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Welcome to My Favorite Things, the linkup for all things wonderful hosted by yours truly and my good friend Eirene! Every first Tuesday, we post our monthly favorites and discover awesome things from fellow bloggers. Join us and share what you love!

Here’s what I’ve been loving this past month! I’ve been slowly building up my skincare routine in particular, and I really like how my new routine is going so far. I’ll be writing a proper skincare routine post soon. For now, here are my absolute skincare favorites amongst other faves!


StriVectin Advanced Retinol Intensive Night Moisturizer

StriVectin Advanced Retinol Intensive Night Moisturizer

This night moisturizer by StriVectin is amazing! I’ve noticed tiny laugh lines on the side of my nose, and my mom suggested I stop laughing so much to prevent them but eh, that’s not realistic. 😝 StriVectin has made such a huge difference in plumping them up. It’s pricey but worth every penny! I apply it ever night after toning. It’s now on my must-have list.

Biore UV Perfect Milk


This is another one on my must-have list. Sunblock is an integral part of skincare, and I’ve been faithful in applying it regularly though I haven’t found a brand I love. The problem is Western sunblock tends to be greasy and unpleasant smelling since they’re mainly intended for the beach.

I read that Asian sunblock is designed for daily use, so I ordered Biore UV Perfect Milk and omg it’s so good?? It goes on smooth with a powdery finish, and it doesn’t have that gross sunscreen smell at all. I can put this on confidently underneath my makeup. I love it!

TV and Movies

Rick and Morty

Rick and Morty was supposed to be last month’s fave but I forgot about it. Oops. 😳 I’m including it now since I’m still *burp* referencing it *burp* all the time *buuuuurp*. It’s so squanching funny! This show is basically a mad scientist pulling his grandson through all sorts of shenanigans. It’s super random at times, like the plumbus clip above that I’ve basically memorized LOL.

Broad City

I kept hearing about Broad City here and there so I decided to check it out on Hulu. I like it a lot! I relate to both Abbi and Ilana in different ways. :’D The basic premise is two young women going through all sorts of shenanigans as you do in your 20s. I clearly have a type with shows hahaha!

Far from the Madding Crowd

Mara made me watch Far from the Madding Crowd and I don’t understand why she would do this to me??????? And she knew, SHE KNEW that I would pick the problematic one because I have trash taste. UGH. UUUGGGGHHH. But I lowkey pick Daddy Boldwood for that sweet estate. :’)



Sorry by Beyonce

NEED I SAY MORE? 🍋🍋🍋🍋🍋🍋 “6 INCH” is my anthem for life, and “SORRY” is my favorite music video in recent years. Beyonce’s look is everything. The entire album plus the visuals is on iTunes! Go my lovelies, and change your life.



Depop screenshot

I signed up for Depop to purchase a few used items, and I really like the concept. It looks like fashion bloggers mainly use this app to sell their clothes which I’m totally cool with. I’m thinking of selling a few items myself! My closet could really use a culling. The app itself is buggy on Android, but otherwise transactions are pretty smooth and I could contact sellers easily. Add me on Depop if you have one too! I’m raiscake.

That’s it for my faves this month! Now it’s your turn. Check out the rules (more like guidelines) below.


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  1. I’m sooooo happy you loved Broad City! It’s one of my favourite shows EVERRRR. Have you finished all 3 seasons?

    I should really get to watching Rick and Morty.

    I’ve also had Far From the Madding Crowd in my HD for ages. Haha! But I got sucked back into my Twilight obsession and have been repeatedly watching it in the past few weeks, if not that it’s The Force Awakens HAHAHUHU.
    Abbie recently posted…My Favourite Things : April 2016My Profile

    1. I haven’t finished season 3 yet! Hulu is three weeks behind so I had to wait. Definitely catching up this week! Abbi’s obsession with Bed, Bath, and Beyond is me with Japan Home Center LOL.

      Loool I feel you except with me it’s Dragon Age. My OTP feels have been bad lately.

  2. I haven’t really taken good care of my skin :( I don’t even use sunblock. I only use it when I go to the beach haha and, I also don’t put lotion. I am a very low maintenance girl haha

    I have no new TV series to watch right now. I’m currently into Kdramas haha

    How I wish the PH’s online selling site is as organized as that. Reason why I don’t like it is because people tend to do post just anything, with no appropriate photos. and there are scammers too :(
    Mei recently posted…My Favorite Things: AdventureMy Profile

    1. Never too late to start with sunblock! I use umbrellas too when the sun is really strong. XD It’s a strange sight in the US, but oh well.

      I read a lot of complaints about Lazada! :( I never buy from a seller if there are no actual pictures of the product, and if there are no reviews for them either. I prefer established sellers with very high ratings.

