Selfie with dark brown hair

Hello dark hair! Haven’t sported you in a while. Spring is normally the time to bring out lighter hair, but I’ve had blonde hair for nearly nine months. It was time for a change. A more manageable change. πŸ‘©

I did dye my hair darker last October. I opted for a light brown color because that’s what I really wanted. Unfortunately, it faded back to blonde in a few months. It was frustrating because it took me a long process to get there (the same steps I’ll be writing out shortly).

Before and after comparison of hair fade

Here’s a comparison of my hair between about six weeks. That’s a lot of fade! πŸ˜“ Bleached hair is notorious for fading easily, and despite using shampoo for color-treated hair and stretching out my washes, there was only so much I could do. At least the cooler tones stayed!

With that debacle in mind, I decided to go much, much darker this time. I just wanted the blonde out! But going from light to dark isn’t that simple. If you don’t do it right, you could end up with green hair! 😱 Thankfully, this is easy to avoid by taking just an extra step. With that said, here’s how I went from bleached blonde to dark brown!

Step One: Touch Up Roots

Blonde hair with orange roots

This is effectively my “Before” picture. As you can see, it’s a terrible mess. I stopped bleaching last year so whenever I did my roots, it didn’t come out as light as my ends. I have a good three inches of nearly orange roots. I managed to hide it over the winter with hats and headwraps, but I can’t do that anymore.

Nonetheless, I touched up my roots with my old color so that I have a more even base to start with. Even is a major overstatement, but the less complicated the better! That meant killing my black roots. I mixed L’Oreal Hi-Color Hi-Lights in Natural Blonde with 30 volume developer and simply applied it on my roots.

Step Two: Use a Red Filler

Bottle of red protein filler

After I’ve touched up my roots, it’s time to use a filler! Remember when I said you could end up with green hair? That’s because extremely bleached hair has no trace of red pigment that could balance out the cooler blue/green tones of the darker dye. Blue tones mixed with yellow hair (or just straight up green tones on light hair) equals green. As much as I love mermaid hair, that’s not what I’m going for.

Red filler to the rescue! Not only will this add the necessary pigment to prevent green hair, it also acts as a protein treatment which my damaged ends desperately needed. I used Colorful Professional Protein Filler #10. Hair magic in a bottle!

Red filler applied to hair

Red hair throwback! πŸ˜† I applied the filler to my dry hair and let it sit for 20 minutes. I’ve read that others just add it to their dye and fill their hair that way, but this method worked for me before so I’m sticking to it.

Step Three: Apply Dye

Ion Color Brilliance and 20 Volume Developer

With my roots taken care of and my hair filled, it’s time to actually dye! Instead of using box dye like I did the last time, I went with Ion Color Brilliance in Intense Dark Brown. I mixed it with 20 volume developer and applied it all over with filler still on my hair. It’s interesting to see how the dye develops with filler. Last time, my hair was purple! This time though, it was a very muddy brown. But I fret not! The filler rinses out in the shower to reveal the dye’s true color.


I let the dye sit for forty minutes, and when I rinsed it out, I was greeted with an intense dark brown. It’s one of those shades that look almost black indoors, and very brown in the sunlight. It took me a good day to get used to it. I couldn’t recognize myself in the mirror! πŸ˜† It’s funny because it’s very close to my natural hair, but I haven’t had that in a while.

After the initial shock, I grew to really love the shade. It’s different from what I’ve done before. I’ve never been able to sport chocolate brown hair properly because my hair always ended up a little brassy when I tried before. That was when I used drugstore box dye, but now that I’m using salon products, I think I can achieve it more easily now.

Selfie with Snapchat flower crown filter Selfie with Snapchat strawberry makeup filter

Here are some more pictures of my new hair. I saved these from Snapchat. The filters are sooo cute! I’m just sad they come out grainy for me. I guess my phone doesn’t run it too well. πŸ˜“ I’m banking on my color to fade at least a little bit over the next couple of weeks, so I’ll be enjoying this gorgeous chocolate shade while I still can by taking all the pictures!!!! πŸ˜†

What do you think? Yes/no/omg that’s too much? Are you planning on changing up your hair now that it’s warmer? Let’s talk hair!


