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First off, I still have no idea how to approach the naming scheme for this series. I guess I will stick to the ol’ reliable colon with subtitle. šŸ˜… Can’t believe April is nearly over! Slow down, time. You’re going too fast! šŸ•

Here’s what I’ve been up to lately! I honestly miss writing journal entries on my blog. ~*Quality*~ posts are so exhausting haha. Can shitposting be an acceptable form of lifestyle blogging?

Planning My Meals

A few weeks ago, I started planning my meals. I’ve been lifting weights for about a year, and I really should’ve been on top of my nutrition at the same time, but better late than never! I plan my meals based on calories and my protein intake. I’m slowly getting used to counting my macros. I like to write my meals down the night before and calculate my totals, then cook accordingly.

Believe it or not, planning my calories and protein intake actually makes my life simpler. I know exactly what I’m going to eat, and I know how to prepare it. On days that I don’t feel like putting in the effort, I can default back to a plan that I know works. I don’t have to restrict myself either. If I want bacon or a cheeseburger, I can simply plug those numbers in, adjust my other meals, and enjoy my food without guilt.

I learned a lot about myself through this process. First, I really like to plan. I used to say I’m spontaneous but I question that now haha. Maybe I was more impulsive when I was younger, but not anymore. It’s fine coz I didn’t take good care of myself when I was younger. I think I operate better when I have clearer boundaries.

Second, I now know what foods I actually can’t live without. I love to eat, and it’s easy to say I can’t give up chips, cheese, chocolate, butter, and so on. Turns out I can, and I don’t even miss them. Now I know it’s really milk and cereal I love. šŸ˜› I eat it all the time!

Rocking Plant Nanny

Plant Nanny Garden

Along with meal planning, I’ve been keeping good track of my water intake as well! I used to have the problem of not drinking enough water and getting mildly dehydrated. I mentioned Plant Nanny in my faves post, and I’m still using it. Look at all my plants! šŸŒ± I’m currently growing my Totally Spy Clover. Here we goooo, here we goooo~ šŸŽ¶

Having Fun with Miitomo

Mii on a lone stage Dramatic Mii begging for her friend not to leave
Favorite Miifotos of the Day šŸ˜‚

And I’m still on Miitomo! This app is so fun. I’m honestly not that great at talking about myself. This coming from a blogger lololol, but I’ve always written better than I spoke. Blogging gives me time to think about what to say, and posts I write about isn’t always completely honed on me personally. Rather, they’re about my hobbies or my work or something else beyond my being.

When put on the spot to talk about myself (just myself), my answer is most likely “Oh, I’m a person, so yeah that’s cool.” That’s one reason my About page is short and deflective. How to tell people about myself without sounding self-absorbed/pretentious/vulnerable?

ANYWAY. Back to Miitomo here, I like that it asks me questions that I would otherwise never tell other people. Some are fun, others get real, and others yet can get downright weird. Anyone else got the question about sauces coming out of your pinky finger? Wat.

I’m also a little obsessed with Miitomo Drop! I wish it didn’t cost me tickets or coins. I love watching all the Miis bounce around. šŸ˜† I just got a few new clothes from the latest Gothic drops!

How is everyone? My life lately has been routine, to be honest. I have nothing else to say about it. šŸ˜¶ Work’s keeping me very busy, but I’m going on a vacation soon. Can’t wait! Hope you guys are all well. šŸ’–


  1. Good for you on making better health choices! :D I find it’s never too late to start with making healthier choices especially with food. Food is medicine, I believe. And then exercise – that comes second after food.

    Are you still enjoying Ramen, though? ;) Treat yourself, girl. :D

    Also where are you going for vacay?! Take me with you. hahah!

    Life’s been good for me. I’ll be celebrating my birthday this upcoming Sunday. Also, I’m getting ready to graduate in less than 20 days. Gah, this month is going by so fast.
    Kristine recently posted…Rain DayMy Profile

  2. That’s good you’ve been meal planning and all the other healthy stuff :D It’s good to stay hydrated, for sure. I’m just trying to get over this !@#$%#@$#!#!#!@ cold, so once that’s gone, I’ll focus on trying to be healthier.

    And yay for vacationing! Like Kristine said, take me with you!
    Tara recently posted…Fitness CommitmentMy Profile

  3. I counted may daily calorie intake for 2 weeks and that helped me eat better and lose weight without exercising. I learned which food are high in sugar and carbs, so I don’t eat much of them now. And yes, I agree with you, eating healthy needs some planning and you don’t really have to starve yourself or deprive yourself of food you really love to eat. :)

    1. Yeah, it’s surprising to learn just how much nutrients (or lack thereof) food has! It has been an educational journey for me. XD

  4. haha, I agree. It’s more fun for me to just ramble about what’s been going on lately instead of coming up with a topic to write about. Plus, I felt like I didn’t do enough “what I’m up to” type entries last year, so this year, more of my entries are just about my life.

    That’s awesome that you’re planning your meals! I have done that in the past and have counted calories, and it was really enlightening to me. I feel like I have a better grasp of what I should be eating and how to adjust when I have a cheat meal.

    Yesss Miitomo. So addicting! I’m wearing the punk outfit today from the Miitomo drop, and I’m going to wear the gothic coat tomorrow. I want the top hat so bad! I’ve been super close a couple times, so maybe I’ll get lucky on it soon, haha.
    Cat recently posted…April so farMy Profile

    1. I feel like my everyday life isn’t that interesting enough to post about often! XD It’s mostly me just being involved in fandoms and such.

      I STILL DON’T HAVE THE HAT HUHUHU. I’ve lowkey given up.

  5. When I ~tRieD~ doing this diet a couple of years ago, I also prepared my own meal. I love doing the grocery and cooking my chicken breasts LOL differently each day. I even experiment sometimes just to taste something different even if I’m eating the exact same meat each day. Maybe I should do it again, after all, I lost 10 pounds during that time. Hahaha! The downside is, I don’t have a budget to go on a diet. It’s too expensive to eat healthy. HAHAHA!
    Jamie recently posted…“Busy” BeeMy Profile

    1. Nice, that’s good progress! I agree it can be pricey to eat well. Most of changes are switching to skim milk, PB2, and the like. I definitely wouldn’t have been able to do it financially before!

  6. Glad to hear that you’re doing a great job with maintaining your diet! I’ve heard of people being able to lose weight from eating McDonalds based on the calories intake. Planning meals is definitely good on the wallet when you’re out grocery shopping because you know what you want ;).

    Plant Nanny looks cool! It’s awesome to see your collection expanding ;). It looks like everyone is having fun with Miitomo!

    I’m not great at talking about myself too XD. It takes me months to plan a ~decent~ about page ;~;. The thing I have to say about sounding pretentious is that haters will only make that kind of comment ;).

    1. Plant Nanny is a habit to me now since I’ve been doing it for a while. I still slip sometimes but I try not to get me down and get back to where I am. :D

  7. Miitomo has also been a nice opportunity to reconnect with old Facebook friends from high school that I don’t talk to in person, but now we have a common interest via Miitomo. I’m also really bad at the drop games. I make my boyfriend play it for me since he usually has better luck for some reason. Ahhh and the new update to add friends with their email!!! I can’t wait.
    Thao recently posted…Timeless Thoughts: Summer in GenevaMy Profile

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