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Happy March and welcome to My Favorite Things, the linkup where your faves become my faves a month later. 😅 Let’s get to it!

Out of Milk


I discovered Out of Milk from a submission for last month’s linkup. I can’t seem to find that entry now. 😖 Please let me know if it was you! Out of Milk is an awesome grocery list app that allows you to group items by category, so you can get everything you need all at once. I used to use Google Keep for my shopping list and I wasn’t totally organized with it, so I tended to go back and forth to grab stuff. Not anymore!

This app also lets you keep an inventory of your kitchen, as well as a separate to-do list for other errands. Best of all, you can share it with other people. I sent Mike an invite so he can add to it anytime as well!

Plant Nanny


I have Mara to thank for this app. 💛 Plant Nanny turns drinking water into a fun game! You have to drink a certain number of cups for the day depending on your weight, and when you log it into the app, you can water the plant too. Don’t forget to drink and log, or else your plant will get sad! Mine is a Devil’s Ivy named Chikorita. After drinking water properly, he’s happy again and growing! 🌱




Osomatsu-san is anime at your own responsibility! 😝 This is the sequel to the 60s anime, Osomatsu-kun, where the Matsuno sextuplets were children. Now they’re in their 20s, all unemployed and undateable. This anime is insane, random, and a whole lot of fun! Karamatsu and Juushimatsu are my favorite brothers. They’re painful in their own ways. :’) I cackle at every scene, and I always look forward to Mondays so I can watch the new episodes!

And those are my faves! Now it’s your turn! Check out the rules (more like guidelines) below and tell me what you’ve been loving!


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  1. Out of milk looks like a good app, it is helpful in grocery shopping! I always forget few items when I do grocery!

    I think I’m going to like Plant Nanny! I am not good in keeping up with my water intake. With this game I think I’ll have fun drinking more water! Haha

    I’ll try and check that anime and include it in my list of to-watch! :) I am in need of light and fun to watch :)
    Mei recently posted…My Favorite Things: Stress RelieversMy Profile

  2. Oh! When I saw your screenshot for Plant Nanny I wondered whether it was a water drinking app. My doctor told me to try and aim for 3L (!!) of water a day, I get pretty close but maybe not close enough and should start tracking it. I have the option in the Fitbit software but it’s so boring. If I had to keep a virtual plant alive I might be more vigilant about it :P

    I might take a look at it! :)
    Sarah recently posted…My Favourite Things – February 2016My Profile

    1. My app says I need to drink 2.5L! It’s surprisingly hard to reach, despite only drinking water. But water from other food items exist. I just don’t know how to count those!

      1. Yeah I included the cup of juice and the shake I had because I’m more interested in fluid intake rather than just water. like you said there is also water in the food we eat that doesn’t get counted.

        I don’t mind the app except that it has sound even when your device is on silent..
        Sarah recently posted…My Favourite Things – February 2016My Profile

  3. Out of Milk — I think I tried it out, but I didn’t care for it much. I’m still using Google Keep, hahaha! But it’s just a place for me to keep track of my notes XD; I’m glad you’re liking this app, though!

    And that water app — what a neat idea! I love concept, but I don’t think I’ll go for it. For one, I never measure how much water I drink, so that’d drive me crazy. And two, I know I drink enough liquid for what I need, so it all works out :D But for those who doesn’t drink enough water, I can see the benefits for this app!

    Thanks for sharing about them :D
    Tara recently posted…My Favourite Things: March 2016My Profile

    1. Out of Milk is so helpful for bundling items together! I hate when I forget something and I have to run across the store for it. ._.

  4. Agh! Plant Nanny looks SO adorable, but it’s incompatible with my version of Android. :(

    Of course, I don’t have problems with drinking water…I’d likely kill mine due to forgetting to track my water intake. :/
    Liz recently posted…February 2016 in a nutshellMy Profile

    1. Oh no! What version and phone do you have?

      Forming the habit is always the hardest part, but it’s easier for me if there’s a game out of it. XD I wish I was more self-motivated but nah, I need some reward hahaha.

  5. Plant Nanny looks so cute! Recently bought a water bottle myself so I remember to drink water throughout the day.

    Osomastu-san is EVERYWHERE here. Everyone has a fave…

  6. I was about to ask you about animes the other week haha. I’m just getting back into them and it’s been a couple years. Should I watch Osomatsu-kun before delving into this one? Also, I think I would kill my plant. :(

    1. Nope, you don’t have to watch it! Osomatsu-san has a different sense of humor and there aren’t any references to the old anime.

  7. I think I’ll try Out of Milk since I only write things down on a piece of paper, and take a photo of it to have a copy in my phone. I don’t use my notepad app that often. Hahaha! I did have Plant Nanny a couple of months ago, but I still didn’t care much about it. I’m only reminded to drink water when I see my tumbler, which is always beside me. Hehehe!

    P.S. Can I link my February round-up post here, too, since I mentioned a couple of favorite things from last month? Let me know if this is OK!
    Jae recently posted…It’s a Wrap, February!My Profile

    1. Go for it! :D

      It seems I can’t be motivated to do anything unless I can make a game out of it hahaha! I’ve been so much better at drinking water since I started Plant Nanny.

  8. Ahhh the Plant Nanny app looks adorbs * w* but I think I drink a hefty amount of water already and I’m sure keeping track of my intake will turn out to be more of a chore for me xP This reminds me of the Forest app though (w/c is a productivity app where you ‘grow’ a tree for the time you spend not using your device)

    Osomastu-san got me curious. I haven’t watched any anime in the longest time and this may be the one which eases me back in :D
    Anne recently posted…My Favourite Things: January 2015My Profile

  9. I’ve heard of Out of Milk but haven’t tried it. That’s good that you can share the list. My husband and I originally turned to Google Docs for our grocery list because it was easy to share and update. Maybe we should look into this instead!

    Aww that plant is so cute. That’s such a nifty idea to motivate yourself to drink more water! I definitely don’t drink as much water as I should.

    I keep seeing images of Osomatsu-san, but I didn’t know what it was. It was also confusing at first because I didn’t realize it was about sextuplets, haha. Now I know and can add it to my queue XD
    Cat recently posted…Reducing the clutterMy Profile

  10. Oh that water app sounds awesome. I’ve been trying to drink more and more water these days and something like that would motivate me more.

    The Out of Milk app might have been me who suggested it. I love that app, it saves me for my shopping lists and med lists. :)
    Ongaku recently posted…Website UpdatesMy Profile

  11. These all sound interesting, and I’m left wondering, how does everyone find these apps or games or any of this stuff! It’s amazing, really. :D Added my link to the link up!
    Michelle recently posted…A Mistaken JourneyMy Profile

  12. omg osomatsu!! my friend has been bothering me to watch it meanwhile i haven’t touched any anime at all since last year. i’m pretty exhausted with the anime community, maybe that’s why. but i’ve heard from my friend repeatedly that osomatsu is so stupid lol (even stupider than gintama…if you watch that one)
    Alice recently posted…MFT: March 2016My Profile

  13. Oh MY Plant Nanny is ADORABLE and I am gonna get that RIGHT NOW. I’m gonna grow a big Venusaur because of the amount of water I drink. YAYYYYY THANKS FOR SHARING! <3 <3

    Also that anime sounds hilarious. I'm leading a group outreaching to people who love anime, I might share it with them! :)

  14. The thing I like about the Android market is that developers can freely upload their awesome app’s without a problem. Plant Nanny looks fun and better than Tamogachi XD.

    It’s pretty cool how the anime continued from when it started from the 60’s, but with a grown up version of the brothers. That kind of old school anime reminds me of Doraemon!

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