This is a bit of a strange What I Wore post, because the first outfit was before I went out of town and the second was after. I’m also wearing the same pair of jeans, but these outfits are a good three weeks apart. I guess one can look at this as a multiple ways to wear the same jeans post.

Standing next to pink blooms

This is the same outfit I was wearing on my recent hair post! Mike and I went to a small gathering with his classmates, and I kept it fairly simple. Jae sent me her similar outfit on Snapchat that day. Closet twins! Striped shirts are super easy to throw on, and with skinny jeans and laced shoes, you can’t go wrong.

Standing under a tree full of pink blossoms

The flowers were still in full bloom that week. I miss spring so much! It was gone too soon. Now it’s all rain and gloom, cold one day and humid the next. Come back, flowers! I’m not ready for summer.

Outfit Details

Me sitting on a bench

Here are the same jeans rolled up to go with my boots. They’ve been getting a lot of wear lately! The wash is perfect for spring and summer. And here’s yet another striped top. I looove the off-shoulder trend even though I don’t actually have the shoulders for them. But hey, wear what makes you happy, right?

Side shot of

Here’s the shot I used for my new profile picture on all my social media. I just love it so much haha. Check that hair fade! It’s partially my fault because I love hot showers. I cant bring myself to use cold water especially when the hot water is so relaxing. I’m still very happy with the shade and I’ll be keeping it for a while.

Full body shot facing the camera but face looking away

Lace bralettes are another trend I’ve been feeling. They’re great under sheer tops, plunging necklines, and/or large armholes. I actually wear mine with strapless bra underneath because I need the support. My bralette is really showing through my sheer top here, so uh… enjoy the view I guess LOL.

Outfit Details


  1. I love wearing striped tops too. I don’t think they ever go out of style. You look great with the Aerie striped top!

    The weather has been quite iffy here in TX as well. I’ve been back at my hometown which is 6 hrs from Houston and it is hot as hell here on top of the humidity. It reminds me of the summers I spent in the Philippines.
    Tiny May recently posted…I am enough.My Profile

    1. Uuugghhh it suddenly got and humid here in PA. I’m so uncomfortable and all I wanna so is sit in front of the fan. :(

  2. Cute outfit as always :) It’s good to see how one clothing can be worn in multiple ways! It’s a good way to change up your outfits slightly differently each time. Your first outfit looks very spring-like and comfortable!
    Tara recently posted…Fitness Files: The First MonthMy Profile

    1. I’ve always wanted to do one of those “one piece, five outfits” posts but it’s too much effort. XD

      I miss spring so much! It’s so hot and gross now.

  3. I’ve always wanted to try off-shoulder tops but I don’t feel comfortable with it, kasi walang kakapitan, baka malaglag hahaha
    I also repeat wearing jeans, who doesn’t anyway? Haha
    Also, I love the shoes on the first outfit :)
    Mei recently posted…Birthday in BoracayMy Profile

  4. Love the off-the-shoulder outfit! And yes to lace bralettes! I need one! I’ll check out aerie. I love off-shoulder tops/dresses because it makes anybody look sexy. Collar bones are pretty! HAHA. And I agree, spring left too soon. I liked the rain for a bit but then I can’t deal with the drastic cold and hot weather changes! Also, I need more summer clothes haha. I left everything in Canada, I feel like I’m running out of clothes. 😂

    1. Spring makes for beautiful backdrops! I’m starting to think it’s actually my favorite season but I’ll probably change my mind when fall comes around. XD

  5. I literally wear the same jeans every day XD

    I love stripes – when I went to Amsterdam, so my tops were stripey. It wasn’t intentional, and I actually only noticed when I was looking back at my photos. Haha.

    Cute outfits! I looooove those boots. I can never find a bralette big enough for my boobs T_T I love the look of them, though. Maybe one day I will find one!

    1. Haha, I wear the same two jeans for work! Strapless bras help pull off lace bralettes! I can’t go out anywhere without them. :’D

  6. Wahh, those flowers are so beautiful :D I love casual outfits, and stripes and jeans go so well together! I really like the off the shoulder shirt in the second outfit. Both outfits look cute on you!
    Cat recently posted…The ViveMy Profile

  7. Nothing wrong with wearing the same clothing piece from weeks before ;). There are many ways to wear an outfit along with many sceneries to take pictures in! So don’t fret ;D~~

    I love the cherry blossom! It makes the scenery much more lively. Lace bralettes are awesome. They’re comfortable and fun to wear! Plus, you don’t have the metal string to push up against you ;).
    Nancy recently posted…Spring BloomMy Profile

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