Headwraps? Earwarmers? Headbands? I tend to interchange between all those terms, but whatever you like to call them, they’re super cute! Great for lazy hair days and neglected roots. πŸ‘©

Knit Headwrap

Full body shot of my outfit

I purchased (not knitted, I can’t knit 😳) this headwrap from my visit to Philly last December. I was taking a quick stroll through Christmas Village when I found a table full of knit items. Naturally, I had to take a look. I found this really soft headwrap, and I bought it on impulse. The very nice old lady might also have something to do with it. It turned out to be a really good buy because I really like the look. Tossing my hair into a ponytail and hiding my roots with a headwrap all but takes two minutes. I love saving time. πŸ•

Back shot

Perception is so weird. 50° F (10° C) in the fall, and I’m thinking it’s cold and I should bundle up. During the winter though, awww yeah that’s warm, I’m busting out the skirts! Now that spring is on the horizon, I’ve been injecting color back into my outfits. i wish I could go B&W all year long. I’ve tried a few times, but I like color too much. I’ll have to get my streamlined aesthetic fix from other fashion bloggers.

Mirror selfie while doing a peace sign Selfie in front of a red wall

Here are a few shots without my coat. The one on the left is from Snapchat while I was getting ready. The one on the right was while Mike and I were at a Thai restaurant for lunch. That background is great for selfies! 😝

The long-sleeved stripe shirt I’m wearing is the best hand-me-down I’ve ever received. I believe it belonged to Mike’s older sister. My mother-in-law let me sift through some clothes she was holding on to a few years ago. I scored a couple of awesome collared shirts along with this one. Not only do they fit me nice, they’re very easy to wash!

Wantable watch

Finally, I own another watch! πŸ’–βŒš I was briefly subscribed to Wantable’s accessories box, and I believe it’s worth the price if I can get a watch and a pair of sunglasses, my two favorite accessories. It’s not a guarantee though, and I unsubscribed from all my boxes earlier this year. They were fun but unnecessary purchases. I do love this watch though! Definitely considering resubbing because I was pretty happy with what I’ve gotten from them (much more than Sparkle Box).

Outfit Details

Handmade Headwrap

Full body shot of second outfit

I wore my V-Day crochet collection out! I’ve been rocking it in a few outfits already. Gray and pink is such a pretty combination. I’ve been really into pinks this year. I don’t think I can name a favorite color anymore because it changes all the time. It’s been yellow, apple green, blue, and now pink. I think I can say that I’ll never like orange though.

Picking up a twig

I was moving a twig out of the way when Mike snapped this. LOL ~*FASHION*~

Selfie with a pillow

I want to collect more headwraps! Now that it’s warmer, I’m looking into some cotton yarn so I can keep wearing them until summer. I also picked up a few on clearance from Aeropostale. I tried crocheting a new headwrap but I kept messing up, so I stopped and haven’t picked up my hooks since. πŸ˜– I hope I can get over this slump soon!

Outfit Details

  • Uniqlo gray wool coat and gloves
  • Aeropstale polka dot jeans
  • Kenox backpack
  • Boots from Payless
  • Headwrap, scarf, and boot cuffs crocheted by me


    1. Thanks! I lucked out with the shirt. There was a hole at the bottom, which I think is why my sister-in-law didn’t want it anymore. I patched it up and it’s good as new!

  1. Look at you, rocking with those cool head wraps, bands, and earwarmers ;). Even better, it fits right in with the weather too. I’m here complaining that it’s cold at 65F and you’re there at 50F *o*. Hope you’re staying warm!

    I like how simple the watch is. It tells time and can fit right in with some good casual wear. What is your price range whenever you go out to buy these headwraps?
    Nancy recently posted…Winter Quarter ’16My Profile

    1. I wouldn’t spend more than $12 on them. Aeropostale has them all on sale right now for under $5! 😍 Otherwise, if I really like a headwrap but it’s too pricey, I’ll try copy it and make my own hehe.

  2. Ooo that head wrap you got even looks soft! I love soft things! And it looks nice too! I never really wore head wraps. Honestly I hardly wear stuff on my head. Even though I have loads of hats. XD

    I like most colors honestly myself. Though light blue and light pink are favorites.
    Maroon Caludin recently posted…Blah…My Profile

  3. The head wrap is so cute! Because of this post, I’m going to try wearing those too! Lol! :)

    My favorite piece of clothing from this post is your shirt! It looks really good on you, and it doesn’t look like a hand-me-down at all :)
    Claudine recently posted…Creative Musical TheaterMy Profile

  4. I think it’s good that you ended up liking Wantable more than SparkleBox. I was happy with Helene’s box the most, but no more sub boxes for me! That watch does look good on you, by the way!

    I am not into headwraps or hats, much. In fact, I don’t like things on my head except for when it’s super cold and I need to wear my hoodie or something. But that V-Day headwrap fits you nicely! I think you did a great job crocheting it :D
    Tara recently posted…Rhythmic RendezvousMy Profile

  5. Headwraps look good on you! I really like your first outfit, especially how the red skirt stands out :D That’s a pretty watch too!

    Aahh your Valentine’s Day collection is so cute. I like the combination of gray and pink too, though orange is actually one of my favorite colors XD Well, probably not on clothing. I don’t wear much orange, haha. I’m interested in seeing what kind of headwraps you get for summer!
    Cat recently posted…Recent GoodiesMy Profile

  6. I love your head wrap! You can rock anything girl! ;) I’ve tried wearing wraps myself but I just don’t look as good, maybe I’m getting the wrong ones? OR I JUST DON’T LOOK GOOD IN THEM? XD Love your new watch!

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