles! But this one sounds like it is useful for things I stumble upon! I really like the Journey app and would totally use it if I didn’t start writing manually in a diary. Little Memory is so cute too!
    Liv recently posted…Games I Recommend for GirlsMy Profile

  11. Those sound like handy things to use. Knowing me I would always forget about them though. I need to be more on top of my social media, get with it Ashley! lol :)

    The my favorite things sounds like fun. I might attempt it but I’m horrible at scheduled entries so we shall see… lol
    Ongaku recently posted…Snakku ReviewMy Profile

    1. You’re welcome to join us any time! :D I definitely tend to hoard social media accounts (gotta nab my name!), but I’m trying to be better at it. :’D

    1. I hope you like them! I’ve been adding something to Little Memory everyday, just little positive things that happened to me over the day. It really helps!

  12. Ever since I received my Kindle for Christmas, I’ve been spending most of my time with the Kindle than with my phone, except for one thing: Instagram. Unfortunately, the Amazon apps store does not have the Instagram app for the Kindle. Sigh.

    I actually have an app that’s similar to Journey called Better Diary. I used to use this for the same purpose as you using Journey, but lately it just became a “notepad” where I just jot down some lists of ideas and other random reminders for my web projects, potential art, etc.

    I used to use Instapaper years ago, but I just couldn’t keep up with the news articles anymore. Also, Little Memory sounds interesting, but I’ve also been using the Better Diary for random blurbs too.

  13. I’ll look through the apps you mentioned. Journey looks promising for a start. By the way, your blog looks really clean and cute. Do you do your own graphics and layout? :)

  14. They don’t really sound like things I need at the moment but maybe when I’m in univeristy, Instapaper might be useful. So I’ve bookmarked it.
    I’m glad they work for you
    Regan recently posted…BeastlyMy Profile

  15. I’m still trying to figure out how I want to consume content, so this list (and the comments!) are really useful. At the moment I use Feedly, but it’s a bit of a mish mash of work things and personal things, and I’m considering switching or at least separating them out.
    Jenni recently posted…What I have installed on my laptopMy Profile

  16. I’ve heard so much about Instapaper, now I want to try it. A lot of articles catch my attention each day but I never really get around to reading all of them, and then I lose the links or forget about them altogether. This sounds like a really handy app to solve my problem. At least with Instapaper I get to read articles and posts at my convenience.

    I’ve tried Journey before and I like it! :) There’s just something about its look and feel that really appeals to me. And the features, of course ;) I uninstalled it though, but not because of problems in the app. It’s just because I’m more of a pen and paper gal. Haha!
    Claudine recently posted…EnglishMy Profile

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