  1. Like I said on Twitter, you really look good with darker hair! it brings out so much of your gorgeous features! Keep it dark! :D But it’s also okay to change things up again later! ^^ I haven’t done anything to my hair in like two years now, and I’m happy with that :D
    Tara recently posted…Symphonic Selections: Violin Sonata No. 5My Profile

  2. I honestly think that darker hair color suits you best because you’re fair-skinned! The problem I encountered when I had lighter hair color was that my face looked washed out. I looked like I didn’t have eyebrows, too! Hahaha! Here’s to wishing your current hair color lasts more than it should! :D
    Jae recently posted…A Year Ago Today: A Look BackMy Profile

    1. Yes, I think I do look better with dark hair too! And no bangs?? Haha I will try to stick to this look and not get bored. :’D

  3. Blonde or brown, you look great in either shades ;). I’ve always wanted to dye my hair blonde but my mom will get soOOoo mad at me if I do ~___~. It looks like you got volume down when it comes to your hair! I am loving the thickness of the strands. There’s a difference sometimes when it comes to using high end products vs. store brand products. Good to hear that the salon product is giving you the result you like :). I like your hair either way, so no harm done :)

    1. My style has always been do it first, then tell my parents. :P I didn’t tell my parents I got another piercing in my left ear, oops.

      My hair isn’t actually that thick! At least not as thick as my sister’s or sister-in-law’s. :’D They have a loooot of hair though! I feel bald next to them LOL. It takes a long time to curl their hair but the curls look so good when it’s all done! I want that too. T_T

  4. You look so good with darker hair!! And, if I can just say, your eyebrows are totes on fleek! :) I miss my jet black hair, but I’m growing out my hair a little more before I go completely dark again.
    Shayne recently posted…The Book of Questions 004My Profile

    1. Haha my eyebrows are on a constant journey. I honestly like the sharpie’d on look but I’m trying to go for more subtle filling now huhu. I’m waiting for my hair to grow out too! The ends are so damaged, but I’m so tired of short hair too.

  5. Dark brown looks really good on you! It’s a really pretty shade of brown :) I’ve never had light colored hair, so I didn’t know that it could possibly turn green when going darker. That’s interesting that you have to use a filler! It came out great!

    I think the only change I’m going to do is cut my hair short again. I can’t deal with long hair when it gets hot!
    Cat recently posted…April so farMy Profile

    1. Yeah, coloring your hair can get complicated if you bleach it a lot! @_@ I’m still gauging the fade right now. I sometimes think I should just give up and go back to black. I probably will eventually!

      My hair is in a perpetual bun or ponytail in the summer. XD It’s too hot for anything else!

  6. when I went to the salon to fix my platinum blonde hair, they used toner to tone down my hair color so it’s less damaging unlike a complete hair dye job. I’ve never tone my hair color on my own so I’m not sure what they used on my hair. all I know is that the toning method will only last for around 3 months before my it will fade – so i guess it was semi permanent hair dye? hm… I’m not very clear about toning but yea, maybe you could have done that instead of doing a complete hair dye job? Lol. Bleach and all that are too risky that I’m scared of them now ….I do miss my blonde hair but meh, going back to my natural dark brown-black color is comfortable enough.

    I know how weird it felt when going from light to dark hair. I was like that too at first and I hated seeing my natural hair color that I kept dying dark brown. It’s like, “ugh anything but my natural hair color!” which is funny because now, I like having an extremely dark brown-close-to-black hair :))

    I really miss going dark red but red fades super fast that I’m just so tired maintaining it. I think you look prettier with dark hair or maybe that’s just me preferring dark hair now. Dark hair colors are so mysterious it’s cool!
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