Here’s another What I Wore post! Now that spring is upon us, I feel a lot more motivated to get dressed again. It’s always been a challenge for me to look put together in the winter. I get too cold and miserable. No longer! Ready to bust out my lighter pieces and welcome the flowers with open arms. 🌷

Black and White

Full body shot of my black and white outfit

Eking out the last bits of winter with a black and white outfit before I spring back into colors! I bought this bomber jacket on impulse, but it’s made its way into my lazy outfit repertoire. I have a few go-to pieces when I need to get dressed quickly without effort, usually on grocery trips. Jackets are easy to throw over a house shirt when the weather permits. Put my hair up and I’m ready to go!

Another full body shot

My hair’s finally reached that awkward stage where I don’t know what to do with it. :’D It’s past my shoulders but still not that long, and my bangs now have a mind of their own! Sometimes, they work with me and I have a good hair day like on this outfit. Other times, they’re all over the place and I have to clip them back, and then hope that I fill my brows evenly. 😂

Can you believe I dyed my hair brown a few months ago? There’s no trace of it now. 😢 I didn’t even do anything, and it all still faded away. Bleached hair is no joke.

Outfit Details

Transition Outfit

Full body shot of my cat coordinated outfit

The moment I saw sprouts from the cherry blossom tree in front of our apartment, I knew it was time to transition my wardrobe. I purchased this really cute cat co-ord a few months ago (can’t resist cats!), and it’s finally warm enough to wear it! Been feeling coordinated pieces lately. I have a habit of being matchy-matchy so this trend is straight up my alley.

Anotehr full body shot with me being silly

These legwarmers are a new addition to my collection. Unfortunately, I didn’t make them. 😅 I passed by a tiny store in the mall that had knit items on clearance, so I picked these up along with a brown headwrap. They’ll be good to wear for another week or two.

Close up shot of my accessories and makeup

I don’t post close-ups of my accessories though I really should. I like to keep my jewelry simple, but they’re still an important part of the outfit. I’ve been loving dainty jewelry lately. It’s funny because years ago, I was all about large statement rings. I wonder if that’s gonna come back around in a few years. I used to collect them from little stalls in Makati.

I’m also sporting some nude nail polish, Sally Hansen’s Salon Manicure in Au Nature-el to be exact. Mike and I were watching House of Cards, and I basically want to be Claire Underwood. She has the best nude manicure I’ve ever seen. She was serving looks in the latest season. I was pretty much all, “I want that outfit, and that outfit, and that one” the whole time. 😆 Older women have amazing fashion sense. I am years away from achieving that kind of perfection. 💖

Outfit Details


  1. Your style is effortless! I actually really like the first outfit because it look so comfortable but out together at the same time.

    Love the hat! I always love when people wear handmade. Especially when they make it themselves.

    1. I love crochet! I haven’t been stitching anything lately coz I’ve hit a wall, but I think I want to make some coasters next!

    1. I looove cats! We had a pet cat when I was a kid. I wish I could have another one, but Mike doesn’t like pets. :( At least I have Beebo. <3

  2. The cats are so cute!! And I just love that skirt pattern.

    Lol, that’s how I feel when I watch Scandal. I want Olivia Pope’s apartment and wardrobe. I’m like, “Yes, this is what I want when I grow up!” And yes, you’re right. I love seeing older women who have a remarkable sense of style. Like years of fashion wisdom have just let them own their unique style.

  3. You’re totally rocking the two outfits! I like your hair in the first outfit ^^ And your second outfit is adorable! I love how you combined the kitty sweater with the beret, legwarmers, and all your accessories! You have great sense of style that I could never pull off :D

  4. Your black and white outfit is on point! Considering how blond your hair looks now, it’s hard to believe your hair was dyed brown! It’s okay, you look great with blondish hair too~

    Your cat outfit is especially cute!! The skirt and sweater = compliments each other really well. The more we try out some fashion styles, the better our senses become :). Keep going at it!~
    Nancy recently posted…Springing ForwardMy Profile

    1. Hopefully by the time I’m that age, I’m loaded enough to have all the tailored pieces! XD Tailoring makes such a huge difference. I know older women who are very particular about it, so that’s something I’m trying to emulate too.

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