I take a lot of pictures. A looooot of pictures. For my blog, my Instagram, my home, and my family. If you’ve read my tips on taking quality photos, this is simply par for the course. The more pictures to choose from, the better!

However, not every picture makes the cut. Some might not turn out good, others I might not like, or it might just be that my post has too many images and I’m trying to cut down on assets. Whatever the reason, I have plenty of photos that never get published.

I was cleaning out a year’s worth of images on my camera this weekend, and looking through them was a little surreal. So much can happen in a year, and so many shots held good memories. Just for fun, I decided to post a few outtakes of pictures that I never shared here. I’ll probably post outtakes every now and then, as I have a lot of fail shots too!

Shot of me in front of a brick wall Me looking down
Original post: What I Wore: Spring Come Closer

I try to keep outfit pictures down to two or three images only, so these shots had to go. I think I didn’t like the first picture because my ponytail looks like a little stub, but now I don’t think it’s that bad? Fun fact: I actually lost my balance in these shots and fell against the wall, which resulted in the pictures that were ultimately chosen for my OOTD post!

Me sitting at a table with a bowl of ramen
Original post: What I Wore: Another Cool Summer

Why do I look mad at my ramen? I must’ve been hangry. This shot didn’t work out well because it was too dark (the light was behind me), but otherwise I like it. Gosh, I MISS THAT HAIR. It’s hard for me to look at pictures from spring last year because the magenta bob leaves me wistful. But I also like my brown hair now. Why am I never content?

Me standing next to an aircraft model
Original posts: Friday’s 10 Happy Things Vol. 3: Vacation Edition!, What I Wore: On Vacation

Here’s another shot that I actually liked, but I ultimately chose a more impressive picture for my Vegas vacation post last year.

Me standing on the grass at the Boston Commons
Original posts: Boston 2015: Day Two, What I Wore: In Boston

I love this picture too! Not sure why I passed on it, maybe because it looks like a tree is growing out of my head? But you know, that would be cool. I don’t have to cook for myself, I can just sit out in the sun and make my own energy source. Photosynthesis, noobs!

Mike up close to the camera and out of focus with me in the background
Original post: Crafted: Valentine’s Day Collection

I asked Mike to help me take a few pics of the couples scarf I stitched for Valentine’s Day a few months ago, and it took us forever to get a decent shot because he wouldn’t stop goofing around. He’s a huge dork who always makes me laugh.

That’s it for my blog outtakes! Do you have a process in choosing blog photos? Got a fun shot to share? Let us know below.


    1. My hard drive is filling up fast too! I need to clean up my pictures because I really don’t need ten versions of the same selfie LOL.

  1. HAHAHA! Blogger probz, so many unused photos! It sometimes kinda hurts to just delete them because you actually took time to pose, take a shot, look through them and edit them. HAHA. Your outtakes still look good though! Your comment about the tree growing out of your head cracked me up! 😂

    1. I knooow! I’m gonna be posting outtakes every now and then for pictures I really like. Sometimes the reason they never get posted is because I’m too lazy to edit everything. XD

  2. It’s awesome to look back at the pictures we took over time! Aside from physical differences (such as outfit), you can see progression over photography skillzzz ;).

    I like the picture where the tree looks like it’s growing out of your head XD. Initially, I thought the couple’s scarf picture was 2 pictures sewn into one (like a Skype video call) XD.

    I usually look through my pictures and try to find a shot that gives me the most confident… Which is half of the time X’D.

    1. Hahaha I’ve learned to just OWN my outfit shots. They come up so much better even though I still feel awkward sometimes. :’D

  3. AHAHAHA! The tree growing out of your head comment made me LOL! It’d be nice to create our own food source with photosynthesis! Yessss!

    I actually don’t keep the “bad” photos, except for a very few, so I don’t really have anything to look back on like you do. Maybe I should start saving those, too XD
    Tara recently posted…Symphonic Selections: Hymn to the FallenMy Profile

    1. I’m bad about cleaning up my phone and camera memory, so I have a lot of undesirable photos lying around. :’D I need to do a serious audit!

  4. the struggle ~ I seriously thought that a hard drive is the solution to keep all my unused photos because deleting them will never be an option, still, there’s just too many of them I literally had a hard time sorting them out. All your outtakes still look good though! :)
    Danica Rama recently posted…Goodbye May, Hello JuneMy Profile

    1. I have three hard drives and it’s still not enough! :’D I store my music and almost a decade worth of photos in them.

  5. These are so awesome. :D It’s great to see a kind of behind the scenes / blooper thing (sort of). Personally I just try and include the photos that are clear. Sometimes I probably include too many, but I also like trying different angles. xD
    Kya recently posted…The Month That Was: May 2016My Profile

  6. HAHAHAHA! That last photo is priceless, but I honestly thought it was a cat at first. Sorry, Mike!

    I have a lot of photos I haven’t published, but I don’t have very many photos of me in them. It’s weird, I always regret it because I feel like I should have some documentation that I actually was in a certain place. But I’m always so mesmerized by my surroundings that I forget. I feel like most of my self portraits are my selfies and snaps. XP

    1. Yeah, it’s a little hard to balance snapping everything and just enjoying the moment and being present. Sometimes I just resort to pictures I saved from Snapchat hahaha. I can’t be bothered to Snapchat *and* use my camera.

  7. Hahaha! I have a lot of outtakes on my phone but I just end up deleting them because they take up room on my phone and it keeps getting maxed out! I like the one where you are mad at the ramen. :P Also your husband is silly, I take lots of photos of my friends and it seems like all guys care about is making funny faces! :)
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