Mount Charleston peak Trees along the Sawmill Trail Blue berries on a pine View of Mount Charleston across a see of trees Rainbow over Las Vegas downtown Double rainbow!

Riding that vacation high for as long as I can. We hiked on Mount Charleston one rainy morning. The rain slowly turned to snow as we drove further away from Vegas. And yes, we do have snow and pine trees in the desert. ⛄

Our last day was also rainy. My sister-in-law and I were downtown and happened to be parked on a rooftop when the rain let up. When we stepped out of the casino, we were greeted with a large and bright rainbow. It slowly turned into a double rainbow! I lost my mind. It was so beautiful, and so close! I felt like I could reach out and touch it. Such a great end to our vacation. I tried to stitch together a full picture on my phone although it’s not perfect. 😅 Thinking about it still leaves me speechless. High spirits for weeks! 🌈🌈

That’s it for my one week in Vegas. I was so happy to be back. I didn’t think I could be so attached to one place, but I am. My life has been full of jumping from one city to the next, but I can see myself settling down in Vegas eventually. I have so many good memories planted in there and looking forward to sowing more. 💖


  1. Mount Charleston is beautiful *o*. *Stares at the greenery*
    *Even the mountain is full of trees*
    *It’s a double rainbow!!!*

    The scenery you had is amazing! It’s cool how you got a snap of the double rainbow! The next question is, has anyone ever seen a triple rainbow?!

    Hope you’re enjoying yourself back home!

  2. Oh, wow! That’s a gorgeous mountain. I’m so jealous! I wish I were there to have seen the scenery! If I ever make it to Vegas, I’ll definitely check this place out. Can’t say I’ll hike it, but I’ll definitely go see it!

    And woot! Double rainbows are awesome! That’s amazing you got to see it :D
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    1. You’ll have to drive out but the sight is worth it! There are a lot of basic trails available if you just need a short walk. Hiking’s a local pastime in Vegas. XD

  3. Beautiful scenery! The one time I had gone to LV was to just go to the strip with my family. Next time I go, I’m going to enjoy the natural scenery instead!

    Where’s your next trip to?
    Tiny May recently posted…Regaining ControlMy Profile

    1. We have so much desert scenery out in the city! I hope you’ll check them out someday. :D

      Next trip I’m hoping for is California in the fall (never been to SF!). Nothing’s final though!

  4. Now, that’s a double rainbow if I ever saw one ^^ Mt. Charleston is gorgeous though I’m not much for hiking or adventure like that, still it’s great to hear that you enjoy it as much!
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    1. Hiking’s pretty fun when you’re with friends and the sights are pretty. :D Although I still prefer to be indoors most times LOL.

  5. Such beautiful photos! I especially love the first mountain one, and the double rainbow photos at the end are awesome. The rainbows so big! I’m glad you ended your trip with a cool sight :D
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