The theme for my vacation wardrobe is black and pink with polka dots. I wanted all of my clothes to fit into my carry-on, so I carefully planned my outfits and packed only what was necessary. Sticking to a theme ensures that all your clothes match and nothing is superfluous.

My final pack was one dress, three shirts, and one pair of shorts, plus an extra set of pajamas, one pair of shoes, and the clothes I wore on the flight (long hoodie over shirt and jeans with my Nikes). Everything fit perfectly into my carry-on! We still checked in a luggage for shopping though.

Me looking to the side, full outfit shot in Fashion Show Mall

Here’s one of the nicer outfits I packed for shopping at the Strip. Got a lot of use out of my Adidas shoes which I’ve had for a long time but never use much… because I don’t want them to get dirty. I like to give them a quick brush after each wear which can be laborious. They only look nice when they’re clean.

Shot of our shoes

Outfit Details

Full body shot against desert building

Mike likes to joke that I paid money for broken jeans, which… yeah I did. I like the look. Ripped jeans take me back to the 90s when my young mom and her young siblings rocked them all, and my grandmother was not here for that. My eldest uncle (now in his 50s, still looks 30!) served white shirt with ripped jeans flawlessly. Blessed to be in this family. :’)

Me fumbling with my phone

Here’s a closer picture of my pink accessories! I put on my rubber bunny case to protect my phone since I tend to drop it while traveling. Turns out it didn’t fall once while I was away. Of course, the moment I switch back to my floral snap-on case, I drop it…

Outfit Details

  • Polka dot blouse purchased from a stall in Market Market
  • American Eagle ripped cropped jeans
  • Adidas Superstar shoes
  • Kenox backpack
  • Aeropostale pink floral watch
  • Pink triangle necklace purchased at a sidewalk stall


  1. I think I have the same polkadot dress from JustFab!! OMG! Haha. I haven’t worn mine though. And yes, I agree that the Adidas shoes only look nice when they’re clean. I’ve been wanting to own some mom jeans!! :( I’ll have to ask Jorge to take me to a thrift store, I’m sure I’ll find some good ones there. If not, I’ll go to Forever21 cas I’m cheap.

  2. The polka-dot dress look awesome on you :D Along with that lovely dark hair of yours. They complement each other well ^^

    And hahahaha at Mike’s comment about you paying for ripped jeans XD;;; I have to say ripped jeans aren’t really my thing, but I can see why it appeals to some people. They are very 90s, though, and I remember attempting to rip my own jeans back then . . . but not now!
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    1. Haha one time my sister borrowed my jeans, and then she tripped and ripped them clean on one knee. I was like, “cool!!” XD

    1. My dad didn’t like anything less conservative, so I couldn’t wear ripped jeans for a long time. But now I wear whatever I want and dye my hair! XD

  3. I adore the polka dot theme you’ve got going on! And I love the ripped jeans + white Adidas sneakers look — definitely a cool 90s throwback! :)

    1. I’m loving the 90s comeback! Not looking forward to the 2000s revival though. :’D I can’t pull off halter tops and blue eyeshadow!

  4. Packing light saves you lots of time when you’re going through the busy airport! You make me want to go back to Vegas now that I’m 21 XD. There’s nothing wrong with ripped jeans, though at $400 for ripped jeans, people gotta be some sort rich to be okay with that XD. I love how white your shoes are!~~

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