  3. I need to apply sunblock too since the temperature here in the Philippines is no joke. I always go out nowadays for job interviews and ugh the sun is just so irritating, though I use sunblock from some dermatology center but would love to try other brands like the one you mentioned here.

    Im quite interested with that rick and morty since I am really looking for some cartoons cause I need a break on watching series lol

    That Depop app is cool, since I gained weight I have been planning to sell some of my clothes but im still having thoughts cause you know, I might loose weight one day hahaha

    – Jean |
    Jean recently posted…Life in a bean: April 2016My Profile

    1. Haha I’ve accepted the fact that I’ll never get back to my old weight, but I think I look a lot better now coz I’m in better shape. :D Just gotta roll with what your body wants to be.

  4. I have downloaded similar apps to Depop in the past, but the one thing stopping me from putting some items for sale is the need to disclose my home address when you ship the item(s). If only I had a P.O. Box, it would’ve been a different story!
    Jae recently posted…What I Wore: Casual WorkwearMy Profile

  5. These are seem interesting, though to be honest, I don’t like Beyonce nor her music because I am afraid of her having so much power, which she has. Plus, to be honest, I loved her when she was in Destiny’s Child. Same concept applied to Justin Timberlake. I know artists need to evolve, but, the way it happened, isn’t cool.

    Though you’re right, sunblock is a must! I have to put some on since summer in Texas is killer!
    Michelle recently posted…My Favorite Things: May 2016My Profile

    1. Aaahh why are you afraid of Beyonce having power? @_@ I do miss her Destiny’s Child days. I hope they’d make a proper reunion but I think Beyonce burned that bridge now.

  6. I have noticed that Western sunblocks tend to be very heavy. Biore UV Perfect Milk sounds awesome! I want to try that out. I’ve also been meaning to watch Rick and Morty. It’s been recommended to me so many times.

    Depop sounds interesting! I’ve never heard of it before!
    Cat recently posted…Favorite dishes, part 2My Profile

  7. I love when I find products that I just adore. XD I have a few with argan oil I love. Love anything with that in there. XD

    I’ve heard of Rick and Morty but never tried watching.
    Maroon Caludin recently posted…Tiring DayMy Profile

    1. Rick and Morty is hilarious! I’m still using my Agadir hair products with argan oil because I love it so much. :D

  8. I agree that western sunblock is . . . unpleasant. I much prefer Asian ones! I really like the Missha sunblock I’ve been using since October! That one feels nicer and smells better than the Neutrogena one or whatever I used before! XD

    Oh, and it’s good you found that night moisturiser and that it’s making a big difference! It may be pricey, but if it’s effective then it’s definitely worth it! ^^
    Tara recently posted…Timeless Thoughts: Senior Year of High SchoolMy Profile

  9. Even though the night moisturizer is pricey, it did the job! It’s interesting to see how different products help with people’s situation whether it’s with wrinkles, acne, and other blemishes. Even then, skin care is important :D. Gotta do something to make us look fabulous ;)~~

    I hate the western sunblock because of the smell!! The only time I’m okay with it is when I’m at the beach @__@. I need to check out Biore UV!

    Lemonade was a big hit, and I love how the radio stations are talking about what the videos actually mean XD. Thanks for sharing this month’s faves!

  10. My boyfriend made me watch Rick and Morty and I agree – it’s really funny! I love really random silly shows like this!

    I feel like such an outcast with the whole Beyonce thing. I’ve never listened to her in my life and has basically no clue what’s going on. All I know is the Internet has gone crazy over lemonade and it’s everywhere!
    Karin recently posted…My Favourite Things – May 2016My Profile

  11. ugh, I really need to find a sunscreen that suits me. I don’t include sunscreen in my skincare regime since my bedroom is windowless and the amount of times i get exposure from the sun is very minimal and only accidental (like only when i crossed the road which i rarely do). but yea, i should start investing in sunscreen or at least moisturizer with SPF.
    Alice B recently posted…#BBYB 2016My Profile

  12. As perhaps you’ve read from my Favorite Things post, I bought a sunscreen too and I didn’t like it. So I was really curious + glad when I saw your post mentions a facial sunscreen too. I checked the reviews on Biore sunscreens and they’re all good! I hope I can finish my sunscreen tube now, so I can buy a Biore! Thanks for the recommendation! <3

  13. Oh, I’ve never heard about “Broad City”. But if it’s a show about 20-somethings then I’m probably in. XD

    I’ve never heard of the Depop app but I think it sounds like a cool thing. I’m all about thrift-shopping and finding unique fashion pieces. If it makes it big here in MNL, then I might just give it a go.

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